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Digital Trends

Twitter hides Trump, White House tweets on Minnesota New! 2020-05-29 15:35:21It's also limiting engagement with the tweet

GoPro Labs unlocks hidden advanced features for action New! 2020-05-29 15:19:27You can use a QR code to instantly set up a GoPro for a specific task

SpaceX Starship prototype explodes during test New! 2020-05-29 15:17:36The craft burst into flames during a static fire test on Friday afternoon

The best cheap home security camera deals for New! 2020-05-29 15:03:36If you're looking for cheap home security cameras, here are many choices with crucial features and low prices.

Apple CarPlay vs. Android Auto New! 2020-05-29 15:02:29Apple and Google may never sell their own cars, but they've already planted their flag in the auto industry.

Digital Trends Live: Uber goes hourly, EA renews New! 2020-05-29 15:02:01On this Digital Trends Live, we discuss the top technology news, including Uber’s hourly function and more.

Lab-grown meat? Peasant food. Say hello to lab-grown New! 2020-05-29 14:49:54A cruelty-free version of the delicacy is coming soon

Minecraft Dungeons beginner’s guide: Tips and tricks for New! 2020-05-29 14:49:44Minecraft Dungeons works a little differently than other ARPGs. Here are our top tips for getting started.

How to watch Sony’s PlayStation 5 event on New! 2020-05-29 14:45:48The PS5 event will stream on Twitch and YouTube

These are the best cheap Keurig deals for New! 2020-05-29 14:45:33Nothing beats the convenience of having your own Keurig machine. Get one on the cheap with these Keurig deals.

The best Instant Pot, Ninja, and Dash air New! 2020-05-29 14:30:22We track air fryer prices at major merchants and update this post frequently with the best air fryer deals.

Refurbished Apple iPhone XRs are now available for New! 2020-05-29 14:14:54The device is only $100 more than the new iPhone SE

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Twitter said Trump broke its rules. Facebook allows New! 2020-05-29 16:34:10If Twitter’s decision to hide Donald Trump’s tweet has amped up the pressure on Facebook to do the same, it hasn’t resulted in any n

The ultra-chill ‘Tetris Effect’ soundtrack is now available New! 2020-05-29 16:26:52The hypnotic chillwave soundtrack of Tetris Effect is now available for streaming, composer Hydelic announced on the PlayStation Blog. The zen music c

Eight US companies will manufacture NASA’s COVID-19 ventilator New! 2020-05-29 15:55:18Last month, the FDA rushed a NASA-designed ventilator through its fast-track Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) program in hopes that it might be used

HBO Max is a mess -- but it's New! 2020-05-29 15:34:03Confusion and HBO Max practically go hand-in-hand. When AT&T's WarnerMedia announced the streaming service last year, it was hard to tell if

Amazon's Echo Look fashion camera will stop working New! 2020-05-29 14:44:08We hope you wren’t leaning on Amazon’s Echo Look for fashion advice — you’ll have to find an alternative soon. Amazon has conf

Jabra’s Elite 75t earbuds now offer personalized sound New! 2020-05-29 14:21:25The Jabra Elite 75t and Elite Active 75t already offered high-quality audio at a palatable price, but the latest update for these true wireless earbud

Stadia Pro members get six free games in New! 2020-05-29 14:05:53Google is still determined to reel in Stadia customers by lavishing subscribers with free games. The internet giant has revealed that Stadia Pro membe

Senators ask FTC to investigate Instacart over 'tip New! 2020-05-29 13:59:32Tip baiting, where delivery service customers promise generous tips to couriers only to stiff them afterward, is a scummy practice — and politic

The best deals we found this week: AirPods New! 2020-05-29 13:40:40Memorial Day may be behind us but you can still grab some of its deals. Apple’s AirPods Pro are still at the very good sale price of $228 at Ama

Is there a good reason to buy the New! 2020-05-29 13:15:06It’s been five years since Apple debuted its smartwatch, and in that time the square-faced device has become iconic and infamous. The most recen

Sony will require devs to make future PS4 New! 2020-05-29 12:59:33Developers hoping to publish a PlayStation 4 game will have to ensure that their title also works on the upcoming PS5, according to Eurogamer. Documen

GoPro Labs gives users access to experimental features New! 2020-05-29 12:50:26Beginning today, GoPro “superusers” can tinker with new, experimental features through the official GoPro Labs. The sandbox gives users ac


Philips Soup Maker Review: Perfect for Folks Who New! 2020-05-29 10:00:00This dedicated device renders an already simple kitchen chore—crafting hot soups—even simpler.

Propella 7-Speed Review: A Great Ebike and a New! 2020-05-29 08:00:00Looking to get around safely? This sleek new electric bike costs as much as a year's worth of bus tickets.

Trump’s Fight With Twitter Finally Grew Teeth. Now New! 2020-05-29 08:00:00This week, Gilad Edelman joins us to discuss the White House’s move against tech platforms, and how talk of the November election led us to this

6 Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks (2020): Homelabs, Philips, New! 2020-05-29 07:00:00No bedroom window? No problem. These sun simulators might just make it easier to wake up and catch z's.

Graduation Gift Ideas (2020): The 15 Best Gifts 2020-05-28 09:00:00This year's students have been through a lot. Here are 15 graduation gift ideas, from coffee makers and tablets to an Amazon Prime subscription.

5 Mobile Keyboards Reviewed: Arteck, Plugable, Sounwill, Moko, 2020-05-28 08:00:00We review five foldable, phone-friendly keyboards you can toss in your pocket.

Apple MacBook Pro (13-Inch, 2020) Review: Portable, Powerful, 2020-05-28 07:00:00The middle child in Apple's Mac line marries power and portability—and offers it at a steep price.

The 13 Best Running Gear (2020): Shoes, Clothes, 2020-05-27 09:00:00Your gym might be closed, but the roads and parks are full. Get started running with our favorite hot-weather picks.

How to Create a Home Meditation Space 2020-05-27 08:00:00You can't leave your house, so you may as well leave your body. At least for a while.

8 Best Cheap Laptops For 2020: Our Picks 2020-05-26 09:00:00We tested lots of affordable Windows laptops, Chromebooks, and 2-in-1 tablets. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a good notebook.

7 Best Gaming Headsets for PS4, Xbox, PC, 2020-05-26 08:00:00We picked the best gaming headsets for every budget and gaming system—PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC, Mac, and mobile.

33 Best Memorial Day Sales of 2020: Tech, 2020-05-25 12:49:00Today, you can save on everything from headphones to an iPad. These are our favorite outdoors, gaming, and tech deals.

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Western Digital gets sued for sneaking SMR disks New! 2020-05-29 17:40:48WD clearly underestimated the consumer outrage they'd face over SMR disks.

YouTube makes video chapters official New! 2020-05-29 13:38:18Creators can chop up the YouTube seek bar into segmented, titled chapters.

iPhone privacy prompts discriminate against non-Apple apps, complaint New! 2020-05-29 13:28:06Anticipating a competing product from Apple, Tile goes on the offensive.

Yamaha’s “Remote Cheerer” brings fan applause back to 2020-05-28 14:19:33Yamaha's app is, effectively, a soundboard with very large remote speakers.

New macOS 10.15.5 feature reduces your battery life 2020-05-28 12:31:27Battery Health Management is an optional feature, though.

New Raspberry Pi 4 model comes with a 2020-05-28 12:09:39The top-end Pi 4 now has double the RAM.

Dangerous SHA-1 crypto function will die in SSH 2020-05-28 08:15:49Lagging far behind others, SSH developers finally deprecate aging hash function.

Samsung copies the Apple Card, announces “Samsung Money” 2020-05-27 12:17:45Samsung announces a physical debit card and SoFi money management account.

Return to RAID: The Ars readers “What If?” 2020-05-27 08:26:40Readers requested RAID retests. Redundant? Ridiculous!

Choosing 2FA authenticator apps can be hard. Ars 2020-05-27 07:15:43Losing your 2FA codes can be bad. Having backups stolen can be worse. What to do?

Meet unc0ver, the new jailbreak that pops shell—and 2020-05-26 20:00:21Tool released over the weekend makes it a snap to remove restrictions built into iOS.

Motorola is taking a second swing at a 2020-05-26 14:39:33Just eight months after the first reboot, Motorola could announce a second version.

TechCrunch » Gadgets

The FBI is mad because it keeps getting 2020-05-22 17:33:05The debate over device encryption isn’t dead, it was merely resting. And it just won’t go away.

How to make the most of your at-home 2020-05-22 16:03:26Working from home isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and a slew of companies just announced longer-term initiatives to make their remote work pr

PathSpot sells a scanner that fact checks your 2020-05-21 13:16:43The novel coronavirus disease has reminded millions that handwashing is a great way to avoid preventable diseases. Christine Schindler, the CEO and co

GoPro releases a flashlight for some reason 2020-05-20 13:48:12Today GoPro entered the cutthroat business of personal lighting. This is the GoPro Zeus Mini; it looks like a rad little light, though it’s a cu

Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and more get eye-tracking apps 2020-05-19 18:32:08Modern apps and services are a mixed bag when it comes to accessibility, and people with conditions that prevent them from using the usual smartphone

DJI Mavic Air 2 Review: Fantastic drone, despite 2020-05-19 14:17:37I’m supposed to get photos as soon as I take something out of the box. I know better. The rule is not to play with the gadget first. I’m g

Fitbit’s Chinese rival Amazfit mulls a transparent, self-disinfecting 2020-05-17 22:29:07The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a wave of Chinese companies with manufacturing operations to produce virus-fighting equipment: Shenzhen-based ele

E-bike startup Angell partners with SEB for manufacturing 2020-05-17 04:00:46French startup Angell has signed a wide-ranging partnership with SEB, the French industrial company behind All-Clad, Krups, Moulinex, Rowenta, Tefal a

(Formerly Augean) Burro is giving a helping hand 2020-05-15 15:21:32Rather than focusing on robots that will replace human workers outright, the company has created a semi-autonomous robotic cart that saves pickers a l

How to create the best at-home videoconferencing setup, 2020-05-13 17:58:51Your life probably involves a lot more videoconferencing now than it did a few weeks ago – even if it already did involve a lot. That’s no

MIT develops a way to use wireless signals 2020-05-13 12:12:22Having a holistic picture of your health might not mean just wearing a device like an Apple Watch that can monitor your biometrics — researchers

The new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is now 2020-05-12 10:00:48It’s been a few years since August introduced any new hardware, but its August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, which it debuted at CES this year, is now avail

Geeky Gadgets

Samsung to supply 80 percent of iPhone 12 2020-05-28 09:05:38 Apple will launch four new iPhone 12 models this year, all four handsets will come with OLED displays and it looks like Samsung will be the major sup

PocketBook eReaders arrive in the US 2020-05-28 08:33:43 A range of new PocketBook eReaders are now available to purchase throughout the United States from online retailers such as Newegg. The PocketBook To

NVIDIA GeForce NOW now has over 2,000 games 2020-05-28 08:13:08 As NVIDIA approaches the end of its trial period for its game streaming service GeForce NOW which now has over 2,000 games to choose from. NVIDIA is

Instagram to share revenue with its creators on 2020-05-28 08:10:28 Instagram has announced that it will start to share revenue with its creators of videos on IGTV and Instagram Live. This will start next week and at

Last Minute Deal: FitMind Neuroscience-Based Meditation App, Save 2020-05-28 08:01:58 We have an amazing deal on the FitMind Neuroscience-Based Meditation App in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store today, you can save 75% off the normal pric

Cheat Sheets cooking system last few hours on 2020-05-28 07:57:57 Cheat Sheets is a new sheet pan cooking system that allows meals to be easily prepared is taking Kickstarter by storm, offering a completely new appr

Lenovo ThinkPad TrackPoint 2 keyboard now available for 2020-05-28 07:53:05 If you have been patiently waiting for the arrival and availability of the new ThinkPad TrackPoint II Keyboard first unveiled at the beginning of thi

The Mighty Eighth VR co-op WWII bomber 2020-05-28 07:39:24 MicroProse has returned and announced a new virtual reality project that allows you to crew a World War II bomber, with 10 other players in a coopera

AEON UP Xtreme all-in-one security solution 2020-05-28 07:24:46 AEON has introduced their new UP Xtreme embedded system offering an all-in-one security solution that’s ready to deploy out of the box. AEON ex

Those Who Remain now available on PC, Xbox 2020-05-28 07:12:00 The highly anticipated, story driven, first person, psychological thriller game Those Who Remain has launched today on Xbox, PC and PlayStation 4. De

Samsung Money debit card coming to the US 2020-05-28 07:08:26 Samsung has announced that it is launching its new Samsung Money debit card in the USA, Samsung has teamed up with Sofi and Mastercard on this new ca

Last Minute Deal: Save 83% on the KeepSolid 2020-05-28 07:00:01 We have a great deal on the KeepSolid SmartDNS Lifetime subscription in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store today, you can save 83% off the normal price. U

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Choked, Dark, 13 Reasons Why, M:I Fallout, and New! 2020-05-29 08:52:56Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Dark season 3, 13 Reasons Why season 4, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Anurag Kashyap's Choked - the biggest mo

Tesla Performance Opens Door to Elon Musk Payday New! 2020-05-29 08:37:40Tesla has hit financial marks that let its colourful chief executive Elon Musk reap the first portion of a multi-billion dollar compensation package,

Vodafone Idea Says 'No Proposal' Before Board on New! 2020-05-29 08:36:26Vodafone Idea today released a clarification about a media report suggesting an investment from Google. The operator said that "no proposal as report

Realme Buds Q Teased to Launch in India New! 2020-05-29 08:26:49Realme Buds Q India launch has been teased just days after the debut of the true wireless (TWS) earbuds in China.

Zuckerberg Distances Facebook From Twitter in Trump Fight New! 2020-05-29 08:23:29Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg took pains to distance his company from Twitter and its fight with US President Donald Trump on Thursday, as

Lunar Eclipse Next Week: All You Need to New! 2020-05-29 07:51:12The second lunar eclipse of 2020 is set to take place next month and lunar enthusiasts in India will be able to watch it with their naked eyes, althou

OnePlus 7T Series, OnePlus 7 Series Getting OxygenOS New! 2020-05-29 07:18:24OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T series of smartphones are reportedly receiving OxygenOS update that includes Dolby Atmos support for the new OnePlus Bullets

OnePlus 8 Next Sale at 12 Noon on New! 2020-05-29 07:02:11OnePlus 8 next sale will begin at 12pm IST on June 4 via Amazon India. Launch offers include Rs. 2,000 off for SBI EMI customers, additional Rs. 1,000

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Next Sale on New! 2020-05-29 06:57:23Redmi Note 9 Pro Max will once again put on sale in India via Amazon and Mi.com next week. It will be the third time the phone goes on sale after faci

SoftBank Vision Fund Head's Pay Doubled Last Year New! 2020-05-29 06:56:12While offering big pay packets to foreign executives, compensation for CEO Masayoshi Son was JPY 209 million (roughly Rs. 14 crores), a 9 percent decl

Doctors Go Online to Treat Patients Amid Coronavirus New! 2020-05-29 06:39:33As health system grapples with the coronavirus, doctors are increasingly going online to consult with patients suffering less critical or chronic dise

Five Free Smartphone Apps to Track TV Shows New! 2020-05-29 06:28:28Too many TV shows to keep track of? Do you find yourself missing a new season or episode of your favourite show? It's time to organise your streaming

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