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The Decline and Fall of William Barr New! 2019-11-18 12:00:46There can no longer be any hope that US Attorney General William Barr will approach his job as the country's top law-enforcement official, rather tha

The Coming Nuclear Crises New! 2019-11-18 10:57:44We are entering a new and dangerous period in which nuclear competition or even use of nuclear weapons could again become the greatest threat to globa

Is Russia the Middle East’s New Hegemon? New! 2019-11-18 10:51:15With an economy the size of South Korea’s and military capabilities that are no match for America's, Russia lacks the tools required to act as

What Really Happened in Bolivia? New! 2019-11-18 09:33:09Events in the country remain exceptionally fluid following the ouster of President Evo Morales, who has been given political asylum in Mexico. Nonethe

An Appeal for Sudan’s Future New! 2019-11-18 05:07:28Sudan today is on a knife-edge: it can evolve toward peace and democracy, or spiral into instability and violence. Vital and timely international assi

Time for European Defense Autonomy New! 2019-11-18 04:31:29By expressing doubts about the effectiveness or reliability of NATO, French President Emmanuel Macron has said aloud what many were already thinking:

Mind the Learning Gap 2019-11-15 09:05:10In setting global targets for closing the gender gap and achieving universal education by 2030, governments and development advocates tend to focus on

Germany Can Reduce Its External Surplus 2019-11-15 05:56:27For years, Germany's ballooning current-account surplus has rankled the rest of the world, and German policymakers have thrown up their hands as if p

Abolish the Billionaires? 2019-11-15 05:18:28With the richest people in the world continuing to amass ever more wealth, few would dispute that economic inequality is on the rise, or that current

Green Markets for Equitable Growth 2019-11-14 09:02:26The only realistic solution to the climate crisis is to replace fossil-fuel-based energy with renewables quickly and cost-effectively enough to keep t

Can Fernández Fix Argentina? 2019-11-14 07:41:10By voting President Maurico Macri out of office, Argentinians have signaled that they will no longer tolerate continued economic crisis, much less pol

A Living Wage for Capitalism 2019-11-14 05:36:08Higher nominal wages for low-paid workers can boost real earnings, increase consumer spending, and help make housing more affordable. And insofar as r

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A Surprisingly Hopeful Trip to the Capital New! 2019-11-18 17:00:51I had an overwhelming 48 hours in Washington, D.C. recently -- a couple days that flew in the face of the cynicism we tend to feel about the place. Ju

The ‘Inquiry’: We Might be Watching a Slow-Motion New! 2019-11-18 15:00:56Ready for another Schiffy week? I know, it's a thoroughly distasteful mess, something most appropriate for viewing on the bottom of a bird cage. But

The Mission Field of Sexual Brokenness New! 2019-11-18 13:00:51On February 15, 2020, She Loves Out Loud prayer movement will be hosted by churches and small groups nationwide. It is a time for women to pray in uni

McCarthy Sends Letter to ABC Demanding Information on New! 2019-11-18 12:37:57House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sent a letter Sunday to ABC News demanding answers surrounding allegations that the network killed a 2015 story a

Why Abortion Isn’t Just Another ‘Life Issue’ New! 2019-11-18 11:01:33The recent controversy at the meeting of U.S. Catholic bishops mirrors tensions across the Christian world. They even reach into evangelical churches.

How the Left Wants to Beat You Up New! 2019-11-18 09:00:36Leftists have a problem with Christianity. They know they’ve got to find ways to neutralize us. And as wrong as they may be on so many issues, t

#ImpeachmentHearings: A Tale of Two Countries New! 2019-11-18 08:00:20In Liberal Land, Friday's “impeachment” hearings were a "devastating" day for President Trump as the sympathetic and greatly admirable

The Personification of the Spirit of Jezebel New! 2019-11-18 07:00:32How does Jesus feel when an Episcopalian priest, someone ordained to represent His name, is a well-known champion of abortion? How does He feel if tha

Military Photo of the Day: Joint Exercise Over New! 2019-11-18 05:00:24A U.S. Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker, three Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons and a U.S. Air Force B-52H Stratofortress fly together dur

Helping People Connect With God in an Increasingly New! 2019-11-18 05:00:02Editor's Note: Clarke Dixon is a pastor in Canada, which is the nation he references in this article. But his observations ring true in America and o

Self-Care God’s Way: Don’t Work So Much 2019-11-17 15:30:33"We are not resting how God wants us to rest," says Robert Morris, lead pastor of Gateway Church in the Dallas area. "That is causing stress issues

#ImpeachmentHearings: Ambassador Yovanovitch’s ‘Diplomatic’ Testimony 2019-11-17 12:36:16Before Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified Friday, I posted a 60-second summary of what her testimony could and should have been. That wa

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Saudi Arabia sells an opening to the world 2019-11-15 14:26:42Selling shares in its giant oil company, Aramco, could force a repressive monarchy to be held accountable, not just by investors but by restless, free

How to fight ‘fake news’ 2019-11-15 11:44:19Compelling readers to recalibrate their own opinions – to look at the world dynamically and flexibly – is healthy. And it’s how fake

It takes a village to stop mass shooters 2019-11-14 14:19:26A new federal focus aims at supporting citizens and communities to keep guns away from troubled individuals. Short of banning guns, local efforts may

Plucking the hate out of Hong Kong protests 2019-11-13 15:43:00Months of demonstrations have spiraled down to sheer hatred between protesters and police. The only way up is to listen to those who have conquered su

Latin America's civic awakening 2019-11-12 15:14:18Protesters in Chile and Bolivia have thrown off their reputation for low political participation with mass protests that are bringing basic democratic

Readers write: “Mars or bust” comic 2019-11-09 06:00:04Readers discussed our science comic “Mars or bust,” which laid out scientists’ methods for making the red planet a second home for h

The uniting politics of second-chance justice 2019-11-08 06:49:25Oklahoma’s mass commutation reflects a bipartisan spirit of forgiveness that could find a place in American politics.

The motives behind two postwar protests 2019-11-07 16:04:00In Iraq and Colombia, demonstrators expected more of a “peace dividend” after the end to recent wars. They know peace is more than an abse

The art of listening in Yemen's war 2019-11-06 14:17:00A deal between two warring factions, a result of each side heeding the other’s interests, hints at a path toward peace in what is the world&rsqu

The epic struggle behind Iraq’s protests 2019-11-05 15:41:00Demonstrators are rejecting Iran’s influence and, along with it, cleric-based rule. The Middle East will be better off with their assertion of s

South Africa has a springbok in its step 2019-11-04 13:13:00A World Cup victory by its racially integrated national rugby team was not only inspiring, it set a tone of gratitude for the country’s progress

Readers write: A gun owner’s experience with the 2019-11-02 06:00:04Assault rifles, bump stocks, the Second Amendment, and more: Readers discuss their opinions on the NRA and the state of gun ownership in America.

BlackListed News

Western Media Whitewash Bolivia’s Far-Right Coup New! 2019-11-18 00:00:00Bolivia has a new US-backed puppet leader, and the Western media can hardly conceal their adulation.

Saudi Arabia, China launch joint naval exercise in New! 2019-11-18 00:00:00The exercise aims at “building mutual trust, enhancing cooperation between the Saudi Royal Navy and the Chinese People’s Navy, and exchang

The Next Gold Rush Could Be About To New! 2019-11-18 00:00:00SPONSORED: Gold major Barrick just tripled its profits… Newmont Goldcorp, also reported a big jump in profits over the last

The Federal Reserve Is Directly Monetizing US Debt New! 2019-11-18 00:00:00Sure, it’s not admitting to this. And it’s using several technical jinks and jives to offer a pretense that things are otherwise. But it&r

College Students Say Ditching Their Smartphones For A New! 2019-11-18 00:00:00Students say they’re not quite breaking up with their phones, but promise the relationship will change.

"Farmageddon": Trump Announces More Emergency Bailouts As U.S. New! 2019-11-18 00:00:00Realizing that more emergency intervention was necessary, President Trump just announced that another round of bailouts is on the way…

A clip from the Dublin newspaper Sunday World New! 2019-11-18 00:00:00

US Congress cracks down on ABC News for 2019-11-17 00:00:00In the wake of explosive revelation that ABC News allegedly knew the extent of Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes years ago but chose not to report them,

After Removing Ukrainian Prosecutor Shokin, Obama’s State Department 2019-11-17 00:00:00

Prince Andrew's Epstein-Related BBC Interview Was "Catastrophic Mistake" 2019-11-17 00:00:00Last night, televisions showed the perfectly state-managed scene of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, sitting down BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis

To Save Face, Coca-Cola Designs A Bottle Made 2019-11-17 00:00:00The Coca-Cola corporation recently announced that they were able to make a few plastic bottles out of trash that was pulled from the ocean. In a press

Assange’s Judge Out After Military/Intel-Linked Conflicts of Interest 2019-11-17 00:00:00UPDATED: WikiLeaks lawyer Jen Robinson said Lady Emma Arbuthnot, the judge presiding over Julian Assange’s extradition proceedings who is embroi

American Thinker

Why Everyone Should Fear Universal Healthcare New! 2019-11-18 01:00:00Three weeks ago, I was struck with an intensely painful, and briefly highly dangerous, MSSA staph infection.  The experience, plus time on my han

Impeachment Lesson: Cut Government New! 2019-11-18 01:00:00The best solution that President Trump could offer for the nation during his second term is to cut the bureaucracy, and not with a scalpel.  

The Department of Defense Joins the Coup Cabal New! 2019-11-18 01:00:00We like to think of military officers as political eunuchs, but that fairy tale is a smug myth.

What Conservatives Need to Understand about the Downside New! 2019-11-18 01:00:00There's more to this issue than just "drill, baby, drill."

Enough Calm, Where’s the Storm? New! 2019-11-18 01:00:00For the past several years, most of us who have been following the seditious Deep State activities against President Trump and many of his close assoc

A Liberal Doomsayer Has the Solution to All New! 2019-11-18 01:00:00Guess what the silver bullet to all our problems is.

Why primary care costs a trillion dollars more 2019-11-17 01:00:00The effects of health insurance reform could extend well beyond benefits to the health care market. 

The Bidens and Burisma 2019-11-17 01:00:00The media have been working overtime to convince the American public that there was absolutely nothing wrong here.

Revolt of the Ukraine Desk Bureaucrats 2019-11-17 01:00:00The State Department hacks fail to lay a glove on the President. 

Two Parties, Many Paths 2019-11-17 01:00:00A fascinating brief history of the two parties and their fortunes, and a reminder that today’s apparent trend-lines are not forever.

How the Democrats Bungled Impeachment and Prevented Al 2019-11-17 01:00:00We sure dodged a bullet...

Democrats are Serving Word Salad as their Main 2019-11-17 01:00:00Democrats’ failure to demonstrate any connection between their verbal assaults and verifiable fact is telling.

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Australian Daily Wind Power Generation Data – Sunday New! 2019-11-18 00:11:25By Anton Lang ~ This Post details the daily wind power generation data for the AEMO coverage area in Australia. For the background information, refer

Excited NY Times: Could Trump’s Mean Tweet Be New! 2019-11-18 00:05:21By Clay Waters ~ The New York Times offered up a silly time-waster of a “news analysis” from Charlie Savage, a national security and legal

CalEPA Studying Ways To Sunset The California Economy New! 2019-11-18 00:03:13By Ronald Stein ~ California is about to take one giant step toward following Germany’s failed climate goals which should be a wake-up all for g

Stop Jeremy Corbyn New! 2019-11-18 00:01:46A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ This is a Dry Bones appeal to non-Jewish voters in the UK to stop Jeremy Corbyn. Please share this posting with your non-Jewish

Australian Daily Wind Power Generation Data – Saturday 2019-11-17 00:11:59By Anton Lang ~ This Post details the daily wind power generation data for the AEMO coverage area in Australia. For the background information, refer

Some Inconvenient Facts For Robert Redford’s Climate Change 2019-11-17 00:03:29By Christian Toto ~ Robert Redford is a world class actor, a movie star of the first order and an indie film inspiration. Redford’s Sundance Fil

The IPCC Contradicts The Climate Emergency 2019-11-17 00:01:14By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ Here is a recent screaming statement of the supposed climate change emergency: “Trump’s greatest dereliction of d

Australian Daily Wind Power Generation Data – Friday 2019-11-16 00:11:48By Anton Lang ~ This Post details the daily wind power generation data for the AEMO coverage area in Australia. For the background information, refer

Hypocrites! NY Times Attacks Journalist Who Dared Investigate 2019-11-16 00:05:05By Clay Waters ~ The New York Times has no compunction against going after fellow journalists who fail to sufficiently parrot Democratic-friendly stor

Fracking Ban?! 2019-11-16 00:03:03From the team at CFACT ~ By Mark Mathis of The Clear Energy Alliance ~ Have you heard what U.S. Democratic presidential candidates have been saying ab

6 Key Moments From Day 2 Of The 2019-11-16 00:01:33By Fred Lucas ~ The Obama administration instructed her on how to respond to lawmakers’ questions about the lucrative employment of Vice Preside

Australian Daily Wind Power Generation Data – Thursday 2019-11-15 00:11:08By Anton Lang ~ This Post details the daily wind power generation data for the AEMO coverage area in Australia. For the background information, refer

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France: An "Inverted Colonization" 2019-11-15 05:00:00Soon after, Muslim organizations that had asked for students to have the right to wear the veil in schools also asked for a change in the school curri

The 92nd Street Y Engages in McCarthyite Censorship 2019-11-15 04:00:00The representative of the 92nd Street Y acknowledged that the accusation [a disproved and defamatory accusation of sexual relations with an underaged

Europe: The New Political Weapon of 'Islamophobia' 2019-11-14 05:00:00The objective of using the word "Islamophobia" appears to have been to make Islam untouchable by placing any criticism of it as equivalent to racism

Europe Backs Iranian Nuclear Breakout 2019-11-14 04:00:00Tehran shelters members of the terrorist group Al Qaeda, and it is reportedly continuing to facilitate the group's operations. Now imagine if this ro

The 4,006 Palestinians the Europeans Have Not Heard 2019-11-13 05:00:00The Palestinians held in Syrian prisons are probably not overly concerned about whether or not a bottle of wine made by Jews is labeled by the Europea

A Jewish Democratic Congressman Called Me a Nazi 2019-11-13 04:00:00For [Congressman Steve] Cohen [D-TN], the issues surrounding impeachment are one-sidedly simple, and there is no reason for anyone to express or liste

The Palestinian Christmas Show 2019-11-12 05:00:00"The Palestinian Authority has been offering us money to remain silent. They are trying to bribe us so we would remain silent about the crimes of the

Austria: Will Politics Enable a Minority to Impose 2019-11-12 04:00:00The Greens would be happy to replace Europe's Judeo-Christian cultural order with a radical multiculturalism that includes an acceptance of, and pres

Germany: "We Expect Imams from Abroad to Speak 2019-11-11 05:00:00The latest annual report of Germany's Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.... warned that the Erdoğan-aligned Islamist movemen

Turkey: Hate Speech against Christians and Jews 2019-11-11 04:00:00Member of Parliament Garo Paylan hinted that the government of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has not only failed to do enough to prevent hate speech, but

"Too Many to Count": The Global Persecution of 2019-11-10 05:00:00"It's easy to go about our lives and forget that in places like Nigeria, Iran and North Korea being a Christian can often lead to death." — V

Algeria: Persecution of Christians Continues Unbroken 2019-11-10 04:30:00"[A] 2006 law states that any non-Muslim worship be conducted in specific, designated buildings. But since this law came into effect, no Christian pl

Public Discourse

Common Good Capitalism and the Dignity of Work 2019-11-05 20:00:45Common good capitalism is about a vibrant and growing free market. But it is also about harnessing and channeling that growth to the benefit of our co

Use and Abuse: The Exploitative Reality of Surrogacy 2019-11-04 20:00:16No one has the right to a child, and the bodies of women and children should never be treated as commodities.

Is There a Battle of the Sexes in 2019-11-03 20:00:22The data suggest that we should be more skeptical about the term “consensual” in consensual non-monogamy, the umbrella term for various ki

The Myth of Technocratic Infallibility 2019-10-31 20:00:16We need good measures of economic activity, but we must not presume that these measurements are impervious to political pressures, as though they were

Zombie vs. Bigfoot: The Mythology of American Monsters 2019-10-30 20:00:56In the Halloween death match between Bigfoot and zombie, the mask we choose may reveal our national mood.

The Age of Miracles and Misery Machines 2019-10-29 20:00:13We have more material comforts than kings and merchant princes of old, and technological progress has wrought what would once be considered miracles.

Piracy, Protests, and the Problem of China 2019-10-28 20:00:22America’s relations with China should proceed from the recognition that the Chinese government is lawless. China flouts the rule of law, not occ

American Muslims Challenge Transgenderism—and Each Other 2019-10-27 20:00:08In amicus briefs to the Supreme Court in cases about sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity, some American Muslims argue from their beliefs whil

Coherence, Calvinball, and the Consistent Ethic of Life 2019-10-24 20:00:08A consistent life ethic (CLE) should consider the totality of an act: not simply the consequences, but also the intention, the object chosen, and the

Against the “Feminine Essence” 2019-10-23 20:00:03Why do transgender activists so strongly reject the concept of autogynephilia, in which a man wants to be a woman because of an erotic attachment to t

Forgiving the Unforgivable: A Lesson in Love 2019-10-22 20:00:22I initially tried to explain forgiveness in terms of the psychological benefits to oneself, or even in terms of social harmony. But narratives of forg

Norway’s Barnevernet and The Future of Parental Rights 2019-10-21 20:00:47Those who undermine the family attack the foundation of our societies and the source of great richness and diversity. The most generous interpretation


Americans deserve a smart solution for surprise medical New! 2019-11-18 16:58:27The high cost of health care is putting the squeeze on all American families — and tightening that grip is an unfair practice known as surprise

Lower taxes, smaller government ticket to economy's growth New! 2019-11-18 16:52:49America needs a bold agenda to solidify the current economic expansion and return hard-earned money to taxpayers. That runs counter to the consensus o

The RIDE Act's embrace of inaccurate breathalyzers New! 2019-11-18 14:21:04Most Americans are familiar with breathalyzers — devices commonly used by law enforcement to detect the blood-alcohol concentration level (BAC)

Desperate, impeachment-driven Democrats New! 2019-11-18 13:52:32If you are in need of more evidence as to why so many Americans are cynical about politics in general and Washington in particular (and isn’t cu

BOOK REVIEW: 'Republican Populist' New! 2019-11-18 13:46:13It’s the contention of Charles J. Holden, Zach Messitte and Jerald Podair that “Richard Nixon’s selection of Spiro Agnew to be his r

Why the economy will not save Trump New! 2019-11-18 12:20:19Republicans are counting on a strong economy and energized base to re-elect President Trump. Economists who study such things agree but the major poll

Democratic presidential candidates stupid or in denial about New! 2019-11-18 11:58:06You may recall, a number of years ago an admiral was testifying before Congress about the need to put more military personnel on an island in the Paci

Reject Deval Patrick as a presidential candidate New! 2019-11-18 11:49:42I know Deval Patrick. Deval Patrick is an acquaintance of mine. And trust me, Democratic primary voters: You don’t want Deval Patrick. For most

Under Xi Jinping's leadership, China is losing friends, 2019-11-17 17:23:04'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" is not just the name of the English journalist Toby Young's memoir. It's also an apt description of Chin

Liberal judge unjustly rules against pro-life journalist David 2019-11-17 17:02:04While the socialists in Congress are trying to impeach the will of the people through their "shampeachment" because they hate Donald Trump more than

College should pay student athletes 2019-11-17 16:54:29The growing movement in state capitals to allow or require public universities to pay student athletes has created a unique opportunity. Not only is i

No one is above the law -- unless 2019-11-17 16:51:58"No one is above the law," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said when announcing the start of the impeachment process against President Trump. She should

Global Research

A History of U.S. Economic Warfare, from WWII New! 2019-11-18 14:34:11On the Global Research News Hour we do our best to cover a wide spectrum of topics from the environmental crisis to economic and geopolitical analysis

China, USA and the Geopolitics of Lithium New! 2019-11-18 14:30:17For several years since the global push to develop mass-scale Electric Vehicles, the element Lithium has come into focus as a strategic metal. Demand

Cuba’s Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM): 20 New! 2019-11-18 11:32:14Cuba’s President, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, presided the 20th anniversary celebration of the Latin American School of Medicine (

US Politicians Ruthless in Pushing Hong Kong Bill New! 2019-11-18 11:30:40A 70-year-old cleaner died Thursday night after being struck with a brick thrown by rioters during a Wednesday street clash. He was the first Hong Kon

Hardline US Senators Call for Combatting China New! 2019-11-18 11:25:13On November 12, a joint press release by US Senate Foreign Relations Committee hardliners Chris Coons, Jeff Merkley, Marco Rubio, and Todd Young calle

Social Media Censorship Reaches New Heights as Twitter New! 2019-11-18 11:24:04It’s an open secret. The deep state is working hand in hand with Silicon Valley social media giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google to co

US Threatens Sanctions on Serbia, Scrambles to Thwart New! 2019-11-18 11:19:17In a largely unreported but hugely important story that played out this week in the Balkans, Washington is putting immense pressure on Serbia to shelv

Fight Bolivia’s Coup, The Resistance: Indigenous Workers Build New! 2019-11-18 11:17:30After weeks of increasing right-wing protests, the Bolivian military demanded on Sunday that President Evo Morales resign. The protests had reached a

Russia-Africa Relations: Writing off Soviet Era Debts. Miltary-Technical New! 2019-11-18 11:14:11Long seen as a strategic partner, Russia has opened a new chapter and started building better relations with Africa, and most significantly made its m

After Al-Baghdadi, Islamic State Is Being Headed by New! 2019-11-18 11:06:31In July 2015, the security officials of Afghanistan and Pakistan were holding an important meeting in Islamabad to initiate a dialogue process with th

Bolivia Faces Ethnic Cleansing, Racism and South New! 2019-11-18 11:03:58Post-coup Bolivia is at risk of Croatian-style ethnic cleansing and South African-like apartheid unless the protesters succeed in putting substantial

Selected Articles: US Sanctions and Regime Change New! 2019-11-18 11:00:14Lying is a money making activity and lies are commodities. There is a profitable global market for media and public figures committed to spr

FOX News

Jonathan Morris: Kanye West visits Joel Osteen – New! 2019-11-18 15:44:01The public embrace of Kanye West by arguably one of the world’s most well-known evangelical pastors launches his stated new mission as a Christi

Mike Huckabee: Democrats' Trump impeachment theatrics a sign New! 2019-11-18 12:02:00House Democrats aren’t running an impeachment inquiry, they’re producing political theater.

Steve Hilton: Trump impeachment inquiry, 'bribery' and the New! 2019-11-18 10:42:13Democrats' hypocrisy in their Trump impeachment inquiry is desperate and laughable.

Brett Schaefer: US just part of UN budget New! 2019-11-18 07:00:19The UN financial predicament is real, but the reasons are multiple as are the solutions.  

Michael Goodwin: Nancy Pelosi's strange evolution is now New! 2019-11-18 06:00:21With apologies to the late President Gerald Ford, we are in engaged in a new national nightmare as one party — and one party only — tries

Eric Shawn: Mobster's son says he knows where New! 2019-11-18 05:00:38Federal investigators have long stated that Hoffa was murdered in Detroit when he disappeared on July 30th, 1975, and reported transported to New Jers

Lee Edwards: Rep. Omar clueless about Bernie and New! 2019-11-18 05:00:17The United States has resisted imperialism in all its forms – from Soviet to Chinese to Iraqi (remember the invasion of Kuwait?) to Russian.

Liz Peek: Schiff steers Trump impeachment drive straight New! 2019-11-18 05:00:05the public is wary of what has emerged as an obviously partisan attack on a duly elected president. Worse, they are also, already, bored, an

Mary Anne Marsh: Impeachment tops Trump's awful week New! 2019-11-18 04:00:11Eight more witnesses are scheduled to testify in the impeachment inquiry, including Ambassador Sondland on Wednesday morning. This could be pivotal.&n

Paul Batura: Take a hike – I mean 2019-11-17 14:46:29Today is “National Take a Hike Day” – an annual designation intended to shake us from our sedentary habits.

Dan Gainor: Media parrots impeachment (Dem) party line 2019-11-17 10:56:05The Schiff-led hearings gave journalists exactly what they wanted, a formal attack on the Trump presidency.  

Bradley Blakeman: Dems' impeachment option — THIS is 2019-11-17 10:28:57Knowing the Senate will never convict, it is a fool’s errand for House Democrats to insist on a trial that wo

The Unz Review:

Evo Overthrown, But Bolivian Socialism Will be Victorious!, 2019-11-14 17:10:13They pledged to do it, and they did - Bolivian feudal lords, mass media magnates and other treasonous “elites” – they overthrew the

IQ. Do UQ? A Sojourn Among the True 2019-11-14 17:10:06Writing about intelligence is splendid fun if you like watching dogfights among towering vanities. (This assumes that vanities can tower, though I&rsq

Switzerland Smells the Coffee. Why Can’t We?, by 2019-11-14 17:00:44Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, available

'Far Left'? There's No Such Thing in This 2019-11-14 17:00:36America has lots of leftists. Forty percent of voters say that they would prefer to live in a socialist country than a capitalist one. Yet America has

When Did Ukraine Become a 'Critical Ally'?, by 2019-11-14 17:00:19On hearing the State Department's George Kent and William Taylor describe President Donald Trump's withholding of military aid to Ukraine, The New Y

Erdogan's Ethnic Cleansing of the Kurds Is Still 2019-11-14 17:00:16Mass expulsion or the physical extermination of an entire ethnic or religious community – Kurds by

The Democrats Have the Country on a Slippery 2019-11-13 17:00:49The fake “whistleblower’s name— Eric Ciamerella—has been known for a long time, but not officially. Now it is official. Senato

The Jewish Progressive Agenda According to Bernie Sanders, 2019-11-13 17:00:44In the 2016 Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders presented himself as an American who happened to be Jewish. Now, in a radical shift, Sanders identifi

Dissident Deplorables Refuse to be Dittoheads, by Ilana 2019-11-13 17:00:42The happening featured beefcake Donald Trump Jr. and bimbo Kimberly Guilfoyle. The couple was on stage at UCLA to promote the president’s son&rs

Why Are We in Ukraine?, by Stephen F. 2019-11-13 17:00:23For centuries and still today, Russia and large parts of Ukraine have had much in common—a long territorial border; a shared history; ethnic, li

Experts, Intelligence, Race, by James Thompson 2019-11-13 03:48:55

There Is No Such Thing as a Free 2019-11-12 17:00:48Udo Ulfkotte’s amazing book, Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalism) was published by Kopp Verlag in 2014. The book was a sensation and sold 1

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