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Facebook will offer more info on the ads you see


There's a good chance some strange ads have popped up in your Facebook News Feed. Now, the company wants to give users more clarity about why they're seeing specific ads. In the past, users could click "Why am I seeing this ad?" But the answers were fairly vague. Now, Facebook will share more detailed reasoning, like which of your interests matched you with a specific ad.

The company will also reveal where your information came from, for instance, if it was from a website you visited or a Page you liked. Under Ad Preferences, Facebook is adding an "advertisers and businesses" tab, which will show users which third-party companies uploaded lists with their information. Perhaps most importantly, Facebook will let users adjust which ads they see in the future.

Facebook's ad policies are a work in progress, and the company has been working to improve things like transparency in political ads. At worst the ads have been used to meddle with elections and led to housing discrimination. At best, they're a nuisance. At least now, users have more control.

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