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'Ghost of Tsushima' has another patch on the way soon

The 1.1 update for Sucker Punch’s excellent Ghost of Tsushima only just arrived, and PS4 gamers are already enjoying the New Game+ experience anRead More

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These are the best cheap air purifier deals New! 2020-10-20 04:39:04These air purifier deals from major retailers offer something for everyone, from allergy sufferers to pet owners.

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LG's latest 55-inch CX OLED smart TV is New! 2020-10-20 09:06:13If you’ve come to the conclusion that you need to upgrade your TV because you’re spending a lot more time with it these days, you’re

Adobe Photoshop can now identify 'shopped images New! 2020-10-20 09:00:42Adobe has unveiled a new attribution tool for Photoshop that will help consumers better understand the authenticity of images while giving proper cred

Adobe's Fresco painting app is now available on New! 2020-10-20 09:00:42Last year, Adobe debuted Fresco: a powerful drawing and painting app that brought the realistic feel of watercolor, oils and more to the iPad and Surf

DJI's Pocket 2 handheld promises higher quality and New! 2020-10-20 09:00:40When DJI unveiled the original Osmo Pocket, it caught us by surprise. Sure, the company’s premium Osmo series of gimbal-mounted cameras had been

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro review: Apple enters New! 2020-10-20 09:00:30At the risk of sounding a little dramatic, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro aren't just this year’s phones -- they're the beginning of a new er

Photoshop's new AI features include neural filters and New! 2020-10-20 09:00:24Adobe has released new versions of Photoshop for desktop and iPad with a bunch more AI-powered features. The Sky Replacement tool that Adobe added to

Firefox 82 promises speed and picture-in-picture improvements New! 2020-10-20 09:00:24Mozilla is rolling out a fresh browser update for the Firefox faithful. Version 82 promises to be “faster than ever” with better start up

Instagram makes it easier for its most popular New! 2020-10-20 09:00:20Instagram is opening up its monetization tools to more influencers. The company is expanding access to two features that will make it easier for the a

Adobe Illustrator arrives on the iPad New! 2020-10-20 09:00:18At its MAX event last year, Adobe announced that it was bringing Illustrator to the iPad in 2020. Almost a year after that initial tease, the tablet v

Adobe adds more film-like color grading tools to New! 2020-10-20 09:00:13One of the most effective ways to change the mood of a photo is to add and subtract color to it. That’s something Adobe’s Lightroom softwa

Verizon and Nokia are building private 5G networks New! 2020-10-20 08:45:51Verizon will work with Nokia to create private 5G installations that can replace WiFi in large “manufacturing, distribution and logistics facili

Logitech's sales skyrocketed during the work-from-home boom New! 2020-10-20 08:30:15Logitech sales continue to soar during the coronavirus pandemic. The accessory maker recorded sales of $1.26 billion for the three months leading up t


Apple iPhone 12 Pro Review: Apple’s Awkward Middle New! 2020-10-20 09:00:00Apple’s $1,000 phone sits in the awkward spot of not quite being the best phone. Nevertheless, it offers compelling upgrades.

Apple iPhone 12 Review: Solid, but Don’t Buy New! 2020-10-20 09:00:00Apple's new iPhone makes a good upgrade if you're ready for your next phone.

PC Gaming Doesn't Have to Be More Expensive New! 2020-10-20 08:00:00Don't buy into the myth: If you consider your options carefully, upgrading your desktop doesn't have to empty your wallet.

Is 5G Available for You? Here's How to New! 2020-10-20 07:00:00Before you jump on that new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device, maybe make sure 5G is even available or worthwhile where you live.

Panic's Playdate Is a Retro-Modern Handheld-Gaming Delight New! 2020-10-20 06:00:00Don't be fooled by the old-school design, with springy buttons and a black-and-white screen. It's the Game Boy for the wireless, open-source era.

3 Great Gaming Chairs for Any Budget (2020) New! 2020-10-20 06:00:00With high backrests and generous adjustability, these thrones ease the physical strain of epic Doom Eternal sessions while also improving your WFH set

The 5 Best Photo Printing Services (2020): Tips, 2020-10-19 09:00:00Print memories you can hang on the wall, stash in your wallet, or just hold in your hand with our favorite online picks.

12 Best Wireless Earbuds WIRED Has Tried (2020) 2020-10-18 09:00:00Wirefree earbuds, true wireless earbuds, fully wireless earbuds, completely wireless earbuds—no matter what you call them, if you’re ready

Wing Freedom X Review: Speedy and Pretty 2020-10-18 08:00:00If good looks, speed, and affordability matter when you're shopping for an electric bike, this one checks all the boxes.

What to Do With Old Phones, Cameras, Laptops, 2020-10-18 07:00:00Step away from the trash bin! There are plenty of ways to repurpose your old gadgets.

Best Dog Tech & Accessories: 14 Essentials for 2020-10-16 09:00:00WIRED's favorite dog gear, including a pet camera, fitness tracker, geofencing collar, camping bed, and leash.

Do You Need a 5G iPhone? No, but 2020-10-16 08:00:00This week, we discuss Apple's new iPhone 12, from the inclusion of 5G in all four handsets, to the super-cute Mini model.

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Google Chat goes free in 2021, while Hangouts 2020-10-16 16:47:36Google Hangouts is going to die, but first it's going to be picked apart.

Hackers are using a severe Windows bug to 2020-10-16 15:50:08Attackers are spraying the Internet to backdoor unpatched Active Directory systems.

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPad Air 2020-10-16 14:25:36Two iPhones models are coming later, though.

Popeye would approve: Spinach could hold key to 2020-10-16 12:36:40Scientists found the nanosheets catalyzed oxygen-reduction reactions.

Gaming chairs or work from home chairs? Ars 2020-10-16 08:29:53Really good office chairs are expensive—gaming chairs are easier on the budget.

Thousands of infected IoT devices used in for-profit 2020-10-16 08:00:18Interplanetary Storm uses P2P networking, mostly in devices running Android.

Surface Duo review—Orphaned Windows hardware makes a poor 2020-10-16 07:15:17Microsoft's first Android phone has a lot of problems.

Google Music shuts down smart speaker support and 2020-10-15 14:44:11Google's rocky transition to YouTube Music leaves some speakers without music support.

Google and Intel warn of high-severity Bluetooth security 2020-10-14 17:09:07Yes, it's serious, but high severity doesn't necessarily mean high risk.

The iPhone and iPad Spotify app now includes 2020-10-14 15:40:20Users may welcome the widget, but it doesn't do as much as some might hope for.

The $749 OnePlus 8T is official, with a 2020-10-14 11:00:48OnePlus' new phone slots in just below the OnePlus 8 Pro, which is still the flagship.

Verizon “nationwide” 5G ready for iPhone 12—don’t expect 2020-10-13 17:52:06Verizon 5G available in 1,800 cities, should be marginally faster than 4G.

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Analogue takes on the TurboGrafx-16 with its Duo 2020-10-16 13:04:15Analogue’s beautiful, functional retro gaming consoles provide a sort of “archival quality” alternative to the cheap mini-consoles p

EU’s Google-Fitbit antitrust decision deadline pushed into 2021 2020-10-16 11:47:15The deadline for Europe to make a call on the Google -Fitbit merger has been pushed out again — with EU regulators now having until January 8, 2

Marshall Major IV wireless headphones offer great sound, 2020-10-16 10:34:23Marshall’s new Major IV headphones ($149.99) combine lightweight comfort with wireless charging, and up to 80 hours of playback for an iconic he

Shure’s Aonic 50 wireless noise-cancelling headphones offer best-in-class 2020-10-16 08:57:48The noise-cancelling over-ear headphone category is an increasingly competitive one, and consumers have never been more spoiled for choice. Shure ente

Shure’s SRH1540 headphones can upgrade your home setup 2020-10-14 10:31:53We’re going to be checking out a range of different headphones on TC this week and next as part of our “Headphone Week” series, and

PopSockets is working on MagSafe-compatible iPhone accessories 2020-10-13 17:45:45PopSockets will support Apple’s MagSafe technology, TechCrunch has confirmed — meaning you’ll soon be able to pop on and off these u

Two Screens for Teachers will outfit all educators 2020-10-13 17:11:34Two Screens for Teachers, which as you may guess is about getting teachers a second screen to use at home, has put together enough funds to get every

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro camera upgrades sharpen focus 2020-10-13 16:46:10Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro heaps improvements on the already formidable power of its camera system, adding features that will be prized by “ser

Apple launches new ecosystem of accessories and wireless 2020-10-13 13:51:22Apple just announced the iPhone 12, and it features some new capabilities hidden in the rear of the phone. Thanks to alignment magnets, you can snap a

Live from Apple’s virtual 2020 iPhone event 2020-10-13 13:02:57Apple’s big iPhone event is finally here — virtually, which is to be expected these days. This is already the second virtual event Apple h

Watch Apple unveil the new iPhone live right 2020-10-13 13:01:16Apple is set to announce new iPhone models today. The company is holding a (virtual) keynote at 10 AM PT (1 PM in New York, 6 PM in London, 7 PM in Pa

Kegg, a connected fertility tracker and Kegel trainer 2020-10-13 07:30:29Fertility tracking has seen an explosion of startup activity in recent years. Femtech startup Lady Technologies is adding to this rich mix with the fu

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Samsung KX launches its 5G Bus in the New! 2020-10-20 09:06:05 Samsung is launching a 5G Bus in the UK at it Samsung KX, Coal Drops Yard in London to showcase its 5G technology. The 5G Bus will not actually trave

CalDigit SOHO Dock USB-C 4k hub and 100W New! 2020-10-20 08:29:41 CalDigit has created a small pocket sized dock and charger capable of providing up to 100w of power. The SOHO Dock has been launched by a Kickstarter

iMicro Q2 800x smartphone microscope from $19 New! 2020-10-20 08:15:09 iMicro Q2 as a smartphone microscope capable of providing a magnification up to 800 times, enabling you to see those things normally hidden to the hu

Samsung Galaxy M02 smartphone gets benchmarked New! 2020-10-20 08:12:12 A new Samsung smartphone has recently been benchmarked the Samsung Galaxy M02, the handset recently appeared on the Geekbench benchmarks with the mod

Save 97% on the Build a Strategy Game New! 2020-10-20 08:01:08 We have a great deal for our readers on the Build a Strategy Game Development Bundle in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store today. The Build a Strategy Gam

Concordia audio mixer designed for gamers hits Kickstarter New! 2020-10-20 07:56:47 Gamers in searchable and audio mixer specifically designed with gamers in mind, may be interested in a new solution called Concordia, which has launc

Analogue Duo lets you play very NEC system New! 2020-10-20 07:45:38   Unveiled this week the Analogue Duo games console is compatible with nearly every NEC system and game format ever made. TurboGrafx-16. PC Engi

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 now available in the New! 2020-10-20 07:40:08 The new Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 smartwatch is now available in the USA, the device comes in a choice of two colors black and red and it retails for $59.

Deltaboard modular climbers hangboard New! 2020-10-20 07:33:19 Climbers looking to practice their skills and strengthen their holds while at home may be interested in a new modular climbers hangboard launched via

Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition with voice New! 2020-10-20 07:14:16 If you have been patiently waiting for the Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition microphone complete with special modulation effects to be made available.

iPhone 12 will not support 5G in dual New! 2020-10-20 07:09:37 The iPhone 12 comes with the ability to use dual SIMs with a physical SIM card and an eSIM, it would appear that 5G will not be supported by dual SIM

Reminder: Save 96% on the All-Inclusive 2020 Adobe New! 2020-10-20 07:00:49 Just a quick reminder for our readers about the awesome deal on the All-Inclusive 2020 Adobe CC Essentials Course Bundle in the Geeky Gadgets Deals s

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TicWatch Pro 3 GPS Smartwatch With Heart Rate New! 2020-10-20 07:56:40TicWatch Pro 3 GPS by Beijing-based Mobvoi has been launched in India. The new smartwatch is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 SoC and is based

OnePlus 9 Series Smartphone Codenamed 'Lemonade' Tipped New! 2020-10-20 07:51:54A photo of the upcoming OnePlus 9 series has been leaked online. A tipster shared a photo of the upcoming OnePlus smartphone's side views, with the w

Motorola Phone With Model Number XT2091 May Launch New! 2020-10-20 07:50:39Motorola smartphone with model number XT2091 has been spotted in multiple listings and certifications, suggesting that the phone will be launched soon

Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones With 40mm Drivers Launched New! 2020-10-20 07:05:35Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones have been launched with an over-ear design and 40mm dynamic drivers. The headphones also include an inbuilt batter

PS5 Will Use Game Data to Improve Fan New! 2020-10-20 06:42:59PlayStation 5's internal hardware was recently shown off in an official teardown video revealing a large fan to keep the console cool. Now, Sony's m

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Receiving a New Camera New! 2020-10-20 06:27:35Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra have started receiving a new software update, according to reports. The latest update comes alon

Sony 55X9000H 4K HDR LED Android TV Review New! 2020-10-20 06:18:55Sony's premium 4K LED TV range gets a big boost with the X90H series, which is available in sizes of 55 and 65 inches. Today, we're reviewing the 55

Realme 7 Pro Receiving October 2020 Update in New! 2020-10-20 05:38:58Realme 7 Pro has started receiving the October 2020 over-the-air (OTA) update. It brings October 2020 Android security patch to the phone along with o

Microsoft's Xbox App on iOS Brings Remote Play New! 2020-10-20 05:31:36Microsoft's Xbox app on iOS now supports streaming Xbox One games on iPhone and iPad. The new feature allows you to remotely play a game running on y

Ahmedabad Tops Indian Cities for Mobile Gaming New! 2020-10-20 05:15:09Ahmedabad is the top city in India in terms of mobile gamers, according to a study by Opensignal. The mobile analytics firm has published a list of In

Nokia 215 4G, Nokia 225 4G With VoLTE New! 2020-10-20 04:36:18Nokia 215 4G and Nokia 225 4G feature phones have been launched in India. The new Nokia phones support 4G VoLTE calling and come with wireless FM radi

Google Can Bypass Privacy Settings on Chrome to New! 2020-10-20 04:34:39Google continues to track you even if you explicitly instruct it not to, an independent software engineer and developer has claimed. Even if Chrome ha

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