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16th of December 2018

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Fans are savagely dragging the 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' finale before it even airs

Image: Kurt Iswarienko/FX2018%2f06%2f27%2fdf%2funnamed2.04764By Alison Foreman2018-11-08 18:45:28 UTC Major spoilers for American Horror Story: Apocalypse lie ahead. 

It's that time of year again! 

American Horror Story went strong for a few weeks. Unfortunately, the series is now taking its annual swan dive into the abyss of confusing, unfinished, left-for-dead plot lines that long-time fans have come to know and despise. 

Apocalypse's tradition of filler episodes went into full effect during weeks 7 and 8. Episode 9 heralded the beginning of the season's attempt at a clumsy wrap-up. (Could that time travel reveal be more painfully predictable?) 

And next week's finale will likely take the bright-but-brief Satanic narrative out with a thud, bringing AHS's 2018 run to a perfunctory end. 

Fans of the series absolutely saw this coming, but they're still understandably bummed out. And they've taken to Twitter and Reddit to air out their many complaints. 

Ranging from pessimistic to vicious, here's what fans have to say about American Horror Story: Apocalypse's impending doomsday. 

A reasonable wish

I’m shocked everyone is surprised; this show ends in the shittiest way possible just about every season :( I hope AHS learns from this season and we get something better next year

— #buyhefneronitunes (@avarcasio) November 8, 2018

Maybe only 10 episodes was a good thing? But the short season really rushed those character arcs A very specific dig at creator Ryan Murphy Hopes for an unprecedented Season 9 continuation  Pointing out Apocalypse's ludicrous number of flashbacks Growing concern about Coven's Kyle And this B.D. Wong fan who is just done

I only watch American Horror Story now to get a look at B D Wong ageing gracefully as fuck.

— Ring -1 (@NSAshill) November 3, 2018

Fingers crossed that everybody is wrong and it turns out to be great! Sure, that isn't likely. But a girl can dream nightmare.

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