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Twitter’s underrated Lists feature finally gets some attention 2019-06-25 22:26:08Twitter Lists have never gotten the attention they deserve. A feature largely adopted by Twitter power users, lists allow you to create custom timelin

Facebook’s searchable political ads archive is now global 2019-06-25 15:33:50Facebook has announced it’s rolled out a basic layer of political ads transparency globally, more than a year after launching the publicly searc

Facebook may finally let you turn off those 2019-06-25 15:30:40Sick of those anxiety-inducing red dots constantly appearing on the Groups, Watch, or other tabs in your Facebook app? Well the social network may be

‘This is Your Life in Silicon Valley’: Former 2019-06-25 13:23:29Welcome to this week’s transcribed edition of This is Your Life in Silicon Valley. We’re running an experiment for Extra Crunch membe

Telegram adds location-flavored extras and full group ownership 2019-06-25 06:47:03Messaging platform Telegram has added a new bunch of location-based features via an update. Users of the latest version of the app will find an &lsquo

Trash uses AI to edit your footage into 2019-06-24 12:01:27Trash is a new startup promising to make it easier for anyone to create well-edited videos. Social video is an area that CEO Hannah Donovan knows well

Facebook makes another push to shape and define 2019-06-24 06:36:54Facebook’s head of global spin and policy, former UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, will give a speech later today providing more detail of t

The power of Ravelry’s stance against white supremacy 2019-06-24 02:06:53I am a knitter. It is more than just my hobby. Knitting has been a core part of my identity since I was five years old, when my grandmother patiently

Facebook and eBay told to tackle trade in 2019-06-21 10:51:37Facebook and eBay have been warned by the U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to do more to tackle the sale of fake reviews on their

Facebook adds new limits to address the spread 2019-06-21 04:21:19As Facebook grapples with the spread of hate speech on its platform, it is introducing changes that limit the spread of messages in two countries wher

A chat with Niantic CEO John Hanke on 2019-06-20 18:19:43Just shy of three years ago, Pokémon GO took over the world. Players filled the sidewalks, and crowds of trainers flooded parks and landmarks.

Slack opens at $38.50, a pop of 48% 2019-06-20 12:12:38Slack, the workplace messaging platform that has helped define a key category of enterprise IT, made its debut as a public company today with a pop. T


Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is 'evaluating' deepfake policy New! 2019-06-26 20:00:04Facebook may soon have new rules for "deepfakes."  That's according to Mark Zuckerberg, who said Wednesday that the company is currently discu

Bryan Stevenson explains why HBO's 'True Justice' almost New! 2019-06-26 19:01:52For more than thirty years, Bryan Stevenson has worked to bring justice to the justice system. Now, his fight is coming to HBO. True Justice: Bryan St

Better Sound Than Spotify New! 2019-06-26 17:27:09 Read more...More about Amazon, Spotify, Streaming Services, Spotify Streaming, and Mashable Reels

The BTS game has the ARMY flipping out New! 2019-06-26 17:17:40Of the many fandoms that dominate the social media space, the BTS ARMY is undoubtedly one of the most powerful. Stanning doesn't even begin to descri

Miami bakes in unusual heat before Democratic debates New! 2019-06-26 17:14:10Ten Democratic presidential contenders will take the debate stage in Miami on Wednesday night. Some of them may have noticed that the weather in town

Apple considered fitting a camera in the Apple New! 2019-06-26 17:13:45If the Apple Watch ever does get a camera, it might end up in the wristband. Apple has indeed mulled ways to add a camera into the wearable, according

Donald Trump Jr.'s worst moments of 2019 (so 2019-06-26 16:12:57Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the president, is a bad take machine. And just like his father, he's been busy tossing his share of cringeworthy

Bitcoin values surge over six-month period 2019-06-26 15:42:13The cryptocurrency has grown quadruply within the short time frame. The current values are just $7,000 from their all time high of $19,900. Read more

FedEx to sue U.S. government over export rules 2019-06-26 15:40:10Huawei, a Chinese tech company, has recently faced hurdles in the U.S. following a ban from President Trump. Those issues have now been faced by FedEx

Kim Kardashian faces heat for new 'Kimono' brand 2019-06-26 15:38:38Kimono, the socialite and businesswoman's clothing brand, is finding itself in hot water for its appropriating of the word, which has Japanese roots.

Trump subreddit r/The_Donald quarantined by Reddit for inciting 2019-06-26 15:37:40After years of calls to ban the community r/The_Donald, Reddit is cracking down on the infamous subreddit by quarantining it, a feature that was revam

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul tease potential ‘Breaking Bad’ 2019-06-26 15:37:01The two actors, who starred in the AMC series for five seasons, sent the cryptic tweets on June 25. A film based on the series was confirmed in Februa

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Hackers breach cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue for $4.2M in New! 2019-06-27 04:36:00Another day, and another cryptocurrency exchange hack. Attackers have thieved $4.2 million worth of cryptocurrency from exchange Bitrue. Earlier today

This repulsive app generates nudes from photos of New! 2019-06-27 04:07:02If you think creating anyone’s nude photos or deepfake was a difficult task, think again. An app called DeepNude has developed a scary AI that c

Here’s how much you would have made if New! 2019-06-27 04:05:03“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.” We all know the saying, yet instead of acting upon it, many of us waste time and money on the insig

YouTube is making it easier to remove recommendations New! 2019-06-27 02:54:27YouTube is introducing three new ways to fine-tune your browsing experience on the platform. First, the Google-owned video service is rolling out topi

Console makers warn Trump that tariffs could cost New! 2019-06-26 20:57:36Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft collaborated on an open letter protesting the Trump administrations’s controversial proposition on

WhatsApp tests letting you share your Status to New! 2019-06-26 20:04:48Though WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, plenty of the app’s users are happy to ignore the fact the big blue parent network exists. Somewhat surpri

DisplayPort 2.0 brings support for dual 8K monitors New! 2019-06-26 19:31:17Many of us don’t even have 4K displays yet, but that isn’t stopping technology from moving on. Today the Video Electronics Standards Assoc

The first AI capable of simulating the universe New! 2019-06-26 17:56:42A team of researchers recently pioneered the world’s first AI universe simulator. It’s fast; it’s accurate; and its creators are baf

Review: The Microsoft Pro Intellimouse is a really, New! 2019-06-26 16:51:59I know you come to this site for deep, contemplative thought on the technological issues of the day, but sod it: the Microsoft Pro Intellimouse is rea

Duolingo finally adds Arabic to its repertoire New! 2019-06-26 16:43:59Duolingo’s stable of languages expanded today to include Arabic — both the spoken and written word. With this, Duolingo now teaches five o

Review: The Roborock S5 robo-vacuum is fast, powerful, 2019-06-26 12:48:45Robot vacuum cleaners were, a long time ago, the preserve of the cashed-up early adopter. Back in 2002, if you had deep pockets and wanted to make you

The best way to transcribe an interview without 2019-06-26 11:42:30Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Transcribing


This Is When You Should Take a Break 2019-06-26 13:30:00When your full-time job, side gigs and social life are all clamoring for your attention, how can you be sure you're concentrating on the importance s

Your Reputation on the Line: Employer Branding 2019-06-26 13:00:00The best employees are out there. Use content to show them what your brand stands for and why they should want in.

How You Can Still Reach Customers Even as 2019-06-26 12:30:00As the consumer robocall-avoidance backlash continues, legitimate businesses are being caught in the crosshairs. Here are three strategies they can ta

Tyson Is Misleading Customers With Its New '100 2019-06-26 12:05:47There is too much at stake for anything containing animal products to co-opt the plant-based label and all the good it stands for.

5 Creative Ways to Get Exposure for Your 2019-06-26 12:00:00The big day has come: You've been selected to give a TEDx talk. You've worked on it for weeks. Now, how do you ensure someone actually views it?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your First Million 2019-06-26 11:26:00Be willing to live in "rental" neighborhoods and use capital gains wisely.

Instagram Head Denies Widely-Held Belief That Instagram and 2019-06-26 11:25:55There's a widely held belief that Facebook and Instagram listen in on people's smartphones, and then serve advertisements based on their speech.

Breaking Down Blockchain's Dramatic Effect on the World 2019-06-26 10:30:00Blockchain's innovative nature has the ability to put data back in the hands of the people.

If Amazon Crashes Again This Prime Day, eBay 2019-06-26 10:18:23eBay is planning to take on Prime Day with its own savings event on July 15, promising 'a fresh batch of too-good-to-be-true deals...if Amazon crashe

Illinois Is Now the 11th State to Legalize 2019-06-26 10:15:00The legalization measure contains social equity provisions activists believe could be a national model.

29 New and Tasty Things I Ate at 2019-06-26 10:12:47From an amazing take on Chex Mix to a new competitor in the non-dairy ice cream space, here's what I experienced.

Entrepreneur Insider Video of the Week: 'Reinventing You' 2019-06-26 10:00:00Watch this free Entrepreneur Insider session with marketing strategist and author Dorie Clark, who offers advice for shifting to an entrepreneurial mi

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Customizing for Your Customers: How Headless Commerce Is 2019-06-19 08:00:00The future is headless. As the world of commerce continues to mature, today's most successful retailers have one thing in common: They're getting be

Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency May Revolutionize E-Commerce 2019-06-19 05:55:07Facebook has released details about Libra, its long-rumored cryptocurrency. The company outlined plans "for a new decentralized blockchain, a low-vol

Thinking Different at Salesforce Connections 2019-06-18 14:42:13Salesforce has a genius way of putting people at ease and opening their minds before any of the company's representatives say a word about product. P

Walmart Ups the Ante in Grocery Delivery Competition 2019-06-18 06:00:00Walmart has a new weapon in the grocery delivery wars. Online shoppers can subscribe to a $98-per-year "Delivery Unlimited" plan that aims to siphon

The New Era of E-Commerce Personalization 2019-06-17 15:26:21A personalized shopping experience gives e-commerce sites an edge, and businesses increasingly have been seeking ways to welcome their customers. "Ev

Retailers' Most Common Cloud Mistakes and How to 2019-06-15 08:00:00It's easy to understand why so many retail organizations have moved their infrastructure to the cloud. Cloud-based architecture allows provisioning n

Can Brands Protect Privacy While Personalizing? 2019-06-14 08:00:00I sometimes think personalization is the best thing that happened to humankind in terms of marketing. As a consumer, I love getting suggestions on wha

Are You Gish-Galloping Your Business Toward Disruption? 2019-06-13 12:45:01Recent events have led to many people learning about a long-understood rhetorical tactic called "Gish galloping." Named after creationist Duane Gish

Internet's Crowds Stunting Its Growth: Trends Report 2019-06-13 06:12:56More than half the world's population -- 3.8 billion people -- have access to the Internet and that may not be a good thing for business, according t

China-US Trade Tension Is Causing Irreparable Damage to 2019-06-12 13:15:06While trade disputes between countries are nothing new and seldom are remembered, the ongoing one between China and the United States may change the c

Fraud Siphons Billions of Ad Cash Into Digital 2019-06-11 06:03:33Fraudsters have been stealing online advertisers blind -- to the tune of $23 billion, based on a report from Cheq. Indirect economic and social costs

Salesforce and Tableau in Merger 2019-06-10 15:02:53Salesforce has announced an all-stock deal to acquire analytics powerhouse Tableau Software. Salesforce will pay 1.103 of its shares for one Tableau s

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Man Adopts Dog From Shelter Then Butchers It 2019-06-18 17:51:01With a desire to appease his craving for dog meat, a man elected to adopt a dog on the guise of needing a guard dog, then butchered it when he got hom

Refinery29 Spearheads Women Empowerment in the Digital Market 2019-06-18 08:00:53Women empowerment is rapidly moving across platforms and industries, and one of the first companies to embrace women in the digital industry is digita

Drug Dealer Arrested After Printing His Real Name 2019-06-17 17:59:2030-year-old Stephen Best, a (now former) drug dealer, has been incarcerated after heedlessly stamping his government name onto his drugs. Best appeare

Sisters Take ‘Brother’ Off Life Support, Brother Walks 2019-06-14 17:50:53Two sisters made funeral arrangements for a man they presumed was their deceased brother. Later, they learned the dead guy was not even their brother.

Why social media is banned in China 2019-06-13 21:16:42Digital censorship in China, widely referred to as The Great Firewall of China, is alive and strong. In the 2015 World Internet Conference in Wuzhen,

Police Providing Domestic Violence Victims With Blunt Knives 2019-06-13 19:27:09Domestic violence victims will have their kitchen knives supplanted with blunt utensils to ‘stop’ their partners from assaulting them in t

Next Week Is Bring Your Dog To Work 2019-06-13 12:38:57Bring Your Dog To Work Day is next Friday, June 21, and has been rolling since 2014 when it was founded by Hownd, dog care retailers. ‘Dress dow

Adidas Producing 11 Million Sneakers Made From Recycled 2019-06-11 17:06:57Adidas has vowed to manufacture 11 million shoes formed from recycled plastic waste, in an effort to help clean up the world’s oceans. The bid w

Top Trends That Will Define Social Media Management 2019-06-11 05:20:45A defining feature of the social media landscape is that it is continually changing and each year comes with its set of distinct indicators that will

Restaurant Serves Free Pizza To Guests Who Lock 2019-06-10 18:35:07A pizza place in California is serving free pizza, but there’s a snare — diners have to agree to lock their cell phones away while consumi

Topless Lady Shuts Down Anti-Abortion Protest Out Front 2019-06-07 17:34:45A topless woman’s scheme to take on an anti-abortion protest in front of a high school had her baring her boobies in front of both students and

It’s On – KFC Has Began Selling Chicken 2019-06-06 17:02:20The fries are essentially like fried chicken pieces, minus the actual flesh within – leaving the signature-spiced covering that KFC is famed for

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