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Facebook launches petition feature, its next battlefield 2019-01-20 13:21:53Gather a mob and Facebook will now let you make political demands. Tomorrow Facebook will encounter a slew of fresh complexities with the launch of Co

Facebook fears no FTC fine 2019-01-18 17:58:18Reports emerged today that the FTC is considering a fine against Facebook that would be the largest ever from the agency. Even if it were 10 times the

Facebook is secretly building LOL, a cringey teen 2019-01-18 12:59:30How do you do, fellow kids? After Facebook Watch, Lasso and IGTV failed to become hits with teens, the company has been quietly developing another you

Dolby quietly preps augmented audio recorder app “234″ 2019-01-17 14:37:47Dolby is secretly building a mobile music production app it hopes will seduce SoundCloud rappers and other musicians. Codenamed “234”

Twitter bug revealed some Android users’ private tweets 2019-01-17 13:45:14Twitter accidentally revealed some users’ “protected” (aka, private) tweets, the company disclosed this afternoon. The “Protec

Squad is the new screensharing chat app everyone 2019-01-17 11:15:26Squad could be the next teen sensation because it makes it easy to do nothing… together. Spending time with friends in the modern age often mea

Facebook finds and kills another 512 Kremlin-linked fake 2019-01-17 05:54:23Two years on from the U.S. presidential election, Facebook continues to have a major problem with Russian disinformation being megaphoned via its soci

Facebook urged to give users greater control over 2019-01-16 19:00:33Academics at the universities of Oxford and Stanford think Facebook should give users greater transparency and control over the content they see on it

Tinder is testing the ability to share Spotify 2019-01-16 12:01:32Tinder has already developed a fairly robust chat platform within its dating app, with support for sharing things like Bitmoji and GIFs, and the abili

Most Facebook users still in the dark about 2019-01-16 10:00:10A study by the Pew Research Center suggests most Facebook users are still in the dark about how the company tracks and profiles them for ad-targeting

Facebook is launching political ad checks in Nigeria, 2019-01-16 08:47:13Facebook is launching some of its self-styled ‘election security’ initiatives in more markets in the coming months, ahead of several major

Twitter’s de-algorithmizing ‘sparkle button’ rolls out on Android 2019-01-15 16:47:25After launching on iOS, Twitter is giving Android users the ability to easily switch between seeing the reverse-chronological “latest tweets&rdq


Self-driving scooters and bikes? Uber's working on it. New! 2019-01-21 13:58:15Your electric scooter could one day be autonomous.  Uber is working on self-driving scooters and bikes, according to 3DRobotics CEO Chris Anderso

Razzie Awards 'honor' First Lady Melania Trump with New! 2019-01-21 13:44:55Entertainment's most dishonorable honors are back and this time their public shaming is focused on the White House. Mocking the worst of the worst in

'Fox & Friends' apologizes for making it seem New! 2019-01-21 12:31:14PSA: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is alive and well, thank you very much.  The Fox & Friends co-hosts apologized after a graphic aired on the show app

Pay just £3.40 a month for StrongVPN with New! 2019-01-21 12:26:45We've already spoken about Data Privacy Day, and we are probably going to continue talking about it all week, because the date has sparked a massive

Martin Luther King Jr. adviser on what it New! 2019-01-21 12:04:56 For Clarence Jones, legal adviser to Martin Luther King Jr. and author of What would Martin Say?, hearing the civil rights leader speak was otherwo

I know who is behind the Instagram egg, New! 2019-01-21 11:53:21What came first, the cracks in the internet as a force for good or the egg?  Much has been written about the world record-breaking Instagram egg

WhatsApp imposes new limits on forwarding to fight New! 2019-01-21 11:50:41WhatsApp is imposing new limits to the number of times you can forward messages and content on the platform.   The Facebook-owned messaging servi

Ethereum's important upgrade postponed to late February New! 2019-01-21 11:16:23Ethereum, one of the world's largest cryptocurrencies and decentralized app platforms, was supposed to get an upgrade called Constantinople on Januar

Why the '15-minute recipe' sets you up to New! 2019-01-21 09:30:00Like any good millennial, I like to pretend that I prefer cooking to takeout. I love to tell myself that I cook quickly and well. When my day in the s

Best 4K TV deals: Samsung, Sony, LG, RCA, New! 2019-01-21 09:13:25Did you watch football yesterday? That big game in February that shall not be named is coming up in just two weeks and we have a re-match that's been

Apple Mac mini review: Small but mighty New! 2019-01-21 09:00:00Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps s

Earth's alien world revealed in the top undersea New! 2019-01-21 09:00:00If something lives in the icy waters sloshing around Europa – a large Jupiter moon suspected to contain a salty ocean beneath its icy shell

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The UK government’s settled status app for EU New! 2019-01-21 12:36:53Brexit is imminent. While the debate around the terms of the UK’s departure from the European Union is framed as a battle between “leavers

Poor cloud strategy can lead to unintended silos New! 2019-01-21 12:30:05The more things change, the more they stay the same. In the last few years, IT has undergone a massive shift as hybrid cloud and multi-cloud have beco

Track down the world’s cheapest Apple products with New! 2019-01-21 11:37:00Ever wondered if different countries get better deals on Apple products? Or regretted not buying that new iPhone abroad? Well, thanks to the Mac

Why Guerrilla Games stubbornly built its amazing game New! 2019-01-21 11:30:17For our ongoing series ‘Fundamentals’ we’re looking at different companies worldwide and the basic principles they were built on. Th

Full moon patents: Apple hints at new ‘smart New! 2019-01-21 11:16:17Ugh, the Gregorian calendar is so boring. That’s why we’re disrupting monthly series with a lunar cycle-based series about the best patent

Zimbabwe blocked internet access, so Anonymous DDoS’d the New! 2019-01-21 10:48:11For several days, starting on Monday 14 January 2019, Zimbabweans have been without Internet access. This is as a result of the Southern Afrikan

Celebrities accused of harassment won’t be forgotten, thanks New! 2019-01-21 10:41:57Back in October 2017, Tarana Burke’s #MeToo went viral, empowering women and survivors of sexual harassment and abuse all over the world. T

Learn how to build tomorrow’s AI breakthroughs with New! 2019-01-21 09:00:00From self-driving cars on the road to that little digital assistant hiding inside your smartphone, the impact of artificial intelligence is everywhere

Ad blockers threaten digital marketers’ ability to understand New! 2019-01-21 07:30:12Digital advertisers know they’re screwed. Digital marketers don’t. Considering statistics like one in four US internet users are now block

Moonday Mornings: Dark Web Bitcoin transactions doubled in New! 2019-01-21 03:35:19If you didn’t notice, today is Monday, January 21, which means two things. One, it’s time for another Moonday Mornings; and two, it’

How IoT-enabled scooters, bikes, and cars are making 2019-01-19 12:30:08The flurry of anti-dockless electric scooter headlines reached critical mass last summer. “This town seriously hates electric scooters,” s

How 2018 became Facebook’s worst year in privacy 2019-01-19 12:00:51In early December, Facebook’s developer team declared the discovery of a security bug that gave developers access to photos users hadn


Her Dad Founded the Emerald Cup and Now New! 2019-01-21 14:00:00Taylor Blake grew up with cannabis and now the industry's beloved annual festival is a family affair.

Mega Real Estate Agent Ryan Serhant Breaks Down New! 2019-01-21 13:30:00Here's how you can sell yourself, your brand and your business.

Smart Brands Won't Generalize When It Comes to New! 2019-01-21 12:00:00The more you increase the personalization of your marketing, the better your ads will perform. Think ... Oreo cookies.

Fortnite's Real-Life Crime Wave (60-Second Video) New! 2019-01-21 11:39:14Here are three things entrepreneurs should know today.

After the Exit Ramp: Preparing for a Smooth New! 2019-01-21 11:30:00Technology moves fast and people who have left jobs to raise children may be left behind. But there are ways to catch up.

Earn More From Your Current Job in 2019 New! 2019-01-21 11:00:00Here are some tips to help you earn more this year.

The Key to Achieving a Comfortable Lifestyle and New! 2019-01-21 10:30:00If you're trying to make extra money and cover basic needs, consider one of these tips.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Drops in on 'Donkey Kong 64' New! 2019-01-21 10:19:27She discussed 'Donkey Kong 64' gameplay and expressed her support for both the stream and the rights of transgender individuals.

Denver's Marijuana Czar Reflects on Running America's First New! 2019-01-21 10:00:00Ashley Kilroy isn't in the cannabis business but she knows as much about it as just about anybody who is.

6 Ways in Which You Can Make Your New! 2019-01-21 10:00:00Success may come overnight but much more typically, it's built on skill, experience, and hard work. Just look at the Beatles.

How to Beat Procrastination As You Grow Your New! 2019-01-21 09:30:00Productivity hacks are effective only when you know why you're avoiding something in the first place.

This Entrepreneur Is Challenging Category Leader Bulletproof Coffee New! 2019-01-21 09:00:00Shari Leidich wants to help consumers make better dietary choices with Know Brainer.

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The Teetering Social Empire 2019-01-09 14:48:02Disruptive innovations are only disruptive for as long as it takes competition to develop and thus create a market. Worse, for the disruptor, the nich

Microsoft, Kroger Ring Up Retail as a Service 2019-01-09 13:04:28Microsoft and Kroger announced a collaboration on Retail as a Service to equip stores with Kroger Technology products that run on Microsoft Azure. The

Creating New Customer Experiences: 6 Retail Technology Predictions 2019-01-08 16:19:36As e-commerce has gained serious momentum over the past 10 years, there have been dire predictions about the impending death of brick-and-mortar retai

How a Good Preorder Strategy Can Maximize Online 2019-01-04 10:47:26Among the myriad of tactics that e-commerce businesses can use to pump up sales, preorders might be the most overlooked strategy. Yet preorder sales

4 Retail Tech Trends to Watch in 2019 2019-01-03 14:38:41Year over year, we see the numbers. In 2017, e-commerce represented 49 percent of all total retail growth, up 16 percent. If this year's $119.99 bill

2019 CRM Wish List 2019-01-03 11:45:32I've been writing a forecast column every year at least since W was president. Nothing's wrong with that, lots of people do. However, I often find t

The Economics of E-Commerce Chargeback Fraud 2019-01-02 11:46:28E-commerce fraud is an ongoing problem for online merchants and credit card companies. It has been growing at twice the rate of e-commerce sales. Iden

Is Weak Data Integrity Foiling Your CRM? 2018-12-27 14:39:52American companies spend an enormous amount of money on training. Spending reached more than $90 billion in 2017, an increase of over 32 percent from

6 E-Commerce Shipping Strategies That Level the Playing 2018-12-27 14:31:32E-commerce continues to become more competitive as large companies like Amazon, Target and Walmart soak up market share and customer attention. Shippi

The Do's and Don'ts of Designing a Great 2018-12-26 13:45:55In tech parlance, the emotional result of a person's interaction with a website or digital app is called "user experience" or "UX" -- and the suc

Cable One's Bright Sparklight Idea 2018-12-21 08:00:00The cable TV industry has been changing over the last decade and lately has been penetrating the wireless space. Brands like Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum

Abusive Tweets Hurled at Women Every 30 Seconds: 2018-12-20 08:00:00Women are abused on Twitter every 30 seconds, and minority women are harassed more often, according to Amnesty International. Volunteers for Troll Pat

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Man Dying From Alcohol Poisoning Saved By Injecting New! 2019-01-21 10:26:28One of the perks of becoming an adult is all the alcohol you can ever consume. It’s all fun and games until you realize that too much alcohol ca

California City Launches ‘Goat Fund Me’ Campaign For New! 2019-01-21 09:47:18Wildfires are definitely one of the most destructive accidents of nature ever and it seems to punish human carelessness more than anything. For that m

15 Hilarious Responses To Trump’s “Hamberders” Tweet New! 2019-01-21 09:00:16After the Clemson Tigers football team won the NCAA national championship, President Donald Trump threw them a celebratory dinner they won’t soo

Short Ride Review – The Ride Of Your 2019-01-20 22:29:33When a company develops a sequel to a much-loved game, where should their focus lie? Should they think primarily about improving the gameplay experien

Trucker Tries To Run Over Giant Snowman, Gets 2019-01-18 14:15:11Who could hate snowmen? They are the best results of all that winter cold and stand as proof that us humans can always make the best things even in th

DC Federal Employees Spend Furlough Watching Porn Amidst 2019-01-18 13:31:14Forced vacations or furloughs can get rather boring and disastrous especially if you work in an office. More so if you work in a government office. So

7 Parks And Rec Scenes That Predicted Trump’s 2019-01-18 09:00:36“Parks and Recreation” is not only one of the greatest shows of all time, but it’s incredibly relevant to today’s political cl

Everything “On The Basis Of Sex” Gets Wrong 2019-01-18 02:48:19Just a few weeks ago the film “On The Basis Of Sex” was released, giving us a glimpse into the life of Supreme Court justice Ruth Bad

Affectionate & Cuddly Cat Abandoned & Rejected By 2019-01-17 10:11:38Cats have this image of being elitist snobs of the animal kingdom. Often, they see humans as lowly creatures to be treated as slaves and manipulated f

12 California Kids Form Human Swastika And Racist 2019-01-17 09:31:41The funny thing about racism is that it is not natural to human beings, meaning babies are not born racist. You don’t see them coming out of the

Samsung Reveals 219-Inch TV ‘The Wall’ & It’s 2019-01-16 15:35:54Samsung has just uncovered an item so dramatic that everyone will desire one in their family room or ‘man-cave’ — a 219-inch televis

The Unspoken Truths Of The Real Captain Morgan 2019-01-16 10:13:45Even if you rarely ever ‘get a little captain in you,’ you can still learn intriguing info about him. Here’s some unsaid truth of th

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