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22nd of January 2018

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Your Daily Horoscope for January 15 , 2018  

You should find that the day is fairly easy going, although there will be the tendency to be easily distracted: not good if you’re planning on doing anything that requires a little concentration. A lack of staying power may well contribute to some minor and avoidable errors too!   

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About Today: January 15 , 2018   Celebrities born on: January 15 Charo, Lloyd Bridges, Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Margaret O''Brien, Margaret O''Brien, Chad Lowe, Margaret O''Brien, Andrea Martin, Ernie Reyes Jr.  -->  Search Celebrity Index

Celebrity Astro Gossip: Selena Gomez may have had some serious health problems during the last year, but nothing seems to get her down. The planets tell us that this year will be much plainer sailing for Selena!

For those of us born on: January 15 Happy Birthday! The months ahead are likely to start with some shifts in the way that you think: a strong influence from the element of Water mean that you’re likely to become much more emotional, while other planetary movements will emphasize the more material things in life. A positive set of influences gathering strength by summer means that you’ll be more balanced in outlook, but you will tend to be a little unreliable for a while. Try to avoid being too judgmental with others. A new interest in October could spark off a new romance, but November is the month where you’ll be most popular and most in demand! Work or school may seem on the back burner, but this will pick up again after Christmas! As you move in to February you will find that a number of money making opportunities open up for you.

Today's Health & Diet Tip:For smooth lips, try a treatment with anti-aging grape seed polyphenols.Today's Stress Buster:Write a letter to express yourself.Today's Meditation:Advice would be more acceptable if it didn't always conflict with our plans. -- AnonymousToday's Wisdom from around the World:Eating while seated makes one of large size; eating while standing makes one strong. Hindu Proverb

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