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19th of July 2018

Social Media

PSA: Instagram's new ask feature is not anonymous

2018%2f04%2f02%2f74%2fheadshot.edeb7By Morgan Sung2018-07-11 20:49:13 UTC

Instagram rolled out a new sticker on Tuesday, allowing people to ask questions and reply to stories. 

It quickly drew comparisons to the drama-filled cesspits that were AskFM and Formspring, sites from a previous era where users could anonymously ask each other questions and send comments. Since there was no way to (easily) know who sent you messages, the anonymous ask sites provided a double edged sword of both being a place where you could anonymously tell your crush they looked cute, and also providing a platform for cyberbullying.

Here's a PSA about Instagram stories: Unlike AskFM and Formspring, Instagram asks ARE NOT ANONYMOUS. 

Like with its polls and emoji sliders, Instagram's being a total snake about who's interacting with your stories. Even though its ask sticker doesn't display someone's name when your reply to their question, your notifications will show exactly who asked it. 

Instagram story :

Ask me a questionAsk me a questionAsk me a questionAsk me a questionAsk me a questionAsk me a questionAsk me a questionAsk me a questionAsk me a questionAsk me a questionAsk me a questionAsk me a questionAsk me a question


— sukri eusoff (@RealSukriEusoff) July 11, 2018

Unfortunately, this public service announcement came too late for some who preemptively started stirring shit. 

So I learned the new Instagram “ask me something” isn’t anonymous so I’m just going to delete my account now

— Dom (@Domasaur_) July 11, 2018

Tell me why i thought the instagram “ask me a question” was anonymous and here i am asking people why they are ugly......

— wendy (@calixR4kids) July 11, 2018

The instagram ask thing is NOT anonymous lol. Doh fall in the trap.

— Blank (@Wingaz_) July 11, 2018

absolutely thought the instagram “ask me a question” thing was anonymous. so if you get a question from me asking if pee is stored in the balls, that wasn’t intended for you. my bad

— KJ (@thekjhaluska) July 11, 2018

The 'ask me the question' in instagram is messed up. I post a question to my crush only to realise it wasn't anonymous anymore.

— aishuuuuuu (@aishwaryaa5) July 11, 2018

I’m loling @ the “ask me a question” feature on instagram bc people have been hella bold with what they’re saying/asking me because they think their questions are anonymous lmao

— estefani (@estefanixo_) July 11, 2018

I thought the “ask me a question” thing on instagram was anonymous... I need to delete Instagram asap 😂#fml

— Amber Raul (@amberaul12) July 11, 2018

Some users, who clearly want to watch the world burn, wanted to bring anonymous asks back from the cursed crypt they were left in. 

instagram needs to get it together and let us ask anonymous questions so we can really get reckless.

— jaden gray (@jadenarthurgray) July 11, 2018

I wish that instagram ask thing was anonymous because i would acting up lmao

— Gaza✨ (@zaGAZA_) July 11, 2018

Instagram should make the questions anonymous so we can all bully each other again like we did on ask .fm

— EvansPosts (@RealEvansPosts) July 11, 2018

Luckily, some people stayed reasonable.

Why have Instagram done this to us? Is it ask fm? Are we still 14? Do I care about your anonymous questions?


— Driver (@ollie_driver) July 11, 2018

So there you have it. This PSA is for your own good — stop trying to start drama through Instagram asks. 8eba 4bc2%2fthumb%2f00001

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