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That '70s Show: 7 Couples That Hurt The Show (And 13 That Saved It)

That ‘70s Show wasn’t the rating juggernaut some shows like Friends or Seinfeld were. It didn’t win awards like Frasier or Murphy Brown did, but considering the show ended in 2006, it has definitely stood the test of time. The show was both a period piece and a relatable sitcom for the youth. Featuring a bunch of teenagers in the 1970s, the show brought forward a number of superstars of tomorrow. A lot of A-list actors first got noticed on That ‘70s Show and the show remains watched to this day.

The series was popular because it showed the fickle nature of relationships during that time. Couples formed and broke up at a quick pace with little to no regrets, and we got to see that on That ‘70s Show. Like Ross and Rachel from Friends, this series also had a number of iconic couples we still talk about.

Starting from the mid-2010s, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis became a super couple, which brought more notice back to where they originally met. But they weren’t the most talked about coupling the show had had. Most of the couples that formed broke up, considering the style the show was based on; we’re here to see which ones worked best for the show and which we don’t like that much.

Here are 7 Couples That Hurt That ‘70s Show (And 13 That Saved It).

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Start Now advertising 20 Saved: Donna and Eric

Let’s start off with a bang. Donna and Eric were always the couple that was meant to be. We knew they would end up together right from the first episode; this didn’t turn out to be exactly how we’d pictured it to be, but the show still finished with the two getting back together.

Of the friends’ group, Donna and Eric were the only ones who remained physically loyal to one another. They were almost married, and the implication was that they would be married in the future, too. That ‘70s Show depended on the chemistry between these two for the first seven years of its runtime.

19 Hurt: Donna and Randy

On the total opposite of Donna and Eric is the coupling of Donna and Randy. Randy was a good guy; he fit in well with the group and was a laidback person whose storylines weren’t too serious, which resulted in the show becoming comedy focused rather than drama focused.

Still, he was no good with Donna. They were obviously shoehorned together to make up for Eric’s absence, and Randy was never someone we could take seriously. They did have good chemistry, but this was only till the extent of friendship and not in a romantic sense.

advertising 18 Saved: Kelso and Jackie

All the teenagers squealing about how Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were always meant to be, have no clue how dysfunctional the relationship of Jackie and Kelso had been on That ‘70s Show. And yet, these two are placed in the ‘Saved’ pile because the show needed a couple like this.

Jackie needed to have her heart broken repeatedly before she could grow as a character. Kelso was never meant to mature relationship wise, which is why it made sense how he continued to be unfaithful. Their relationship was doomed to fail also because he could never keep up with her lofty expectations with him, which is good reasoning.

17 Saved: Hyde and Samantha

It’s a wonder why the show decided to break these two up. Hyde could never have another relationship that could match the one he had with Jackie, but Samantha came pretty freaking close. She was the right kind of girl for him; someone who loved him for who he was but also challenged him when he got too high-minded.

Their storyline also was one of intrigue what with how they got married soon after they met but chose to stay together. It was all going well until she was suddenly written out in lame circumstances. This couple should have ended the show.

advertising 16 Hurt: Bob and Midge the first time

The first time Bob and Midge were together they seemed too weird for comfort. Midge was too oblivious to notice Bob didn’t appreciate her much, while he thought he was doing the best but was also too kooky to realize it. Donna’s parents were also engaging themselves in creepy stuff with other people, which didn’t make them too well.

After Midge left him to be on her own for the first time in her life, Bob’s characterization grew and we got to like him for who he was. He became more than just Donna’s weird father. It’s good these two broke up the first time around.

15 Saved: Bob and Midge the second time

When Midge came back to win Bob once again, he was a character we liked on his own right. This made us care about his feelings and the dynamic with Midge took on another form. Not only that, but Midge being single also gave her a different lens for us to view from and her silly way of thinking was endearing rather than exasperating.

They were involved in a love triangle along with Jackie’s mom, and that storyline was most definitely the highlight of the storylines they had over the show.

advertising 14 Saved: Donna and Casey

Casey was by no means the right guy for Donna, but this was a relationship that needed to happen for the show to remain interesting. Eric, as well as the audience, had become complacent with his relationship to Donna, and the perfect way to keep things interesting was to break them up and pair Donna with a Bad Boy.

Casey was the anti-Forman; a cooler, level-headed version of Michael Kelso, if you will. We knew he was bad news from the start but it was Donna’s job to find that out. When Casey dumped her and revealed his true nature, we couldn’t hold it against him because Donna should’ve seen who he was from the start.

Featured Today 13 Saved: Jeff and Josh

Even back in the early-2000s, the landscape wasn’t so open with gay couples. They did show up on shows on occasion, but it was always about how “gay” they were. That ‘70s Show cleverly played on this joke by presenting a gay couple to the most redneck kind of person on the show: Red Forman.

The joke, however, was how Red had no problem with their orientation, which showed he was a soft person underneath and how gay couples should be treated as a casual matter. What was funny, though, was how Red kicked the couple out for being Vikings fan. Now that’s just crossing the line.

12 Saved: Kelso and Angie

Hyde’s half-sister wasn’t very likable, but her dynamic with Kelso was a good one. The relationship started at a time when the show started feeling very different, and what speaks out more than a Caucasian man having an African-American family? What’s more is that Kelso and Angie’s coupling didn’t become that one fling you would expect from Michael, it was a real relationship.

It brought Kelso further toward being someone who respects women and doesn’t become unfaithful to them. For Angie, she at least learned to loosen up rather be so uptight.

11 Hurt: Jackie and Fez

Just by looking at the picture above you get the sense these two look like brother and sister, but the final person Jackie ended up with was none other than Fez. He had been obsessed with her in the earlier seasons, although this was toned down. In Season 8, however, the show decided these two were endgame and the storyline developed into them becoming a couple.

No one bought it, though, as Jackie and Fez had become something like siblings over the course of the first seven seasons. She had turned him down so many times that the audience also stopped considering him as a potential love interest to her.

advertising 10 Saved: Kelso and Brooke

When Kelso finally grew up, it was because he had a daughter. The one he had the child with was a senior called Brooke. She was too high strung to take him seriously, but like all women before her, she gave into Kelso one time.

They were never treated as a real couple but the two got along together well onscreen. This was a nice storyline to give Kelso as well seeing that he needed to learn to be responsible and live with his actions. It was implied by the end that he had married Brooke after moving away to be closer to his daughter, thereby ending Kelso’s story on a high note.

9 Saved: Fez and Big Rhonda

Before you try to be a smart alec; we are aware that’s Eric in the picture and not Fez, but Big Rhonda doesn’t have many pictures that show herself and Fez looking like a couple. Rhonda signified just how desperate Fez was to finally get together with a girl. It was around this time that Fez was that desperate, and creepy friend, but this was also when Fez was at his funniest.

His antics to finally break his dry spell with Rhonda meant he had to put up with a lot of her bullying ways; these led to a lot of comedic moments which we look back on now fondly.

advertising 8 Hurt: Fez and Laurie

After Laurie came back from her absence, she seemingly turned over a new leaf and wanted to genuinely be nice to people. One of these “nice” acts involved her getting together with Fez and marrying him.

Laurie never took Fez seriously as her husband and went back to her promiscuous ways by being with another man when she was supposed to be on honeymoon with Fez; it was too cheap to be very funny. Plus, the marriage resulted in Red getting a heart attack, which wasn’t a good event to watch.

7 Saved: Fez and Kitty's friend

In Season 8, Fez got a little too good with women (see below for more on that), which led to him finding out he had a particular liking for older women. By older women, we mean more specifically a friend of Eric’s mother Kitty. Fez saw Kitty as his own mother, which made the latter uneasy that he would be with a woman her age.

This coupling was only good because we saw Fez and Kitty say openly how much they loved each other. Before this, it had never been said out loud how Fez saw Kitty as his own mother, and this admission was heartwarming. So, we’ll thank her friend for dating Fez.

advertising 6 Saved: Jackie and Hyde

Without a doubt, the fact this couple didn’t last is the greatest mistake That ‘70s Show ever made. Before they got together, no one saw these two as a future couple; after they became a couple, no one wanted them to break up.

It was a perfect execution of an ‘opposites attract’ angle and this couple was a treat to watch. Hyde made Jackie lose her snobbish ways and appreciate a casual lifestyle. Meanwhile, Jackie cleaned Hyde’s act up and made him more responsible in life; he started acting like a real man instead of a punk. Too bad this wasn’t meant to be, because they’ll always be the perfect couple for us.

5 Hurt: Donna and Hyde

Donna and Hyde were only together in an alternate scenario where Donna and Eric didn’t end up together, but this vision was enough to tell us these two weren’t meant to be. Actually, they looked great, but it paled in comparison to the platonic relationship they had.

Hyde was the only guy in the group who never tried to take advantage of her. He loved her at the start, but when he realized she didn’t like him that way, he became a real friend. After that, Hyde never made a move on her and made sure he was always there for her purely as a friend.

advertising 4 Saved: Bob and Pam

For a guy who isn’t the most handsome, Bob sure got a lot of beautiful women to himself. Chief among them was Pam Burkhart, Jackie’s mom. She was exactly like her daughter; a ditzy, snobbish woman whose main purpose in life was to live in lavish settings and materials.

Yet, Bob and Pam had a good relationship that could’ve made Donna and Jackie siblings. They never had any real problems and their laidback demeanor only made them a comfortable couple to watch. The love triangle with Midge also made this a good storyline.

3 Saved: Fez and every girl he dated in Season 8

We’d seen Fez as the weirdo guy desperate to get a girlfriend for seven seasons, and it took the departure of Kelso to morph Fez into Kelso 2.0. In Season 8, Fez was the ladies’ man of the group; having a different girl out of his room every morning, much to Jackie’s chagrin.

This confidence radiating from Fez made him stand out more than he ever had. While we’ll love the desperate Fez more, it was a good change for him to show how he would be when he was confident. The number of crazy women he brought home also added to the comedy.

advertising 2 Hurt: Kelso and Laurie

The first couple seasons of the show had Kelso date Jackie while simultaneously carrying on an affair with Laurie. This was supposed to be played for laughs but really just showed us the worst sides of Kelso. Jackie, while being immature, was very hurt by Kelso’s infidelity, something he was too stupid to realize.

Laurie, meanwhile, acted way too self-entitled, and she showed absolutely no remorse for her terrible actions. This coupling also showed us that Laurie wasn’t someone with a hidden heart of gold, she was just a rotten person.

1 Saved: Red and Kitty

Eric and Donna might be the most recognizable couple of That ‘70s Show, but Red and Kitty were by far the best. They were the only couple to never run into any problems. Kitty was the sweet, classic housewife who tolerated Red’s hard nature, yet was very attracted to his manliness. Red was the veteran who retained the classic mentality and needed Kitty’s soft nature to survive societal norms.

It was a lovely marriage that needed to work so that we had the presence of a stable family. The two loved their children – even at times when the kids didn’t deserve it – and adopted Hyde as their third child - they are the best couple for sure.


Which of these couples do you like from That '70s Show? Let us know in the comments!


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