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Soci raises $12M to help big brands manage 2019-12-10 07:00:05According to CEO Afif Khoury, we’re in the middle of “the third wave of social” — a shift back to local interactions. And Khou

How the founder of Pocketwatch sees the future 2019-12-09 18:18:32When Chris Williams founded entertainment platform Pocketwatch in 2017, he was certain that no one had yet found the right way to work with the genera

Snapchat Cameos edit your face into videos 2019-12-08 11:59:54Snapchat is preparing to launch a big new feature that uses your selfies to replace the faces of people in videos you can then share. It’s essen

Reddit links UK-US trade talk leak to Russian 2019-12-07 05:59:00Reddit has linked account activity involving the leak and amplification of sensitive UK-US trade talks on its platform during the ongoing UK election

Scammers peddling Islamophobic clickbait is business as usual 2019-12-05 18:32:40A run-of-the-mill money-making operation used tawdry, hateful clickbait and evaded Facebook's apparently negligible protections.

New tweet generator mocks venture capitalists 2019-12-05 15:50:38"The S-1 is going to be MOST disrupted FASTEST in the next 3 YEARS? Caps for effect."

Daily Crunch: Imgur launches an app for gaming 2019-12-05 14:38:35The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox ever

Chirp debuts a faster, feature-filled Twitter app for 2019-12-05 13:33:18Chirp, a Twitter client preferred by hundreds of thousands of Apple Watch users, is getting its biggest upgrade since its arrival last year. Now redes

300M-user Imgur launches Melee, a gaming meme app 2019-12-05 09:32:41Ten years after its debut, 300-million-monthly-user Imgur is one of the last massively popular yet unpersonalized home pages on the internet. Because

Instagram finally launches 13+ age checkups 2019-12-04 11:31:41Instagram is done playing dumb about users’ ages. After nine years, Instagram is finally embracing more responsibility to protect underage kids

Reddit’s monthly active user base grew 30% to 2019-12-04 10:52:14In a year-end retrospective released this morning, Reddit says its user base grew 30% this year to reach 430 million monthly active users, as of the e

Instagram still doesn’t age-check kids. That must change. 2019-12-03 18:50:12Instagram dodges child safety laws. By not asking users their age upon signup, it can feign ignorance about how old they are. That way, it can’t


Your sock drawer is missing an important item: New! 2019-12-11 08:30:00Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better.  When I was in elementary and middle school, I ha

Amazon Echo Show smart displays are now back New! 2019-12-11 08:02:20TL;DR: Amazon's Echo Show smart displays have been reduced in the last-minute Christmas sale, with the Echo Show 5 now costing only £49.99.&nbs

Is climate change impacting cuffing season? New! 2019-12-11 08:00:00Destruction of the Arctic. Millions of people forced out of their homes. An increase in devastating natural disasters. These are all impacts of climat

Stephen Colbert imagines Trump's reaction to the big New! 2019-12-11 07:44:27 Tuesday was a big day for the U.S., with the Democrats finally taking to the stage to unveil formal impeachment articles against Trump. But what wa

Transform your living room with this Philips Ambilight New! 2019-12-11 07:29:51TL;DR: Philips 4K TV sets with Ambilight are currently on sale at Amazon, with the 43-inch TV now only £389. This offer will expire after Dec. 1

Florence Pugh says Meryl Streep got Wendy's fries New! 2019-12-11 06:52:21 Sitting in a horse and carriage with Meryl Streep sounds like most of our most far-fetched daydreams. But Florence Pugh, who stars as Amy March in

Harry Styles eats unspeakable things to dodge awkward New! 2019-12-11 05:42:57 "Just swallow it!" These are the words shrieked by Kendall Jenner at a nauseated Harry Styles, as he struggles to get his lips around a mouthful

The 10 best Netflix movies of 2019 New! 2019-12-11 05:30:00From dramas to rom-coms to docs and back again, Netflix gave 2019 everything it had.  Over the past year, the streaming service-turned-content co

Forget Peloton. All you need to get pedaling New! 2019-12-11 05:30:00Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better. By now it's too easy to dunk on the dystopian holiday

We found Samsung soundbars for way cheaper than New! 2019-12-11 05:00:00You may already have the best 4K TV that money can buy, but your entertainment setup simply just isn't complete until you have a good sound system. W

The best iPhone and Android apps of 2019 New! 2019-12-11 05:00:00It's the end of another year, which means it's time to take a good, hard look at your home screen: When was the last time you tried something new?&n

Learn how to make movies with this videography New! 2019-12-11 05:00:00TL;DR: Become the next Scorsese with The Complete Videography Bundle: Beginner to Expert for $29.99, a 98% savings.  Do you have the vision, driv

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Dutch crypto payment fraudsters could face 6 years New! 2019-12-11 09:09:41Law makers in the Netherlands could be increasing the maximum prison sentence for those committing payment fraud with cryptocurrency and money transfe

Zuitte bundles 50 online business tools together to New! 2019-12-11 09:00:00The guys who created Zuitte wanted to build a package that brought everything a new digital business owner needs under one roof. Right now, you can ge

Bose’s Star Wars headphones are exactly what we New! 2019-12-11 08:27:02I like Star Wars, I really do. Hell, the movies are so embedded in my life I can’t even remember when I first saw them. I pumped a huge amo

CHEAP: Reach for the stars. Here’s $250 off New! 2019-12-11 08:21:02We’re about to say goodbye to 2019, and say hello to 2020. That means we’ll see plenty of new (and hopefully innovative) phones. But that

Chrome now alerts you when someone steals your New! 2019-12-11 08:05:38Google released a new version of the Chrome browser last night with live phishing alerts and improved password protection. The new version 79 will now

iPhone 11 is the only gadget to make New! 2019-12-11 08:01:08It’s that time of the year. Google has released the most searched terms for 2019 — and there are some interesting results. Let’s sta

Toshl is how 2 million people track their New! 2019-12-11 08:00:00Over 2 million people use Toshl to monitor their spending, with nearly 30,000 pushing Toshl to a sterling four-and-a-half star rating among both Apple

Telegram exec should testify in UK over alleged New! 2019-12-11 07:20:58A US court has asked a UK judge to depose John Hyman, Telegram’s chief investment officer, to testify in relation to the company’s token s

Thanks to AI, medical treatments are becoming more New! 2019-12-11 07:13:02Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since it was in its blooming stages in the 1940s. It was a time when the direct interaction between AI and

This $722M Bitcoin mining scam referred to its New! 2019-12-11 05:44:28Authorities in the US have arrested three men in connection with BitClub Network, a Bitcoin mining scheme that allegedly defrauded investors out

I want to meet the person who buys New! 2019-12-10 17:20:40Apple’s Mac Pro is available for purchase today, and several people have noticed something curious about it. Namely that, if you choose the corr

Humans best AI in first-ever Drone Racing League New! 2019-12-10 16:36:47The Drone Racing League recently held its first Human VS AI match, pitting a drone helmed by AI developed by Delft University of Technology&rsquo

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The CCPA Will Take Effect Jan. 1 - 2019-11-29 07:00:00Although not every United States business will be affected, the new California Consumer Protection Act almost certainly will have implications for man

Consider Service Mesh as a Security Tool 2019-11-26 12:40:26If you're like most security pros, chances are you're starting to get frustrated with microservices a little -- or maybe a lot. Microservice archite

Health Tech Trends: Connected Devices, Telehealth, Independent Living 2019-11-25 12:58:54The U.S. healthcare industry is in the midst of transformation, including an overhaul of its information infrastructure from physical to digital, and

Why a Single Source of Truth Often Isn't 2019-11-21 14:07:00This week, Salesforce used its annual Dreamforce mega-show to make a host of announcements, ranging from contact center partnership with Amazon to a s

How Safe Are Home Security Systems? 2019-11-21 13:01:34I have loved the story of Ring doorbells ever since seeing the CEO Jamie Siminoff on TV's Shark Tank several years ago. I also loved the SimpliSafe s

Keeping the 'Service' in SaaS 2019-11-20 14:52:44In today's highly competitive B2B software industry, it's not enough to staff a call center and sit back and wait for customers to reach out when th

You Might Owe Cryptocurrency-Related Taxes 2019-11-20 13:13:43Got your attention? We thought so. In a recently published Notice, the IRS seems to be offering some cautionary advice about the legal risks associate

Windows 7 End of Life 2019-11-19 12:39:52Microsoft will end support for Windows 7 on Jan. 14, 2020. Windows 7 will continue to run on Jan. 14 as it did on Jan. 13. So why is it so important t

The Rise of D2C 2019-11-18 13:51:29Direct-to-consumer commerce, or D2C, is on the rise. Increasingly, consumers are expecting to interact directly with the companies that market and man

Salesforce and Microsoft in Another Deal 2019-11-14 14:28:25With Dreamforce approaching, it's no surprise that Salesforce is making a flurry of announcements. What is surprising are two big ones involving part

Google to Offer 'Smart' Checking Accounts 2019-11-14 07:00:00Google plans to launch checking accounts next year. "We're exploring how we can partner with banks and credit unions in the United States to offer s

The Information Utility, Continued 2019-11-13 20:12:12I've been sharing my theory on the formation of an information utility for some time now. Various big vendors have announced alliances with that kind

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Banana Duct-Taped On A Wall Sells For $120,000 2019-12-06 14:27:32At Art Basel Miami, an international art fair boasting works by emerging and acclaimed artists, a banana duct-taped on a wall has sold for $120K. Anot

Man Paints Dog With Tiger Stripes To Scare 2019-12-05 17:26:45To scare scavengers away from his crops, a farmer in India took a left-field approach by painting his pet dog to make it resemble a tiger. Srikanth Go

6 Social Media Strategies for Startups to Boost 2019-12-05 01:21:58A strategy – rather than money – can be the game-changer for you to boost your small business. Proper social media monitoring can help you

Man Showcases ‘Check Your Nuts’ Christmas Lights After 2019-12-04 19:02:42A father who beat testicular cancer has adorned his home with Christmas lights that read ‘Check Your Nuts’ to elevate awareness for the ca

Spray-Painted Polar Bear Baffles Wildlife Experts 2019-12-03 19:56:48Footage shared via social media of a polar bear in Russia with a black “T-34” spray-painted on its side has vexed experts. Researchers war

Teenager Gets Stuck Trying To Sneak Into Own 2019-12-02 14:46:57A teen from Arizona who attempted to shimmy down her chimney in an effort to sneak home after a late night out wound up getting stuck, according to re

Video Captures School Bus Driver Gulping Beer While 2019-11-29 16:54:49A school bus driver from Illinois was terminated and charged with drinking alcohol while transporting more than two dozen young students. “When

Man Hid Dead Roommate’s Body Under Mattress, Then 2019-11-29 15:12:49A man covered up his deceased roommate’s corpse with a mattress and then had intercourse with a different woman “multiple times” on

The World’s First HIV Positive Sperm Bank Opens 2019-11-27 20:03:42The world’s very first HIV positive sperm bank has opened in an attempt to reduce the ostracism experienced by persons living with the virus. Sp

Man Films Large Spider Carrying Dead Mouse Up 2019-11-26 16:51:30At his neighbor’s house, a man filmed a monolithic huntsman spider crawling up the wall carrying a fully sized, dead mouse. The huntsman spider,

82-Year-Old Lady Beats Up Burglar Who Broke Into 2019-11-25 16:16:06An 82-year-old female powerlifter broke her foot off in a 28-year-old man’s rear end after he tried to break into her abode in Rochester, New Yo

Woman Born With 12 Fingers And 20 Toes 2019-11-22 17:03:20A woman who was born with 12 fingers and 20 toes contends she has become a social misfit, with neighbors convinced she is a witch. 63-year-old Kumar N

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