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Iran shuts gov't offices, tightening virus restrictions New! 2020-11-27 07:45:16TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran on Friday announced that all government offices will effectively close and operate with only essential staff, further tighten

France, UN to host new Lebanon aid conference New! 2020-11-27 06:05:24PARIS (AP) - France and the U.N. will host a new conference next week about aid to Beirut after its devastating port explosion in August, amid politic

Turkey probes German navy's search of Libya-bound freighter New! 2020-11-27 05:44:19ANKARA, Turkey (AP) - Turkish prosecutors launched an investigation Friday into the search of a Turkish commercial freighter by the crew of a German f

Thailand, Philippines sign for AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine New! 2020-11-27 05:33:03BANGKOK (AP) - Thailand on Friday signed a $200 million deal to procure 26 million doses of a trial coronavirus vaccine developed by pharmaceutical fi

Facing terror charges, Iran diplomat skips trial opening New! 2020-11-27 05:26:03ANTWERP, Belgium (AP) - An Iranian diplomat suspected of masterminding a thwarted bomb attack against an exiled Iranian opposition group in France did

Lawmakers throw pig guts, punches on Taiwan parliament New! 2020-11-27 05:00:06TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Lawmakers in Taiwan got into a fist fight and threw pig guts at each other Friday over a soon-to-be enacted policy that wo

Ethiopians flee Tigray capital in fear of imminent New! 2020-11-27 03:21:19NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — People continued to flee the capital of Ethiopia's embattled Tigray region in fear of an imminent assault after Prime Min

S. Korea agency says N. Korea executed people, New! 2020-11-27 02:06:42SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered at least two people executed, banned fishing at sea and locked down the ca

China slaps 200% tax on Australia wine amid New! 2020-11-27 01:53:57BEIJING (AP) - China on Friday added wine to the growing list of Australian goods barred from its markets in a trade war against Australia over disput

American oil executives guilty of corruption, Venezuela judge 2020-11-26 19:55:23CARACAS, Venezuela — Six American oil executives held for three years in Venezuela were found guilty of corruption charges by a judge Thurs

AstraZeneca vaccine to be assessed amid dosing error 2020-11-26 19:19:53LONDON — The British government said Friday it has formally asked the country's medicines regulator to assess whether a coronavirus vaccine dev

Jair Bolsonaro not rushing to embrace Joe Biden 2020-11-26 17:21:38In the wee hours of election night Nov. 3, the president's son tweeted a screenshot of Michigan vote totals purporting to show a sudden jump in favor

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South Korea says it foiled North Korea attempt New! 2020-11-27 04:36:55South Korea's intelligence agency foiled North Korean attempts to hack into South Korean companies developing coronavirus vaccines, lawmakers said on

How the legal troubles of a former French New! 2020-11-27 04:00:00Donald Trump is reputed not to read much, and he certainly won’t want to read about the trial of Nicolas Sarkozy, the former right-wing French p

Trump says he'll leave White House if electoral 2020-11-26 19:51:07U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he will leave the White House if the electoral college votes for president-elect Joe Biden, the closest h

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the 2020-11-26 15:15:15Ontario has released new COVID-19 modelling — the first time it has released such data since sending Toronto and Peel Region into lockdown

Turkish court sentences leaders of 2016 attempted coup 2020-11-26 13:46:18A Turkish court sentenced leaders of a 2016 attempted coup to life in jail on Thursday, convicting hundreds of army officers, pilots and civilians ove

Culled minks rise from shallow graves in Denmark 2020-11-26 08:55:57Some of the thousands of minks culled to minimize the risk of them re-transmitting the novel coronavirus to humans have risen from their shallow grave

Rocky the Christmas tree stowaway owl returns to 2020-11-26 08:05:09The owl found in a Christmas tree set up at the Rockefeller Center in New York is back in the wild.

T. Rex got huge via major teenage growth 2020-11-26 07:43:26A close look at the bones of huge meat-eating dinosaurs, including Sue the T. Rex, reveals that some went through a major growth spurt, while others t

'Unprecedented, but not out of character': How Meghan's 2020-11-26 04:00:00The decision by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, to write of her miscarriage in the New York Times — winning praise for offering support to others who

U.S. Supreme Court rules against limits on religious 2020-11-26 03:33:27The U.S. Supreme Court late on Wednesday backed Christian and Jewish houses of worship challenging New York state's latest restriction

Troops ordered to move on Tigray capital, says 2020-11-26 02:50:40Ethiopia's prime minister says the army has been ordered to move on the embattled Tigray capital after his 72-hour ultimatum for Tigray leaders to su

AstraZeneca manufacturing error raises questions about vaccine study 2020-11-25 20:59:45AstraZeneca and Oxford University on Wednesday acknowledged a manufacturing error that is raising questions about preliminary results of their experim

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'Betrayed' Black asylum seekers say Trump administration is New! 2020-11-27 07:00:29ICE uses physical abuse, solitary confinement and false documents to force Black and African asylum seekers onto 'death planes,' The Times has found

Texas tackles wild hogs with high-stakes hunts New! 2020-11-27 07:00:28It's open season year-round on Texas' 3 million feral pigs, with hunters using thermal trackers, digital pig calls, helicopters and even hot-air bal

India and Pakistan are clashing again. This time New! 2020-11-27 05:00:36India's effort to gain protected status for basmati rice exports in Europe has irked Pakistan, the world's No. 2 producer.

Cher — yes, Cher — helps a captive 2020-11-26 17:14:34Pop star Cher leads effort to rescue 35-year-old Kaavan, dubbed the world's loneliest elephant, from captivity in Pakistan.

Supreme Court's conservatives reject COVID restrictions on New 2020-11-26 10:57:25The Supreme Court for the first time blocked state COVID-19 restrictions, rejecting limits on how many people may gather in New York houses of worship

South Korea 'sextortion' mastermind coerced young women into 2020-11-25 19:49:40Cho Ju-bin masterminded one of South Korea's most notorious sex crime schemes, blackmailing young women into providing sexually compromising images.

Biden steps into leadership vacuum to reassure Americans 2020-11-25 19:36:25Biden steps into the White House leadership vacuum on the coronavirus, resetting the tone in a solemn Thanksgiving address aimed at an anxious nation.

Laid-off casino workers rely on Las Vegas food 2020-11-25 16:48:45Although unemployment rates in Nevada have recently decreased, the number of people without jobs in September was 134,756 higher than a year earlier.

Rick Schroder explains bail for Kenosha shooter Kyle 2020-11-25 16:12:36"NYPD Blue" and "Silver Spoons" actor Rick Schroder says he contributed "hundreds of thousands" of dollars to Kyle Rittenhouse's bail and defen

Diego Maradona, Argentine soccer legend, dies at 60 2020-11-25 12:07:39Diego Maradona, who led Argentina to victory in the 1986 World Cup but was tormented by drug abuse and illness in his later years, has died at 60.

Coronavirus infections are higher than ever, but COVID-19 2020-11-25 09:00:54The more cases that are reported, the more deaths we would expect to see, right? The answer is both yes and no, experts said.

Giving thanks, expressing hope: presidential wishes at Thanksgiving 2020-11-25 07:00:55From Washington to Lincoln and beyond, presidents called on the nation to give thanks in messages that reflect the challenges of each era.

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Ethiopia’s Abiy meets African Union envoys, rejects talks New! 2020-11-27 16:30:42Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed again ruled out dialogue with the leaders of the defiant Tigray region Friday, but said he was willing to speak to

Exiled Venezuelan opposition figure Lopez urges Europe to New! 2020-11-27 14:11:14In an interview with FRANCE 24, leading Venezuelan opposition figure Leopoldo Lopez explained that he left Venezuela for Spain last month after reachi

France weighs forcing coronavirus-infected patients to isolate New! 2020-11-27 14:08:59As France seeks to ease its Covid-19 lockdown and stem the virus's spread, French President Emmanuel Macron this week proposed compelling those infec

LA residents face off against officers evicting homeless New! 2020-11-27 13:40:32Residents and protesters in Los Angeles, California confronted law enforcement officers violently evicting homeless and housing-insecure families from

Beaten by police: The images of music producer's New! 2020-11-27 12:58:05Footage of police beating an unarmed Black music producer in his own studio have sparked shock and condemnation across France. The video captured by C

Iran’s top nuclear scientist killed, Zarif says ‘serious New! 2020-11-27 10:54:59An Iranian scientist that Israel alleged led the Islamic Republic's military nuclear programme until its disbanding in the early 2000s was “ass

Macron says police brutality video ‘shames us’ as New! 2020-11-27 10:42:40French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday said images of police beating a Black music producer in Paris “shames us”, as pressure on the g

The hunt for jihadists in Africa's Sahel region New! 2020-11-27 10:24:43For this report, FRANCE 24's team embedded with Niger's special forces. In this epicentre of West African jihadism, local "franchise

Debbie Harry on her life in rock 'n' New! 2020-11-27 07:54:27FRANCE 24 spoke to former CIA director Leon Panetta, who says Trump is risking US national security; anger erupts in France over new allegations of po

French hygiene and perfume: Why is the negative New! 2020-11-27 06:22:55The old cliché charges that the French tend towards a questionable relationship with hygiene. And yet they're also celebrated for their vibran

Germany surpasses 1 million Covid-19 cases New! 2020-11-27 04:42:15Germany hit another grim milestone in the coronavirus pandemic on Friday, ticking above 1 million confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Nagorno-Karabakh: After three decades, former residents return to New! 2020-11-27 02:13:53Once the scene of fierce fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the district of Fuzuli on the outskirts of Nagorno-Karabakh won by Azerbai

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Iran vows ‘severe revenge’ for assassination of nuclear New! 2020-11-27 17:50:23 The masterminds and perpetrators behind the assassination of a prominent Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, will face swift revenge, the

Federal appeals court rejects Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania voter New! 2020-11-27 17:01:58 A federal appeals court in Philadelphia rejected the Trump campaign’s attempt to challenge the state’s vote, alleging massive fraud &ndas

‘Mossad at work’? Twitter explodes with speculation of New! 2020-11-27 16:33:04 While it remains unknown who is responsible for the killing of top Iran nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahavadi, commenters on social media are

Chinese academics say coronavirus spread in India MONTHS New! 2020-11-27 16:19:25 The coronavirus did not start in Wuhan, but instead emerged in India last summer, Chinese academics have boldly claimed, as tensions continue to flar

‘Criminal act’: Ex-CIA chief urges Iran to wait New! 2020-11-27 15:48:28 Former CIA Director John Brennan has commented on the killing of a top Iranian nuclear scientist by urging Tehran to wait for “return of respon

‘More information needed’: WHO says it needs more New! 2020-11-27 15:26:30 AstraZeneca’s press release on its Covid-19 vaccine’s efficacy is “certainly” not enough for the World Health Organization to

More than half of UK adults say Black New! 2020-11-27 15:07:42 The majority of UK adults believe that recent anti-racism Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests actually deepened the nation’s racial divisions and

'Tyson vs Jones Jr. rematch on Red Square New! 2020-11-27 14:55:58 Roy Jones Jr.'s Russian manager and business partner Zsolt Barna hasn't ruled out the possibility of the RJJ facing 'Iron' Mike Tyson in a rematc

UK to test GOUT drug colchicine as potential New! 2020-11-27 14:19:16 The anti-inflammatory drug colchicine, usually used to treat gout, will be included in the UK’s nationwide RECOVERY trial program aimed at seek

Belgium culls 151,000 chickens after Europe's latest bird New! 2020-11-27 14:14:07 A Belgian chicken farm reported Europe's latest outbreak of highly infectious H5N5 bird flu on Friday, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE

Vote Leo: Barca's Camp Nou could be RENAMED New! 2020-11-27 14:06:56 A vote will be held on renaming Barcelona's Camp Nou home after Lionel Messi under bold plans drawn up by entrepreneur Emili Rousaud, who has said h

'It's NOT true': Tennis star Nadal apologizes to New! 2020-11-27 13:19:48 World number two tennis star Rafael Nadal has warned the public not to be swindled by con artists posing as him in an attempt to defraud people onlin

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Thai pro-democracy protesters warn of possible coup New! 2020-11-27 17:06:55

Iran scientist linked to military nuclear program 'assassinated' New! 2020-11-27 15:23:18

Trump says will leave WH, but maintains fraud New! 2020-11-27 14:28:29

Britain presses on with AstraZeneca vaccine amid questions New! 2020-11-27 11:32:24

Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro says he will not take New! 2020-11-27 10:58:33Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Thursday evening that he will not take a coronavirus vaccine, the latest in a series of statements he has m

Magnitude 4.7 quake hits eastern Turkey, no damage New! 2020-11-27 10:33:40

Germany's coronavirus infections pass one million New! 2020-11-27 05:23:54Germany on Friday saw its total number of coronavirus infections pass one million, the Robert Koch Institute for disease control said. The institute r

Trump: Will leave office if Biden victory is New! 2020-11-27 02:58:14Answering his first questions from reporters since the November 3 vote, the president moved closer to accepting that he would serve only one term in o

Burkina Faso president Roch Marc Christian Kabore re-elected 2020-11-26 16:34:01

Air strikes kill 19 Iran-backed fighters in Syria: 2020-11-26 15:07:54

Sadiq al-Mahdi, Sudan's former prime minister, dies of 2020-11-26 14:28:07

Four more students charged in France over teacher's 2020-11-26 10:52:02Four teenage students have been charged in France over the killing of Samuel Paty, including three for allegedly pointing out the teacher to his murde

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Pennsylvania appeals court rejects Trump’s challenge of election New! 2020-11-27 16:01:36President Donald Trump’s legal team suffered another defeat Friday as a federal appeals court in Philadelphia rejected the campaign’s chal

Kim Jong Un executed officials for COVID-19 failings, New! 2020-11-27 15:10:29South Korean intelligence officials say Kim Jong Un has been angry and irrational over the coronavirus pandemic in neighbouring North Korea.

Denmark wants to dig up culled mink with New! 2020-11-27 13:54:54Authorities say there is no risk of the graves spreading the coronavirus, but locals worry about the risk of contaminating drinking water.

Internet sleuths reveal secret location of mysterious Utah New! 2020-11-27 12:57:48Amateur investigators have figured out the location and construction of Utah's mysterious metal monolith, although many questions remain.

Iran scientist linked to nuclear program killed in New! 2020-11-27 10:43:11An Iranian scientist that Israel alleged led the Islamic Republic’s former military nuclear program was “assassinated” Friday, state

Fists and pig guts fly as Taiwan politicians New! 2020-11-27 10:17:30A dramatic political display escalated quickly into a sloppy, slimy brawl in Taiwan's parliament amid a bitter dispute over U.S. pork imports.

Germany becomes 12th country to surpass 1 million New! 2020-11-27 02:57:04Germany will probably have to stick with measures to dampen the coronavirus pandemic into January, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday.

South Korea says North Korea tried to hack New! 2020-11-27 02:19:56Lawmakers said South Korea's intelligence agency did not specify how many and which drugmakers were targeted but said there was no damage from the ha

South Korea scrambles to avoid hospital bed shortage 2020-11-27 00:22:56The daily tally of 569 came a day after the numbers hit the highest level since March 6, when South Korea was reeling from the first major COVID-19 ou

U.K. to create big tech watchdog to counter 2020-11-26 23:29:49The U.K. government said Friday that it's setting up a ``Digital Markets Unit'' next year to enforce a new code of conduct governing the behaviour

‘Diego is the people’: Thousands honour Maradona in 2020-11-26 18:02:00A casket procession was the sort of honour usually given heads of state, but few heads of state have ever aroused such loyalty or passion.

About Fugging time: Austrian town changes its name 2020-11-26 15:29:30The tiny Austrian community, which sounds like the English profanity 'f--king,' has been a popular site for British tourists for decades.

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