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Instagram caught selling ads to follower-buying services it New! 2019-01-15 13:28:14Instagram has been earning money from businesses flooding its social network with spam notifications. Instagram hypocritically continues to sell ad sp

Facebook launches its first U.S. podcast with a New! 2019-01-15 12:58:37Everyone has to have a podcast, apparently. Even Facebook . The social network this week launched its second-ever original podcast series, and its fir

Facebook says it will invest $300M in local New! 2019-01-15 06:00:12Facebook plans to make a significant investment in local news over the next three years, with $300 million going to a variety of initiatives and organ

TikTok is giving China a video chat alternative New! 2019-01-15 04:58:00ByteDance, the world’s most-valued startup, just launched a new social media product under its Douyin brand in what many people see as a se

Turns out the science saying screen time is 2019-01-14 19:02:13A new study is making waves in the worlds of tech and psychology by questioning the basis of thousands of paper and analyses with conflicting conclusi

More investors are betting on virtual influencers like 2019-01-14 12:41:11Brud, the company behind the virtual celebrity Lil Miquela, is now worth at least $125 million thanks to a new round of financing the company is curre

Facebook adds the option to share events to 2019-01-14 11:25:50Facebook wants to make it easier for users to share events and coordinate with friends before an event starts. The company this morning said it will t

A photo of an egg has toppled reality 2019-01-14 02:33:31Instagram has found something it likes more than a Kardashian-Jenner family baby, and it’s an egg. This weekend, a photo of a plain egg became t

A first look at Twitter’s new beta app 2019-01-13 19:01:48Twitter has made a name for itself, at its most basic level, as a platform that gives everyone who uses it a voice. But as it has grown, that unique s

Daily Crunch: Bing has a child porn problem 2019-01-11 12:10:12The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox ever

Research finds heavy Facebook users make impaired decisions 2019-01-10 19:34:30Researchers at Michigan State University are exploring the idea that there’s more to “social media addiction” than casual joking abo

The next phase of WeChat 2019-01-10 12:47:45Thousands of people gathered Wednesday night in a southern Chinese city to hear Zhang Xiaolong, Tencent’s low-key executive who built WeChat eig


Google Assistant-supported speakers were a hot item at 2019-01-14 05:00:00This year is already shaping up to be a big one for Google, with its new (and abundant) updates to the voice-activated Google Assistant creating a Sha

Has Marie Kondo's Netflix show inspired you to 2019-01-14 05:00:00If there's anything we can take away from the now much talked about Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (aside from thanking your clothes for t

Michael B. Jordan texts his buddy Thanos to 2019-01-14 04:04:33 If you're faced with an annoying individual who just won't stop talking, there are a number of people you can call. The most common get-out optio

Spiders 'rain' in awesome, but kinda unsettling event 2019-01-14 01:39:45Rain is already annoying enough when it's not seemingly made of spiders. So spare a thought for the people who had to keep an eye on a group of arach

'Game of Thrones' new Season 8 trailer sees 2019-01-13 21:00:43It's official: Game of Thrones' final season comes crashing into our lives April 14, 2019. For months the only information about Thrones' eighth an

Canadian air traffic controllers send pizza to U.S. 2019-01-13 20:59:27It's the fourth week of Donald Trump's government shutdown, with around 800,000 federal employees working without pay since Dec. 22. That includes a

Congrats to this egg, which beat Kylie Jenner 2019-01-13 20:37:12At 18.1 million likes, Kylie Jenner had the most-liked post on Instagram. The post from February 2018 was the first photo of Jenner's newborn daughte

Watch China's Chang'e-4 probe land on the far 2019-01-13 19:52:09 On Jan. 2, China stunned the world by landing its Chang'e-4 probe on the far side of the moon. Now, you can watch its descent onto the lunar surfa

She thought he was just an online stalker 2019-01-13 18:47:06Buckle up — this Twitter thread is a wild ride.  A serial plagiarist was caught in a lie — really, many lies — after making up

Travis Scott made the NFL donate to charity 2019-01-13 18:05:28Travis Scott will be performing at 2019's Super Bowl Halftime Show, but he made the NFL agree to contribute to a worthy cause first.  Scott was

The Mooch, Trump's infamous White House press guy, 2019-01-13 16:23:42For at least one former White House staffer, there is life after Donald Trump. Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci is officially set as one of the 12 con

Flat Earthers plan a cruise that uses charts 2019-01-13 16:23:15Someone is going to tell them, right? Flat Earthers from around the globe disc are planning an all-out cruise for the 2020 Flat Earther International

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Gillette triggers Twitter’s right-wing elite with ‘toxic masculinity’ New! 2019-01-15 14:06:17Gillette, a company that sells razors, triggered a slew of right wing celebrities on social media yesterday with an advertisement featuring a new take

The real-life Pinkertons take issue with their inclusion New! 2019-01-15 13:42:01Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Red Dead creator Rockstar Games, is duking it out in court with the Pinkerton Detective Agency &

The strange zen of the data diet New! 2019-01-15 13:26:19It’s said that moving — along with getting divorced, or contracting a life-threatening illness — is one of the most stressful events

Anonymous Bitcoin miners are taking over the network New! 2019-01-15 11:46:53The world’s most popular cryptocurrency is a now a little bit more decentralized, thanks to the waning influence of Bitmain and the return of th

Video: 5 things we love about the new New! 2019-01-15 11:21:07We’re huge fans of Apple laptops at TNW. Not only do most of us work on MacBooks many of us also have our own Apple laptops. I&rs

Dankly, Anker announces two USB-C to Lightning Cables New! 2019-01-15 09:10:35Oh yeah, wrap a bandana round your head, hop on your hog, and roar off into the desert: Anker‘s planning on releasing two USB-C to Lightning cab

How to land your first programming job with New! 2019-01-15 09:00:00An overwhelming number of companies are or will be looking for qualified coders, but how do you prove you’ve got the know-how to do the job righ

All 4 cameras on the Samsung Galaxy A9 New! 2019-01-15 08:34:342018 was an interesting year for smartphones: we saw numerous brands try different approaches to making their products more compelling and diverse tha

Here’s why the DRC cut off their internet New! 2019-01-15 08:32:05Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) cut off internet access in the run-up to elections during December 2018 — other&

We’re throwing a New Year party and you’re New! 2019-01-15 07:05:14Here at TNW, it’s become a tradition for us to throw a party to celebrate the new year. We drink great cocktails, dance, and mingle with people

Bittrex launches peer-to-peer trading service for high rollers New! 2019-01-15 04:42:59The United States-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has just launched an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk which will see cryptocurrency traders

Why most of 2018’s tech predictions were wrong New! 2019-01-15 03:48:28At the beginning of each year, tech journalists and everyday consumers love to speculate about the types of technology that the future will hold. And


Restaurant Technology Needs Are Serving up Great Entrepreneur New! 2019-01-15 14:00:00The restaurant industry used to be ranked at the bottom of the pack in terms of its application and broad use of technology. That's changing.

This Is the Secret to Teamwide Productivity in New! 2019-01-15 13:45:00How you can easily establish a highly-collaborative and productive workplace.

How Cultures Around the World Practice Mindfulness New! 2019-01-15 13:30:00Learn to take on a new perspective with these mindful methods.

Nike's Adapt BB Is an App-Controlled, Self-Lacing Basketball New! 2019-01-15 13:00:00An app lets you adjust how it fits around your foot, change its LED colors and more.

Netflix and Chill Is About to Get More New! 2019-01-15 12:42:12The video-streaming service is raising prices across the board.

How to Get Better at Handling Failure: Key New! 2019-01-15 12:30:00Our culture equates failure with guilt, shame and depression, so you'll need to learn some serious coping strategies.

41 Percent of Gen Z-ers Plan to Become New! 2019-01-15 12:27:49Here's a look at Gen Z's goals surrounding money, work and legacy.

We Don't Know How Much Screen Time Is New! 2019-01-15 12:20:00A new study says that the way that the effects of screen time have been studied has lead to a lot of conflicting answers.

Which Employees Should You Invest in? 3 Strategies New! 2019-01-15 12:00:00With unemployment low, you need to enrich and empower your company's existing leaders so they'll stick around. Here's how.

Take Advantage of These 16 Commonly Missed Tax New! 2019-01-15 11:21:25Don't miss out on these lesser-known tax deductions.

How Getting Laid Off Empowered This Entrepreneur to New! 2019-01-15 11:00:00Katie Witkin co-founded AGW Group after working in traditional marketing roles -- and identifying opportunities that were being overlooked.

Google Faces New Internal Protest Over Forced Arbitration New! 2019-01-15 10:45:31A group of Google workers wants the right to sue the company over workplace harassment and discrimination claims.

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The Teetering Social Empire 2019-01-09 14:48:02Disruptive innovations are only disruptive for as long as it takes competition to develop and thus create a market. Worse, for the disruptor, the nich

Microsoft, Kroger Ring Up Retail as a Service 2019-01-09 13:04:28Microsoft and Kroger announced a collaboration on Retail as a Service to equip stores with Kroger Technology products that run on Microsoft Azure. The

Creating New Customer Experiences: 6 Retail Technology Predictions 2019-01-08 16:19:36As e-commerce has gained serious momentum over the past 10 years, there have been dire predictions about the impending death of brick-and-mortar retai

How a Good Preorder Strategy Can Maximize Online 2019-01-04 10:47:26Among the myriad of tactics that e-commerce businesses can use to pump up sales, preorders might be the most overlooked strategy. Yet preorder sales

4 Retail Tech Trends to Watch in 2019 2019-01-03 14:38:41Year over year, we see the numbers. In 2017, e-commerce represented 49 percent of all total retail growth, up 16 percent. If this year's $119.99 bill

2019 CRM Wish List 2019-01-03 11:45:32I've been writing a forecast column every year at least since W was president. Nothing's wrong with that, lots of people do. However, I often find t

The Economics of E-Commerce Chargeback Fraud 2019-01-02 11:46:28E-commerce fraud is an ongoing problem for online merchants and credit card companies. It has been growing at twice the rate of e-commerce sales. Iden

Is Weak Data Integrity Foiling Your CRM? 2018-12-27 14:39:52American companies spend an enormous amount of money on training. Spending reached more than $90 billion in 2017, an increase of over 32 percent from

6 E-Commerce Shipping Strategies That Level the Playing 2018-12-27 14:31:32E-commerce continues to become more competitive as large companies like Amazon, Target and Walmart soak up market share and customer attention. Shippi

The Do's and Don'ts of Designing a Great 2018-12-26 13:45:55In tech parlance, the emotional result of a person's interaction with a website or digital app is called "user experience" or "UX" -- and the suc

Cable One's Bright Sparklight Idea 2018-12-21 08:00:00The cable TV industry has been changing over the last decade and lately has been penetrating the wireless space. Brands like Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum

Abusive Tweets Hurled at Women Every 30 Seconds: 2018-12-20 08:00:00Women are abused on Twitter every 30 seconds, and minority women are harassed more often, according to Amnesty International. Volunteers for Troll Pat

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State Swaps Mile Markers 69 & 420 With 2019-01-14 12:22:19Mile signs continually purloined are Mile 420, a beloved number among marijuana buffs, and Mile 69, for ‘maturer’ reasons … thereby

Man Nabbed Doing 123mph Told Cops He Was 2019-01-14 10:42:57A man who was pulled over by police for doing 123mph down the highway told officers he was in a rush to get a shish kebab. Shockingly, the Roads Polic

[VIDEO] Racist McDonald’s Customer Also Attacks ‘Soy Boys’ 2019-01-14 08:46:35People who are afraid often resort to their scapegoats or something else to blame for society’s problems. Sometimes, they also choose to be igno

Florida Doctor Removes Woman’s ‘Tumor,’ Turns Out To 2019-01-14 08:12:21Being a doctor can be a difficult profession. A lot of lives depend on you and your expertise, especially if you are a surgeon. The thing is, no matte

5 Vicious Trolls Who’ve Commented On Alexandria 2019-01-12 09:00:49In an attempt to embarrass Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a video of her dancing back in college was recently leaked. Far from the dancing vi

Trump Wants To Know How We Could Impeach 2019-01-11 20:52:49According to Trump, he’s the greatest thing to ever happen to the United States. Democrats only want to impeach him because he has achieved a le

Watch: Naked Inmate Squeezes Himself Through Small Jail 2019-01-11 15:07:13Caught by CCTV cameras, a hopeless prisoner astonishingly squeezed his naked body through the small prison cell opening where food’s served. The

At The U.S. Border What REALLY Happens To 2019-01-11 11:00:22Immigration is an implausibly red-hot issue. Though, there’s much ignorance about what truly occurs when immigrants get to the border. When immi

Flat Earth Cruise Is Real And Is Set 2019-01-11 09:39:21Okay, if you ever needed proof that flat-Earthers exist around the world (yes, around) en masse, then you have it here now. There is no shortage of th

1950s Show Goes Viral For Episode With Villain 2019-01-11 09:09:09There are a lot of television shows which have predicted what’s going to happen in the future (we’re looking at you The Simpsons). These a

Millionaire Sues Ex-Wife After Discovering Kids He Raised 2019-01-10 13:51:51In a divorce settlement, a millionaire was ordered to pay $5.09 million to his ex-wife and then sued her after he found out the 3 kids he raised were

Florida Man (Yes, Him Again) Found With 3 2019-01-10 10:11:57What is it with Florida men these days? Always getting themselves in viral news headlines because of their otherworldly hijinks. Someone ought to make

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