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23rd of April 2018


Cancer - free daily horoscope |

Daily Horoscope for 23rd April 2018daily horoscope for cancer

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You will be enthusiastic, frank, sincere, upright. You will be in great form. This transit will reinforce your down-to-earth side.

You will have a lot of luck and happiness. You will feel good, the weight taken off your shoulders, light as air: you will have the feeling of owning the whole world, being free, being able to do whatever you want.

Association between independence and imagination: your imagination could bring out a creative streak: you will search for novelty, originality and innovation in your activities. A period when you will take your responsibilities to heart: you will be devoted to duty, but this will be difficult to bear. You will have unexpected good fortune and lucky opportunities.

All difficulties, hurdles will disappear thanks to unexpected help. You will be on top form, really healthy, in good spirits. You will have a most respectable life.

You would be able to create something original, novel, singular. You will be objective, lively, competent, prudent and calculating.

You will want to listen to music, you will appreciate beautiful things, paintings, everything that is harmonious, elegant, aesthetic even more than before. You will be in fine form to complete all your professional tasks.

You will feel good, at ease, calm and peaceful. You will have a lot of luck.

Although you will lack reason and logic, on the contrary your psychic faculties (such as inspiration and clairvoyance) are likely to be highly tuned.

Your emotional life may well be stormy. There will certainly be big changes in your life, which are not particularly desirable and will be sudden. You will quickly get annoyed, and easily provoked, you will become impatient very quickly.

You will be weakened, not in form: you won't be in a good mood and will be incapable of action or finishing your tasks. Not always pleasant surprises in store. You will greatly need independence, you will feel a prisoner, trapped.

You will be somewhat wrapped up in yourself. You will have more energy than you know how to channel. You will be very attracted by someone with a very strong personality.

You will lack vitality. You will fall in love, that violent and passionate irrational love.

You will live beyond your means.

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