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2021: The Year of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

While the pandemic has been painful, it has caused things to accelerate in several areas impressively rapidly. Two of those areas are robotics and artRead More

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Microsoft, GM, Cruise Partner on Self-Driving Cars 2021-01-20 07:00:00A strategic partnership with Microsoft was announced Tuesday by General Motors and Cruise aimed at speeding up the commercialization of shared self-dr

Search Milestone Gives DuckDuckGo Something to Quack About 2021-01-19 07:00:00DuckDuckGo reached a significant milestone last week when it racked up more than 100 million searches in a single day. While still a paltry number com

CES 2021: What Worked, What Didn't 2021-01-18 07:00:00We still seem to do these remote activities as we did when we met in person. Streaming and video conferencing tools we are using still don't allow us

Young Entrepreneurs Bring High Tech to Quell Surgical 2021-01-14 10:00:00The last thing George Kramb expected from years of walking surgeons through actual operations using medical machinery was to step into a role that hel

Americans Balking at Buying Smart Home Devices 2021-01-13 08:23:00Smart devices, the cornerstone of the home of the future, can't seem to capture the imagination or open the wallets of a large number of Americans. S

The Critical Role of High-Tech R&D in the 2021-01-12 10:45:00Maintaining and increasing research and development spending in the COVID-19 era is critical for high technology vendors to deliver new solutions and

PC Market Upswing Accelerates in Q4 2020 2021-01-12 07:15:00The PC market ended 2020 with a big bang, as shipments during the final quarter rose 25 percent over the same period in 2019, according to a report by

Virtual CES 2021-01-11 07:00:00This year, due to COVID restrictions, CES is all digital. Let's talk about what you'll see at the show, and what might make an event like CES work b

Scientists Press AI Researchers for Transparency 2021-01-08 14:14:51An international group of scientists is demanding scientific journals demand more transparency from researchers in computer-related areas when accepti

Cloud Security Practices Playing Into Hands of Attackers 2021-01-07 09:00:00More than 80 percent of 650 cybersecurity and IT professionals surveyed by Check Point Software Technologies in July said their traditional security s

Cut the Cord to Trim Your TV Viewing 2021-01-05 11:00:00For the majority of consumers, cutting the cable TV cord is a mixed bag for a variety of reasons. The big misconception is that you will drastically l

New Qualcomm Chip Opens Door to $125 5G 2021-01-05 07:11:00A new mobile processor announced by Qualcomm Technologies is expected to spawn a wave of economically priced 5G smartphones. Kedar Kondap, vice presid


Intel's next CEO Pat Gelsinger promises a return 2021-01-22 14:08:00There were essentially two parts to Intel’s fourth-quarter 2020 earnings call on Thursday: the actual results, and the homecoming of former Inte

Microsoft Edge will open your email from the 2021-01-22 13:53:00Microsoft’s latest version of its Edge browser, in conjunction with Microsoft Bing, are rolling out some intriguing new features as part of the

The next MacBook Air could get even lighter 2021-01-22 10:00:00Apple’s consumer-level laptop could see a redesign later this year or in early 2022.

Q Acoustics Q Active 200 review: This high-end 2021-01-22 07:00:00Wired or wireless, this audio system can accommodate nearly any source: high-res streaming services, a local server, a TV, Bluetooth, even an old-scho

Ryzen 5000 doubles AMD's gaming laptop share, but 2021-01-22 06:30:00AMD has said it would make impressive inroads into gaming laptops this year, and so far it’s trending well, according to an ongoing list of gami

How much of my budget should I spend 2021-01-22 06:00:00Q: What percentage of my build budget should go toward the graphics card? While a lot of advice says to aim for an even balance between the CPU and th

PC market soars, driving Intel's revenue and profits 2021-01-21 17:23:00Outgoing Intel chief executive Bob Swan previously told PCWorld that he was worried that, when the pandemic hit, PC sales would drop off a cliff.

Microsoft Edge can finally generate new passwords for 2021-01-21 16:18:00Microsoft is poised to release several substantial security updates to version 88 of its Edge browser, including a long-awaited password generator and

Otter's transcription service now integrates with Google Meet 2021-01-21 09:00:00Transcription service Otter.ai has added a Chrome extension to enable customers using Google Meet to transcribe their meetings on the fly.Microsoft be

How to see what Facebook knows about you, 2021-01-21 06:31:00What data does Facebook have on you? A staggering amount if you’ve been using the service for a while. Fortunately, the social network makes it

Asus talks about the new Rocket Lake chipset: 2021-01-21 06:30:00Intel's 11th-gen Rocket Lake CPU isn't here yet, but the Z590 chipset for the motherboards that will use it is.Unfortunately, that's left us with m

ATSC 3.0 in 2021: Why it's still early 2021-01-21 06:00:00ATSC 3.0 in 2021: Why NextGen TV is still early days for cord cutters.


Watch SpaceX’s first dedicated rideshare rocket launch live, New! 2021-01-24 09:06:33  SpaceX is set to launch the very first of its dedicated rideshare missions – an offering it introduced in 2019 that allows small sat

8 investors tell us the story behind the New! 2021-01-24 00:00:47With record funding levels and three unicorns to show, local investors are buoyant about Romania’s prospects heading into 2021. We caught up wit

Instacart to eliminate about 2,000 jobs and GitHub New! 2021-01-23 16:00:30Hey y’all. You’ve just landed on Human Capital, the weekly newsletter that details the latest in labor, and diversity and inclusion in tec

How VCs and founders see 2021 differently New! 2021-01-23 16:00:22Welcome back to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s broadly based on the daily column that appears on E

Augmented reality’s awkward phase will be long and 2021-01-23 15:26:31Howdy friends, this is the web version of my Week in Review newsletter, it’s here to entice you to sign up and get it in your inbox every week.

Work trips are making a $5 billion comeback 2021-01-23 14:00:07Would you bet millions of dollars on a corporate travel comeback? Doesn’t matter. Andreessen Horowitz, Addition and Elad Gil are anyways. This w

Original Content podcast: ‘Bridgerton’ is an addictive reimagining 2021-01-23 12:40:41“Bridgerton,” the Shondaland drama that launched last month on Netflix, offers a few key updates to the standard formula of Regency-era &n

This Week in Apps: TikTok viral hit breaks 2021-01-23 11:00:25Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the o

Watch SpaceX launch its first dedicated rideshare mission 2021-01-23 09:11:02[UPDATE: Today’s attempt was scrubbed due to weather conditions. Another launch window is available tomorrow at 10 AM ET] SpaceX is set to launc

How fintech and serial founders drove African pre-seed 2021-01-23 02:00:11When Stripe-subsidiary Paystack raised its seed round of $1.3 million in 2016, it was one of the largest disclosed rounds at that stage in Nigeria.&nb

Could giant SPACs be next? 2021-01-22 21:45:55While many deemed 2020 the year of SPAC, short for special purpose acquisition company, 2021 may well make last year look quaint in comparison. It&rsq

Daily Crunch: Alphabet shuts down Loon 2021-01-22 18:22:32Alphabet pulls the plug on its internet balloon company, Apple is reportedly developing a new MacBook Air and Google threatens to pull out of Australi

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Live Updates: Left-wing activist charged in Capitol riot 2021-01-18 00:07:15John Sullivan, 26, recorded an up-close video of a woman’s fatal shooting during the Jan. 6 Capitol siege.

New Navy destroyer-fired laser will change maritime war 2021-01-17 15:03:50When the Navy is ready to deploy a new 60kw ship-fired laser weapon from a destroyer later this year, maritime attack strategy and tactics will enter

Navy to deploy destroyers with new laser attack 2021-01-17 14:02:10Navy destroyers will soon be armed with high-powered, precision 60kw laser weapons that can track and incinerate attacking drone targets at sea, bring

Signal messaging service back up after outage caused 2021-01-17 07:56:03Secure messaging service Signal is back up and running after suffering an outage caused by a surge in demand.

Parler CEO: 'No indication' Big Tech shutdown threats 2021-01-17 07:09:12Big Tech giants Amazon, Apple and Google gave no indication to upstart social media platform Parler until the very last moment that their threats to p

15 smart products to help you kick your 2021-01-17 06:00:16A new year always brings a fresh start, and we can all use that after 2020. The stressful year might have even left you with a few new not-so-great ha

LIVE UPDATES: North Dakota bill would allow lawsuits 2021-01-17 02:22:34Follow below for updates on Big Tech censorship.

LIVE UPDATES: Parler CEO forced into hiding, court 2021-01-16 01:03:58Follow for the latest updates on big tech censorship.

Ari Fleischer slams Twitter's Dorsey for continuing to 2021-01-15 15:14:51Fox News contributor and former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer did not hold back Friday in his criticism of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, w

Live Updates: Leaked recording of Dorsey suggests Twitter 2021-01-15 01:05:04Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently defended the platform's decision to permanently suspend President Trump's account.

Army says 'sky's the limit' with new armored 2021-01-14 18:01:10The sky may be the limit, regarding U.S. Army thinking about what its new armored infantry carrier might be in terms of shape, size, weapons, armor co

Big Tech giants need to ‘work together’ to 2021-01-14 17:00:02The former Google consultant made the comments after social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook banned President Trump’s account after the


Putting an End to the Long-Standing Feud Between 2021-01-19 12:15:45A common misconception among folks basking in their 40-and-under years is that getting older (and building your already-existing collection of forehea

The 5 Most Convenient Background Check Services 2021-01-19 11:37:19Everyone can agree that it’s unreasonable to skip background checks when hiring today. At the same time, we want the service to be as fast and a

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How to Change Windows 10 Password 2021-01-19 05:48:17Windows 10 passwords protect your system from unauthorized access. Being a highly versatile and feature-rich operating system has its own disadvantage

https://thetechhacker.com/2021/01/18/best-file-manager-apps-android/ 2021-01-18 02:30:01[] The post https://thetechhacker.com/2021/01/18/best-file-manager-apps-android/ appeared first on Thetechhacker.

Best File Manager Apps For Android 2021-01-17 22:01:25Mobile phones are vibrant with a wide variety of features. Android is one of the most popular operating systems for mobiles. It is very popular, easy

7 Modern Devices Helping Senior Cross Into The 2021-01-17 12:35:02With eyes glued to luminescent smartphones, tablets, and state-of-the-art portable devices, the rise of the Digital Age has not been warmly embraced b

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TONOR TRL-20 12” Selfie Ring Light Review 2021-01-17 10:50:55Who wouldn’t want to record amazing videos with excellent quality or participate in Zoom conferences with confidence even in a low lighting cond

https://thetechhacker.com/2021/01/15/download-and-setup-itunes-in-windows-10/ 2021-01-17 08:03:31[] The post https://thetechhacker.com/2021/01/15/download-and-setup-itunes-in-windows-10/ appeared first on Thetechhacker.

How to Download and Setup iTunes in Windows 2021-01-15 10:12:21iTunes is a great media manager not only for your Mac but also for your Windows 10 system. With millions of songs and artists to choose from and the a

https://thetechhacker.com/2021/01/14/10-must-have-wordpress-plugins-to-make-your-website-super-functional/ 2021-01-15 06:17:15[] The post https://thetechhacker.com/2021/01/14/10-must-have-wordpress-plugins-to-make-your-website-super-functional/ appeared first on Thetechhacker


Ohio company recalls 4,200lbs of pork sausage over 2021-01-23 14:44:18An Ohio company called Bob Evans Farms has recalled 4,200lbs of pork sausage products over potential contamination with blue rubber, according to the

Epic wants Fortnite players to send their best 2021-01-23 13:35:59Epic is back with another #Fortography theme, this time seeking players’ best images of the ‘Stealthy Stronghold’ location from whic

2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat sells out completely 2021-01-23 13:19:08The latest announcement will come as no surprise to anyone who follows Dodge muscle cars. Most car guys and gals knew last summer when Dodge announced

NASA says the seven TRAPPIST-1 rocky planets are 2021-01-23 12:49:38NASA has been studying a red dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1, home to the largest group of Earth-sized planets ever found in a single solar system. TRAPP

Paul Walker’s beautiful 1980 BMW M1 AHG heads 2021-01-23 12:16:51Paul Walker was an incredibly popular actor that tragically died very early in his life. Walker left behind a daughter and other family members, along

SpaceX scrubs satellite launch attempt minutes before liftoff 2021-01-23 11:45:14SpaceX is set to launch a Falcon 9 rocket with a payload of 143 satellites aboard today. However, only a few minutes before the rocket was supposed to

Gigantic dead finback whale discovered the Mediterranean 2021-01-23 11:16:04Last weekend officials discovered the carcass of an enormous finback whale in the Mediterranean Sea. The finback whale, or Balaenoptera physalus, is t

A Quiet Place Part II movie release date 2021-01-23 09:00:41A Quiet Place Part II, the sequel to the 2018 horror movie, was originally set to hit theaters in March 2020 — around the same time the pandemic

Xbox Live Gold price increase reversed and new 2021-01-23 07:15:29Following heavy criticism of the change, the Xbox team has announced that it will not be increasing the price for its Xbox Live Gold subscription serv

iPhone 13 is going to be a different 2021-01-23 06:02:26It is probably very early to make a claim about the forthcoming iPhone – or a new lineup. But with rumors flowing in from every side of the glob

Google Search on mobile is about to get 2021-01-22 20:41:07Google is about to roll out a redesigned Search on mobile, the company said in a blog post today, explaining the adjustments users can expect. Google

Epic addresses claim that Fortnite account data is 2021-01-22 19:45:13Epic Games has released an official statement on claims that Fortnite account data, namely email addresses, are being leaked. The allegation seemed to


Quick Charge Podcast: January 23, 2021 New! 2021-01-23 19:17:47 Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from Electrek. Quick Charge is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn a

Tesla claims a software engineer stole critical automated 2021-01-23 14:14:02 Tesla is suing a recently hired software engineer who the company claims has stolen critical automated software from its WARP Drive ERP system. more

Peugeot eC01 Crossover electric bicycle launched as company’s 2021-01-23 11:16:00 Peugeot has just launched its latest electric bicycle model, known as the Peugeot eC01 Crossover. more… The post Peugeot eC01 Crossover elect

Awesomely weird Alibaba electric vehicle of the week: 2021-01-23 02:20:20 Alibaba is one of the best places around to find the coolest and sometimes weirdest electric vehicles in the world. As part of a new series known as

Boeing says it will deliver 100% biofuel planes 2021-01-22 18:18:14 Boeing today announced that it will begin to deliver commercial airplanes capable of flying using 100% biofuel, or sustainable aviation fuel, by 2030

Podcast: Tesla structural battery pack exclusive, Tesla prices, 2021-01-22 15:42:48 This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including the first pictur

Tesla takes delivery of massive ‘Giga Press’ at 2021-01-22 13:56:31 Tesla has taken delivery of a massive “Giga Press,” which is believed to be the world’s largest casting machine, at Gigafactory Tex

Green Deals: Kobalt 24V 12-inch Electric Chainsaw $129 2021-01-22 13:12:19 Lowe’s offers the Kobalt 24V 12-inch Electric Chainsaw for $129. Free shipping is available for all. As a comparison, it typically goes for $17

Survey shows EV owners will not go back 2021-01-22 11:40:17 A new Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Ownership Study by JD Power shows that electric car owners will not go back to gas, but brand loyalty is a bi

EGEB: Why is the UK building the largest 2021-01-22 11:08:06 In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): The UK is hosting the COP26 in Glasgow and leading on climate change efforts. Why the big gas pl

BMW i4 electric sedan looks sharp in new 2021-01-22 09:51:21 The BMW i4 electric sedan is looking sharp and fun to drive in a new dynamic testing video ahead of the launch. more… The post BMW i4 electri

All your questions answered about the $5K SONDORS 2021-01-22 09:33:46 E-bike manufacturer SONDORS shocked the world last week when it unveiled its 80 mph (130 km/h) and $5,000 SONDORS Metacycle. It was the first afforda

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Squeezing a rock-star material could make it stable 2021-01-21 15:10:00A promising lead halide perovskite is great at converting sunlight to electricity, but it breaks down at room temperature. Now scientists have discove

Designing customized 'brains' for robots 2021-01-21 15:09:58Researchers have developed an automated way to design customized hardware that speeds up a robot's operation. The system, called robomorphic computin

Why older adults must go to the front 2021-01-21 15:09:38A new global, mathematical modeling study shows that in most cases prioritizing older adults for COVID-19 vaccines saves the most lives. It also found

Using VR training to boost our sense of 2021-01-21 13:21:27Patients with motor dysfunctions are on the rise across Japan as its population continues to age. A researcher has developed a new method of rehabilit

Saturn's tilt caused by its moons 2021-01-21 13:21:03Scientists have just shown that the influence of Saturn's satellites can explain the tilt of the rotation axis of the gas giant. Their work also pred

Oldest carbonates in the solar system: Flensburg meteorite 2021-01-21 13:20:08A meteorite that fell in northern Germany in 2019 contains carbonates which are among the oldest in the solar system; it also evidences the earliest p

Saturn's moon Titan: Largest sea is 1,000-feet deep 2021-01-21 13:19:21Far below the gaseous atmospheric shroud on Saturn's largest moon, Titan, lies Kraken Mare, a sea of liquid methane. Astronomers have estimated that

Much of Earth's nitrogen was locally sourced 2021-01-21 13:17:48Scientists show evidence that nitrogen acquired during Earth's formation came from both the inner and outer regions of the protoplanetary disk. The s

Search for axions from nearby star Betelgeuse comes 2021-01-21 13:13:37A search for axions from nearby star Betelgeuse has come up empty, significantly narrowing the search for hypothetical dark matter particle.

Methane emissions from abandoned oil and gas wells 2021-01-21 09:28:28A recent study finds that annual methane emissions from abandoned oil and gas (AOG) wells in Canada and the US have been greatly underestimated - by a

Gold nanoparticles more stable by putting rings on 2021-01-21 09:28:23Scientists have found a way to prevent gold nanoparticles from clumping, which could help towards their use as an anti-cancer therapy.

New eco-friendly way to make ammonia could be 2021-01-21 09:13:32Ammonia has sustained humanity since the early 20th century, but its production leaves a huge carbon footprint. Now researchers have found a way to ma

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