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Is Icahn Attempting a Hostile Takeover of HP? New! 2020-01-27 19:00:16When it comes to any merger, you often can't trust the reason the firms are merging, particularly if financial rather than operational managers are d

Patriot OS Provides Revolutionary Computing Convenience 2020-01-24 15:04:03Peach OSI's Patriot OS is a vibrant example of how a software developer can create a distribution that stands apart in the crowded Linux OS field of

Saudi Hack of Bezos' Phone Shines Bright Light 2020-01-24 12:29:17A digital forensic analysis conducted by FTI Consulting concludes with "medium to high confidence" that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' smartphone was hacke

Grabbing the Cybersecurity and Privacy Problems by the 2020-01-23 16:26:57Cybersecurity and privacy threats aren't confined to the tech world. They've cast their pall on the world in general. Computer viruses, malware and

Is Congress Finally Ready to Take On Cybersecurity? 2020-01-23 07:00:00The United States Congress made some significant progress this session when it comes to data privacy, but cybersecurity remains a blind spot for lawma

Cosmos: Possible Worlds - A Lavish, Hopeful Journey 2020-01-22 07:00:00We agree to suspend our disbelief, and they agree to entertain us. Perhaps it inspires us by communicating some kernel of wisdom about human nature. I

Canonical Introduces Scalable Android-Based Cloud Platform 2020-01-21 14:23:41Canonical is deploying a scalable Android-based operating system for mobile and desktop enterprise applications from the cloud. The company just annou

Know Your Enemy: The Difficulty of Defining Deepfakes 2020-01-21 13:37:56Facebook recently promised that it would increase efforts to remove so-called "deepfake" videos, including content that included "misleading manipu

The CEO of the Decade 2020-01-20 13:14:20Who is most deserving of the title "CEO of the Decade"? Historically the focus in choosing CEO of the decade has been on their financial accomplishm

TROMjaro Updates Deliver Lighter, Better Manjaro 2020-01-17 12:48:21The current version of TROMjaro is as close as it gets to being a Manjaro clone. However, a much different philosophy gives users something more than

Cybersecurity 2020: A Perilous Landscape 2020-01-17 07:00:00Cybersecurity is a very serious issue for 2020 -- and the risks stretch far beyond the alarming spike in ransomware. In addition to the daily concerns

Business/Customer Sweet Spots: ECT News Roundtable, Episode 2 2020-01-16 16:11:35If you're a small business owner or a key member of an enterprise executive team, you want your firm to succeed. If you're a customer, you want to b


Intel's Ghost Canyon NUC and Compute Element: 10 2020-01-24 06:00:00Intel’s Ghost Canyon NUC and its Compute Element card were two of the most intriguing pieces of hardware shown by the company at CES 2020. They

The best gaming headsets: Reviews and buying advice 2020-01-23 20:10:00The next great peripherals war is being waged over your ears. After every company on the planet put out a gaming mouse and then a mechanical keyboard,

Intel reports record fourth quarter as it ramps 2020-01-23 19:23:00Intel reported unexpectedly stellar fourth-quarter results on Thursday, while it continues to chart a path toward increasing wafer supply and transiti

Sonos changes tack on “legacy” hardware 2020-01-23 19:17:00Older hardware still won’t get new software features after May, but operating them won’t prevent firmware updates for new hardware.

Best password managers: Reviews of the top products 2020-01-23 18:34:00We are terrible at passwords. We suck at creating them (the top two most popular remain “123456” and “password”), we share

Here's what Android running on the dual-screen Surface 2020-01-23 13:57:00On Wednesday, Microsoft released an emulator showing how Android apps would run on the dual-screen Surface Duo Android phone. We now have a better ide

Cord-cutting and sports: 5 ways to squeeze out 2020-01-23 06:00:00Cord-cutting might not save as much money for sports fans, but these tips can help.

Garadget review: Open your garage door with open-source 2020-01-23 06:00:00If you have the patience for delving into user forums if you need help, Garadget is worth a look.

HP Elite Dragonfly review: The corporate laptop that's 2020-01-23 06:00:00The HP Elite Dragonfly is a corporate laptop made to please your manager—and isn’t that the best way to get ahead in the working world?&nb

Microsoft begins bringing in developers to build its 2020-01-22 15:57:00Over the next few weeks, Microsoft will begin asking developers to start building apps for the dual-screen future, including the Surface Duo Android p

Microsoft's Office 365 for enterprises will switch Chrome 2020-01-22 14:50:00In what seems like a broad case of overreaching, an upcoming version of Microsoft’s Office 365 for enterprises will automatically switch Google

Shop carefully: Some Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics 2020-01-22 12:21:00AMD’s $279 Radeon RX 5600 XT launched this week, and it goes toe-to-toe with Nvidia’s powerful $350 GeForce RTX 2060, nearly matching even


NASA taps startup Axiom Space for the first New! 2020-01-27 17:58:01NASA has selected Houston-based Axiom Space, a startup founded in 2016, to build the first commercial habitat module for the International Space Stati

‘Star Trek: Picard’ breaks streaming records on CBS New! 2020-01-27 17:19:00CBS’ streaming service, CBS All Access, credits a trio of high-profile events — including the premiere of its new Star Trek series, &ldquo

With $5 million from international backers, Mexico’s Moons New! 2020-01-27 16:59:49Moons, a Mexico City-based startup that’s angling to be the Invisalign for the Latin American market, has joined the ranks of Y Combinator as pa

PrimaHealth Credit will now lend to borrowers looking New! 2020-01-27 16:33:49PrimaHealth Credit, which offers loans to borrowers to pay for medical treatment, is expanding its pitch to cover addiction treatment centers. Current

Diet autopilot Thistle raises $5M for health food New! 2020-01-27 16:28:10What if it was easier to eat salad than junk food? Most diet routines take a ton of time, whether you’re cooking from scratch, making a meal kit

NASA’s advanced vision system for its supersonic test New! 2020-01-27 15:32:58NASA is keeping things moving with its X-59 program — the one where it’s developing a modern supersonic aircraft that proves the viability

Pantheon bets on WebOps as it charts a New! 2020-01-27 14:24:58It has been 10 years since Pantheon launched. At the time, it was mostly a hosting service for Drupal sites, but about six years ago, it added WordPre

Kidtech startup SuperAwesome raises $17M, with strategic investment New! 2020-01-27 13:30:25Kidtech startup SuperAwesome has raised an additional $17 million in funding, which includes a new strategic investment from Microsoft’s venture

Daily Crunch: Tech notables react to Kobe Bryant’s New! 2020-01-27 13:01:33The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox ever

Bird confirms acquisition of Berlin scooter rival Circ New! 2020-01-27 13:00:38If you didn’t see this coming, then clearly you didn’t have your eyes on the road. Bird, the LA-founded e-scooter giant, has confirmed tha

Los Angeles’ AmazeVR raises more cash, heads to New! 2020-01-27 12:32:25AmazeVR, the Los Angeles-based virtual reality entertainment distribution service, is taking its first steps into the world of location-based virtual

Boston Dynamics’ new and former CEOs discuss the New! 2020-01-27 12:30:38After more than a quarter century, Boston Dynamics has a new CEO. The transition (which quietly occurred late last year), saw founder Marc Raibert ste

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US military plane that crashed in Afghanistan: What New! 2020-01-27 16:27:44An Air Force statement has confirmed that the plane that crashed in Afghanistan Monday was a U.S. Air Force E-11A communications and electronic warfar

NFL teams' Twitter accounts hacked ahead of Super New! 2020-01-27 16:19:45A number of NFL teams' Twitter accounts have apparently been targeted by hackers, including the accounts for the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Franc

Internet watchdog calls on Congress to revoke big New! 2020-01-27 16:07:20The Internet Accountability Project, a self-described conservative watchdog, called out Congress for failing to exercise oversight of big tech am

Navy 'moves-out' on operating 11 aircraft carriers New! 2020-01-27 11:58:40They are floating attack machines, small cities on the seas and visible examples of U.S. military power -- and the Pentagon now plans to operate 11 of

Kobe Bryant dead: Teens post disturbing TikTok video New! 2020-01-27 10:53:18Three teenagers have posted a disturbing video to TikTok that appears to mimic the helicopter crash that killed NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, his daughte

Secret cameras, hacking passwords, Facebook after death and 2020-01-26 04:00:51Each week, I receive tons of questions from my listeners about tech concerns, new products, and all things digital.

5 ways to limit your phone’s location tracking 2020-01-25 04:00:35What an amazing feat of technology that your phone’s GPS lets you instantly search for nearby cafes, get traffic alerts, and find your friends,

To get past Apple encryption, NYPD uses $10 2020-01-24 12:48:53Inside a heavily-fortified $10 million lab that looks like something NASA might have cooked up, the New York Police Department is trying to crack the

Cyberattack on major bank could spread fast, new 2020-01-24 10:59:49One well-timed cyberattack on a major bank could spread rapidly throughout the American financial system, a new report concludes.

Tinder adds panic button to save users from 2020-01-24 10:07:13Date from hell? Tinder claims it’s got your back.

Amazon patent shows roving robots that could drop 2020-01-23 17:02:27Amazon is testing robots that can store packages and make multiple deliveries along their routes, according to a new patent filing.

New scary email scam goes after your banking 2020-01-23 07:58:59A new email scam that goes after your banking information looks so legit it could fool you.


Best Tools to Repair Corrupted or Damaged Files 2020-01-25 12:51:55Data corruption is a nightmare. It suddenly happens and it will damage all our precious data saved on hard disks. Data corruption happens when data is

Portshift Introduces Five Security Best Practices for Kubernetes 2020-01-25 10:58:14Portshift, a leader in identity-based workload protection for cloud-native applications, presents five security best practices for DevOps and developm

Skullcandy Republic Sale 2020 offers upto 60% discounts 2020-01-25 03:10:47One of the biggest occasions for the Indian constitution is coming up which is the Indian Republic Day, a day when the Indian constitution was formed.

How to repair corrupted files in Windows 2020-01-24 12:38:04A system crash is the most common problem among Windows users. Not only it crashes the system to boot properly, but it also sometimes damages the file

How to free up RAM on Windows 10 2020-01-24 00:37:13No one likes a slow-performing computer. As we are moving towards the future with the latest apps and games, the computing power also must meet softwa

[Deal inside] You can buy a Zhiyun Crane 2020-01-23 23:13:21We have mentioned time and again that one of the best investments you can do to improve your photography is by buying a gimbal for your DSLR. This is

Ransomware Attack. How to prevent it? 2020-01-22 23:09:22Logging into the Windows and accessing mail is a regular activity of your day. Many people like me and you may become the victims of the ransomware at

Apple will reportedly launch an affordable iPhone in 2020-01-22 02:12:10When we are talking about a company such as Apple, we know that affordability goes out of the question. This is because Apple has done years of resear

Best Low MB Games to play on Android 2020-01-20 21:22:25Best Low MB Games to play on Android Online and Offline: Gaming on Android is becoming more mainstream with the rise of high-end multiplayer games. Bu

Get the Mbuynow HiFi Music Player with Bluetooth 2020-01-20 11:51:50One of the most trending products in the music and smartphone industry right now is the music player which is similar to Apple’s iPod. However,

Get Mbuynow Dual Professional Microphone with Bluetooth receiver 2020-01-20 11:34:04One instrument that is becoming more and more popular in these days of people recording things is that the sales of the microphone are increasing. We

Facebook reportedly scraps plan to integrate ads inside 2020-01-20 02:08:02One of the most controversial announcements of last year came from Facebook’s developer conference F8. This was when Facebook said that they are


Netflix pens deal with Titmouse studio for new New! 2020-01-27 18:08:01Netflix has announced a new multiyear deal with Titmouse, the production studio behind the streaming company’s hit original adult animation Big

NASA and ESA will send Solar Orbiter to New! 2020-01-27 17:20:59NASA and the European Space Agency have teamed up to send a new spacecraft called Solar Orbiter to study the Sun’s poles. The space agencies ann

Apex Legends’ newest character just got a very New! 2020-01-27 16:52:33Apex Legends is due to receive a new character soon, a for a little while now, Respawn has been teasing a combatant named Forge. Today, Forge got his

Uncharted movie delayed a few months with new New! 2020-01-27 16:12:39In December, word surfaced that the Uncharted movie has lost yet another director with the exit of Travis Knight. The reason was due to star Tom Holla

Report: When insurance denies coverage, Americans skip meds New! 2020-01-27 15:55:03When it comes to buying medications prescribed by a doctor in the United States, many Americans rely on insurance to cover the cost. Drugs can get qui

Atari is building video game-themed hotels because why New! 2020-01-27 15:11:47While much of the attention Atari has received lately is down to the upcoming Atari VCS, it hasn’t always been that way. Before the VCS was anno

Another study finds eating several eggs a week New! 2020-01-27 15:05:42Eggs, despite their low cost and versatility, remain a controversial element in many diets. Concerns have persisted over how many eggs can be safely c

Google Docs is down, it’s not just you New! 2020-01-27 14:27:33Google Drive is down, Google Docs is down, and a couple of other services from Google are down at the moment, too. Google’s own Service Outage r

On iPad’s 10th anniversary, here’s what we expect New! 2020-01-27 14:11:51It’s been 10 years since Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPad, and today we’re looking at what comes next. In September of 2019, th

Fiat Chrysler Uconnect 5 adds wireless CarPlay and New! 2020-01-27 13:55:31Fiat Chrysler has revealed its new infotainment platform, Uconnect 5, with features like wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Amazon Alexa integra

Torchlight Frontiers becomes Torchlight 3 with big changes New! 2020-01-27 13:54:28For a couple of years now, Torchlight Frontiers has been in development over at Echtra Games. Billed as something of a free-to-play Torchlight MMO, Fr

Avast Antivirus tracks your clicks and views – New! 2020-01-27 12:52:51Avast Antivirus monitors and sells “anonymized” user internet usage data to a (subsidy) company called Jumpshot. When a new user installs


GM officially declares Detroit-Hamtramck its first all-EV plant, New! 2020-01-27 09:00:41 It was hardly a secret that Detroit-Hamtramck would be GM’s assembly plant for electric pickups and SUVs. But with the official announcement mo

Elon Musk tries to ease Tesla Gigafactory Berlin New! 2020-01-27 08:53:19 Elon Musk is trying to ease environmental concerns regarding Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin after local protests over its potential water usage. mo

Zero announces the SR/S, a new electric motorcycle New! 2020-01-27 06:39:24 February might not be the best riding season, at least not in many areas of the Northern Hemisphere. But that hasn’t stopped Zero Motorcycles f

Tesla could focus Model Y deliveries in Canada 2020-01-27 05:30:39 Tesla is about to start Model Y deliveries, and the automaker might want to focus early deliveries in Canada, especially in Quebec, where the generou

Rivian will start under expected $69,000 price — 2020-01-26 16:26:37 The upcoming Rivian R1T pickup and R1S SUV will be cheaper than previously expected. The R1T was originally announced with a $69,000 base price (and

Listen to Trump’s dinner guests talk complete nonsense 2020-01-25 23:47:08 An 83-minute-long video of a dinner attended by Donald Trump in April 2018 was released today by Lev Parnas. The video touches on many subjects,

Tesla Cybertruck driven by Elon Musk and Jay 2020-01-25 18:55:38 The Tesla Cybertruck prototype was spotted around Los Angeles being driven by none other than Elon Musk and Jay Leno. more… The post Tesla Cyb

Tesla Cybertruck knockoffs are the hottest DIY project 2020-01-25 16:44:17 Tesla announced the Cybertruck to much fanfare two months ago, and the internet was immediately flooded with reactions. The news about the truck 

Quick Charge Podcast: January 25, 2020 2020-01-25 15:50:19 Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from Electrek. Quick Charge is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn and ou

Super73 unveils new 2,000W and 75-mile range full 2020-01-25 15:00:06 When Super73 teased its upcoming electric bicycle announcement last month, I never expected something this epic. But the brand who was there at the b

Exclusive: Hyundai design chief on the Genesis electric 2020-01-25 14:58:51 Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury brand, this month officially unveiled the GV80, its first sport-utility vehicle. It will launch in South Korea powere

Tesla leaks several new hardware updates in code: 2020-01-25 13:14:27 Tesla is preparing to launch several new hardware updates including, new Model S and Model X battery packs, a new suspension update, and more, based

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Maryland bill would outlaw ransomware, keep researchers from New! 2020-01-27 17:21:48Requires consent before infecting, criminalizes other computering.

Check out Netflix’s Ghost in the Shell trailer New! 2020-01-27 17:08:38Despite the CGI controversy, the pedigree of the cast and crew is strong.

Plague Inc. maker: Don’t use our game for New! 2020-01-27 15:39:30Ndemic warns title is "not a scientific model" after spike in popularity.

Rocket League is dropping Mac, Linux because of New! 2020-01-27 13:59:31"0.3% of all active players" stat comes after vague explanation last week.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S3 is a mesmerizing New! 2020-01-27 13:35:06It's all about power: Who gets to have it, and how to wield it responsibly

Google’s upcoming Airdrop clone gets an early demo New! 2020-01-27 13:21:02Send files locally over Wi-Fi, even when there's no Internet connection.

General Motors will invest $2.2 billion to build New! 2020-01-27 13:09:58Detroit-Hamtramck will build battery electric trucks and SUVs, starting in 2021.

Feds, states consider tag-teaming massive Google investigation New! 2020-01-27 12:33:01It takes a lot of resources to do a deep dive on a company as big as Google.

Verizon brings 5G to the Super Bowl—for part New! 2020-01-27 12:23:15It looks like Verizon 5G still can't cover a whole NFL stadium.

House legislators want to hand NASA’s human spaceflight New! 2020-01-27 10:38:43Lawmakers also appear to like cost-plus contracts.

SpaceX scrubs Starlink launch attempt Monday due to New! 2020-01-27 08:55:14Launch attempt will be flown by a thrice-used first stage.

Linux on laptops: Ubuntu 19.10 on the HP New! 2020-01-27 08:26:55The HP Dragonfly Elite is a great Windows laptop—but how well does it run Linux?

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Method detects defects in 2D materials for future New! 2020-01-27 16:43:33To further shrink electronic devices and to lower energy consumption, the semiconductor industry is interested in using 2D materials, but manufacturer

New gene correction therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy New! 2020-01-27 13:48:51Duchenne type muscular dystrophy (DMD) is the most common hereditary muscular disease among children, leaving them wheelchair-bound before the age of

Buildings can become a global CO2 sink if New! 2020-01-27 13:48:28A material revolution replacing cement and steel in urban construction by wood can have double benefits for climate stabilization. First, it can avoid

Current model for storing nuclear waste is incomplete New! 2020-01-27 13:48:21The materials the United States and other countries plan to use to store high level nuclear waste will likely degrade faster than anyone previously kn

Researchers advance solar material production New! 2020-01-27 13:48:15A team has developed a more efficient, safer, and cost-effective way to produce cadmium telluride (CdTe) material for solar cells or other application

How to take a picture of a light New! 2020-01-27 13:48:04Until now, complex experimental equipment was required to measure the shape of a light pulse. Now, it can be done in a tiny crystal with the size of l

Lab turns trash into valuable graphene in a New! 2020-01-27 13:47:51Scientists are using high-energy pulses of electricity to turn any source of carbon into turbostratic graphene in an instant. The process promises env

AI to help monitor behavior New! 2020-01-27 13:47:40Algorithms based on artificial intelligence do better at supporting educational and clinical decision-making, according to a new study.

A sustainable alternative to crude oil New! 2020-01-27 13:47:34A research team has developed a new polyamide family which can be produced from a byproduct of cellulose production -- a successful example for a more

Enhancing drug testing with human body-on-chip systems New! 2020-01-27 13:47:24Scientists have devised a functioning comprehensive multi-Organ-on-a-Chip (Organ Chip) platform that enables effective preclinical drug testing of hum

New portable tool analyzes microbes in the environment New! 2020-01-27 07:52:55Imagine a device that could swiftly analyze microbes in oceans and other aquatic environments, revealing the health of these organisms - too tiny to b

Security risk for e-scooters and riders New! 2020-01-27 07:52:51New research finds e-scooters have risks beyond the perils of potential collisions. Computer science experts have published the first review of the se

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