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Twitter tests a new way to label replies 2019-07-19 10:56:43Twitter is testing a new way to make conversation threads easier to follow, with the launch of a new test that labels notable replies with special ico

Twitter to attempt to address conversation gaps caused 2019-07-19 10:45:55Twitter’s self-service tool for blocking content you don’t want to see (as well as a growing tendency for users to delete a lot of the con

Instagram will now warn you before your account 2019-07-18 15:03:46Instagram this morning announced several changes to its moderation policy, the most significant of which is that it will now warn users if their accou

Facebook accused of contradicting itself on claims about 2019-07-18 11:29:20Prepare your best * unsurprised face *: Facebook is being accused of contradicting itself in separate testimonies made on both sides of the Atlantic.

Instagram will now hide likes in 6 more 2019-07-17 17:00:58Would the internet be a better place if we all paid a little less attention to fake internet points? Instagram is still trying to figure it out. Just

Twitter launches the ‘Hide Replies’ feature, in hopes 2019-07-17 16:33:36Twitter today is beginning its test of a radical and controversial change to its service with the launch of a new “Hide Replies” feature.

Social chat app Capture launches to take a 2019-07-16 14:00:36At first glance launching a new social app may seem as sensible a startup idea as plunging headfirst into shark-infested waters. But with even infamou

Daily Crunch: Facebook and Libra go to Washington 2019-07-16 13:41:01The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox ever

Highlights from Facebook’s Libra Senate hearing 2019-07-16 11:25:36Facebook will only build its own Calibra cryptocurrency wallet into Messenger and WhatsApp, and will refuse to embed competing wallets, the head of Ca

Snap turns to search giant Baidu to court 2019-07-16 03:14:02Two years have passed since Snap Inc. first struck a deal with Baidu that authorized China’s largest search engine to be a reseller of Snapchat

Facebook snags former Vine GM to run product 2019-07-15 16:25:10Is Facebook preparing to launch a serious competitor to TikTok? If so, the company just picked up some key talent to make that happen. Last week, Face

Twitter.com launches its big redesign with simpler navigation 2019-07-15 13:00:42Twitter’s website is getting a major overhaul. The company has been testing a new version of its desktop website since the beginning of the year


Sorry, your 'anonymized' data probably isn't anonymous New! 2019-07-23 14:06:42Anonymized data sets are a joke. And, as a newly published study shows, the joke just so happens to be on you.  From your credit card purchases t

These musicians invented sex, according to the latest New! 2019-07-23 13:33:22Most of us would not be here on this Earth if not for sex. But sex wasn't always around. No, sex was actually invented, pitched and spread to the gen

'Fortnite' players can watch 'Fortnite' while playing 'Fortnite' New! 2019-07-23 12:38:26Fortnite heard you like Fortnite so they added a new feature that lets you watch Fortnite while you play Fortnite. For the Fortnite World Cup kicking

Revenge porn is now illegal in New York New! 2019-07-23 12:36:56Posting revenge porn can now land New Yorkers in jail. On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that classifies posting revenge porn &mdas

Facebook's Messenger Kids allowed kids to talk to New! 2019-07-23 12:02:07Facebook's Messenger Kids app is meant to offer "safer and more fun video calls and messaging" for children under the age 13. Now it has been revea

Bose Soundwear Companion wearable speaker is 50% off New! 2019-07-23 12:00:20TL;DR: Grab the immersive Bose Soundwear Companion wireless wearable speaker for $149. It’s normally $299, so you’ll keep a savings of $15

This countertop ice maker from Frigidaire is on New! 2019-07-23 11:44:06TL;DR: This summer must-have Frigidaire 26-pound countertop ice maker is on sale for $99, saving you $25.99. Nelly's "Hot in Herre" has never been

How a 'viral dress' invited unwanted attention into New! 2019-07-23 11:39:36When Kimberley Homer donned a white polka dot dress to see Book of Mormon at the theatre, she ended up hugging a woman she'd never met before who was

Don't worry, meth-gators aren't real. The police just New! 2019-07-23 11:36:22We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you can officially cross "meth-gators" off your list of things to be deathly afraid

Samsung Chromebook Series 3 is only $90 on New! 2019-07-23 11:30:28TL;DR: The Samsung Chromebook Series 3 gets the job done without asking you to spend tons of cash — grab one for just $90 on Amazon.  Havin

Vizio soundbar system is $20 off and comes New! 2019-07-23 11:27:23TL;DR: The impressive Vizio SB3621N-E8 soundbar system is on sale for $129.99, saving you $20. You also get a $50 Dell promo gift card with your purch

'Teletubbies' debunks viral tweet about Sun Baby having New! 2019-07-23 11:11:33You know it's a good day online when Teletubbies has to set the record straight. Jess Smith, the woman who played the iconic Sun Baby on the show dur

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Watch Ford’s electric F-150 tow a million+ pounds New! 2019-07-23 13:30:24Ford promised us an electric version of its F-150 truck was on the way back in 2017, but it’s been mostly silent on the matter since. Though the

New UK PM Boris Johnson (still) thinks there’s New! 2019-07-23 11:25:15Perhaps we should feel sorry for Boris Johnson. He just attained a long-held ambition of his, ascending to the office of Prime Minister following a ti

‘YouTubers’ author Chris Stokel-Walker on how to fix New! 2019-07-23 11:21:33Over the past couple of years, YouTube’s been in hot water over a myriad of issues that would give any CEO sleepless nights. The list of offense

Vicious malware threatens to turn search engine into New! 2019-07-23 10:54:47Enterprise search engine Elasticsearch is under threat of being turned into a sophisticated cryptocurrency mining botnet to be used in distribute

Fujifilm’s new surveillance camera can read license plates New! 2019-07-23 09:38:03Fujifilm has announced a new long-range surveillance camera that can spot vehicles’ licence plates from a kilometer away. To accomplish this, th

How the hell does your phone’s in-screen fingerprint New! 2019-07-23 09:33:27Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. If you&

CHEAP: This is a quiet place — shame New! 2019-07-23 09:23:21Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP! Sometimes headphones or a home stereo won’t do — y

Police demand access to sexual assault survivors’ phones New! 2019-07-23 08:01:50For the ongoing series, Code Word, we’re exploring if — and how — technology can protect individuals against sexual assault and hara

For $15, this is the insider’s guide to New! 2019-07-23 08:00:00Jaimey Castillo is just one of the entrepreneurs who uses smart thinking and the ease of eBay merchandising to make some serious bank partnering with

Facebook forced to take action against fraudsters peddling New! 2019-07-23 07:44:25It’s barely been a month since Facebook unleashed its cryptocurrency Libra into the wild and published its whitepaper. But already, the social m

Slack now loads 33% faster – and eats New! 2019-07-23 04:24:31No, you’re not imaging things: the latest iteration of Slack for desktop is significantly snappier. Not only that, it also eats up much less of

UK watchdog warns financial advisors of fake Bitcoin New! 2019-07-23 04:12:58Con artists will try anything to make their schemes appear legitimate to unwitting victims. In a recent email doing the rounds to financial advisors,


Twitter's Head of Content Creation on How to New! 2019-07-23 13:30:00Alex Ragir sits down with Twitter Head of Content Creation Stacy Minero.

How 'Healthpreneur' Yuri Elkaim Went From Making $80 New! 2019-07-23 13:00:00His journey from unexplained health issues to helping health professionals build better lives and businesses.

How a Childhood Toy Inspired This Entrepreneur to New! 2019-07-23 12:00:00Reminded of her passion, Laurie Gray ditched the corporate world and launched the Pie Bar bakery.

12 Unconventional Ways to Boost Employee Productivity New! 2019-07-23 11:30:00Sometimes, an out-of-the-box hack is the surest way to success.

'Lead With Strength': How Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff New! 2019-07-23 10:09:12Rebecca Minkoff's new initiative, The Female Founder Collective, encourages consumers to shop 'female-founded' as a value.

Simplify Your Life With These Essential Life Hacks New! 2019-07-23 09:30:00This bundle is packed with invaluable lessons that will help you grow as a person.

Mark Cuban Says These are the Dumbest Things New! 2019-07-23 09:00:00Whatever you do, don't do the first thing on this list. Or the second. Definitely not the third.

The Most Forgotten Tax Deductions Business Owners Should New! 2019-07-23 08:45:00The most underused write-offs and tax deduction strategies entrepreneurs should consider

The Hospitality of the Fashion Industry New! 2019-07-23 08:30:00This fashion founder talks about how his experiences in fashion and hospitality prepared him to launch his own brand.

A Weed Museum Is Coming to Hollywood New! 2019-07-23 08:30:00The curated museum will have interactive exhibits, historical artifacts and Instagrammable art installations.

Weed-Dispensing Robots Are A Thing New! 2019-07-23 08:24:00New from company Greenbox: CBD and THC vending machines.

3 Reasons Aspiring Executives Need a Degree in New! 2019-07-23 08:00:00All industries have to leverage technology to survive, not just the Amazons of the world.

E-Commerce Times

Equifax Data Breach Settlement No Wrist Slap New! 2019-07-23 06:28:41The United States Federal Trade Commission announced that Equifax has agreed to pay a minimum of $575 million as part of a global settlement of claims

AI in Healthcare: Independent Living for Consumers 2019-07-22 15:09:43AI applied to healthcare includes a collection of technologies that enable machines to sense, interpret, act and learn. AI implementations for digital

How Alternative Lending Sources Can Help E-Commerce Companies 2019-07-20 08:00:00E-commerce companies must surmount a variety of unique challenges to grow. At any given time, companies may encounter a desperate need to spruce up th

Facebook Unfazed by $5B FTC Settlement 2019-07-18 15:49:07The Federal Trade Commission this week announced its approval of a $5 billion settlement with Facebook, ending a long-running investigation into the c

How Sales Reps Can Solve 3 Nagging Document 2019-07-18 14:02:38Technology has so empowered today's customers that they are totally in control of the sales process. This means that the quality of the customer expe

5 Ways for Amazon Sellers to Elevate Their 2019-07-18 08:00:00We all want to be rich and successful, but if it was easy, we'd all have it. When it comes to Amazon, however, finding success isn't impossible. All

Mnuchin Sounds Alarm Over Facebook's Money-Minting Plan 2019-07-17 05:51:24The Treasury Department has "very serious concerns" about Facebook's new Libra cryptocurrency, according to Secretary Steve Mnuchin. "Libra could

The Online Grocery Shopping Comeback 2019-07-16 13:18:27Do you enjoy grocery shopping? Some shoppers love walking up and down the aisles, seeing what's new, looking for what's on sale, and getting new ide

Isn't It Time to Buy Cyber Insurance? 2019-07-15 13:15:17Every day we read stories about data breaches and cyberattacks on business and government websites, and the resulting the loss of personally identifia

The Subscription Model: The Shining Star of E-Commerce 2019-07-11 13:02:46Subscription sales have become a strong part of e-commerce. Everything from razors to dog toys to movies is being sold on the subscription model, and

E-Commerce Startup Bolt Snags $68M to Grow Checkout 2019-07-11 06:00:00E-commerce checkout platform vendor Bolt has raised $68 million to help it increase its engineering team, invest in additional enterprise functionalit

Signpost Secures $52M to Expand Its SMB Marketing 2019-07-10 14:12:22Cloud marketing company Signpost has raised $52 million in new funding to "increase the scale of our business and invest in our technology," CEO Stu

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Man Reportedly Used Scissors To Cut Off Pecker 2019-07-17 12:58:23A man from Florida is in custody for purportedly using a pair of scissors to snip off the willy of a man he accused of sleeping with his wife. Alex Bo

What Data Do Map Apps Collect On You? 2019-07-17 08:00:21“In 500 feet, turn right.” We all know that familiar navigation voice guiding us to our next destination, but what if we also heard things

A Man Was Shot Dead After Attempting To 2019-07-16 18:45:34A man was gunned down after attempting to enter Area 51, the top-secret military base in the US, a document from the NNSS divulges. The news is coming

You’d Be Surprised What Rappers Are Doing Now 2019-07-16 08:00:07In today’s music industry, having talent is not enough. Anyone with dope lyrics and sick beats can create a hip-hop track in a couple of hours.

A Woman Was Residing With Her Deceased Mother 2019-07-15 18:27:53A 47-year-old woman has been arrested after police found out she and her daughter had been residing in a house with her mom’s corpse, cops said.

Colorado Veterinarians Claim Pot-Laced Human Turds Getting Dogs 2019-07-12 18:36:46Roaring Fork Valley dogs have discovered an interesting way to get their buzz on: They are consuming human poop blemished with marijuana. Dr. Scott Do

Lady Joins Tinder To Get A Date And 2019-07-12 10:09:36Emily – better known as Gianna Dior – dumped her former life and is now working as a porn star full time, earning roughly $941 per hour an

‘Fortnite’ Makes Its Case as the New Social 2019-07-11 06:29:08When talking about the best social media platform, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear people say Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouT

Church Considering A Ban On Blessing Weapons Of 2019-07-10 19:21:46A Russian Orthodox Church commission on ecclesiastical law propose that clergy focus on blessing soldiers, as opposed to weapons. “One can talk

6 Proven Techniques for Strengthening Your Brand’s Social 2019-07-10 00:19:08Businesses cannot compete effectively without a social media presence. But strengthening your brand’s presence requires more than just creating

Cops Hunting For iPhone Thief Who Posted Selfie 2019-07-09 18:17:48A so-called thief who heisted an iPhone is now being sought by law enforcement after he shared a selfie to his dupe’s Instagram account. Kearny

Managing Security Threats for Your Online Business in 2019-07-08 22:39:48Social media is a tried and tested strategy for business growth. They spread the word fast, much more than the standard website can do, and they allow

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