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Condres OS Conjures Up Pleasing Arch Linux Transition 2019-04-18 15:00:37Condres OS, a distro much like the defunct Apricity OS, could be a speedier replacement for Linux OSes that have turned slow to no-go in recent new re

Everyone's a Winner in Apple-Qualcomm Settlement 2019-04-18 08:00:00Apple and Qualcomm unexpectedly announced a settlement as their case entered the second day of a hearing in the U.S. District Court for the Northern D

Apple to Focus on Productivity With Next macOS, 2019-04-17 13:14:22The ramp-up to Apple's Worldwide Developers' Conference this June has begun, with reports circulating about the goodies the company will include in

EU's New Copyright Directive Could Break the Internet 2019-04-16 08:00:00A copyright directive that some fear could break the Internet has cleared the final hurdle in the European Union. The directive makes platforms for us

Qualcomm: Rethinking AI in a 5G Quantum World 2019-04-15 14:45:33It is expected that 5G will move aggressively into the market, with near-complete major metropolitan coverage by the end of the year. This technology

Google Presents a Cornucopia of Cloud Goodies 2019-04-11 15:40:27Google announced a host of new services, features and partners at Google Cloud Next '19 Day 2 in San Francisco. The new unveilings followed its annou

Report: Apple Is Gearing Up to Debut Mini-LED 2019-04-10 13:02:06Apple plans to introduce a number of new products in the next two years that will sport a new display technology, according to master Apple watcher M

Microsoft's Edge Goes With the Chromium Flow 2019-04-10 08:00:00Microsoft has released the first Dev and Canary channel builds of the next version of Microsoft Edge, based on the Chromium open source project. The c

Snapchat Refreshes App to Revive Prospects 2019-04-09 10:00:00New augmented reality features, an SDK for Stories, and a games platform highlighted Snapchat's first developer's conference. AR features announced

Cisco's Broader Take on Diversity 2019-04-08 13:32:28There should be no argument that we live in a diverse world, and that the technology industry doesn't reflect that diversity. The lack of diversity

What Lies Beneath Facebook's Sudden Embrace of Government 2019-04-05 12:27:03Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called for greater government oversight and even regulation of the Internet in an op-ed piece published last weekend. Zuc

Following Protests, Google Cuts Temps, Vendors, Contractors a 2019-04-04 08:00:00Google has unveiled new minimum standards for temps, vendors and contractors in the United States, in response to demands from an employee coalition


Microsoft Paint has been given another reprieve 2019-04-23 13:53:00After previously warning that Microsoft Paint would go away, it appears that Microsoft has instead saved the venerable program once again.In 2017, Mic

Amazon drops the price of the Orbi Wall-Plug 2019-04-23 12:20:00There are few things as annoying as Wi-Fi dead spots, but a satellite-based router system can help put those frustrations to rest. Today, you can grab

Amazon's awesome one-day PC accessories sale offers blowout 2019-04-23 10:00:00Amazon's one-day PC sales are always filled with great deals, but today's might be the best we've ever seenRemove non-product link. There are

Razer revamps the Blade Pro 17 with 9th-gen 2019-04-23 09:05:00The Razer Blade Pro 17 is one of the first laptops out of the gate with two shiny new parts: Intel’s 9th-gen Core i7 mobile chip, with 6 cores a

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1650 is a $150 graphics 2019-04-23 09:00:00Gamers on a strict budget can finally get a taste of the improvements found in Nvidia’s Turing GPU architecture. On Tuesday, Nvidia launched the

Intel's 9th-gen mobile Core chips aim for the 2019-04-23 09:00:00Intel debuted six new 9th-gen mobile H-series Core chips on Tuesday—with its fastest, the Core i9-9980HK, soaring to a new high-water mark: 8 co

Intel launches 18 9th-gen desktop Core chips, the 2019-04-23 09:00:00As Intel releases 18 desktop Core chips (and 7 others) on Tuesday, the company also answers a question that arose when it debuted its 9th-generat

Nvidia's mobile GeForce GTX 1650 and GTX 1660 2019-04-23 09:00:00The GTX 1060’s years-long reign over the mainstream gaming laptop market is ending. On Tuesday, Nvidia announced that its GeForce GTX 1660 Ti an

Keychron K1 Wireless Keyboard review: Mechanical RGB magic 2019-04-23 07:00:00The Keychron K1 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard may as well be the anti-butterfly keyboard. It’s thicker than Apple’s MacBook and Magic

Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S review: The industry’s most 2019-04-23 06:00:00The smart lock maker shrinks down its beautiful deadbolt, but it remains a frustrating experience.

Microsoft's tabbed interface for Windows, known as Sets, 2019-04-22 18:01:00Microsoft appears to have put Microsoft Sets, the tabbed redesign of Windows, on hold, though it’s uncertain whether it’s been killed outr

Best VPN services: Reviews and buying advice 2019-04-22 14:04:00Choosing the right virtual private network (VPN) service is no simple task. A VPN should keep your internet usage private and secure, but not every se


It’s now easier to find work-from-home jobs in New! 2019-04-24 13:49:29Over the course of the last year or so, Google started adding more job search features to its search engine. Today, it’s expanding this program

Bumble’s ‘Private Detector’ uses AI to detect dick New! 2019-04-24 13:41:47Dating apps are finally leveraging AI to clean up users’ chat messages. Badoo has introduced a new feature coming to its network of dating apps,

Microsoft is considering dropping its Windows password expiration New! 2019-04-24 13:28:41Microsoft has proposed scrapping a policy in Windows that requires users to periodically change their login password. In a blog post, the software gia

Mark Zuckerberg has a podcast New! 2019-04-24 13:27:02In the future, everyone will have a podcast — and by “future,” I mean like mid-2020. But one step at a time, starting with Facebook

Vue.ai raises $17M to equip online retailers with New! 2019-04-24 12:55:19Vue.ai, a U.S/India startup that develops an AI platform to help online retailers work more efficiently and sell more, has announced a $17 million Ser

Are women better gamers than men? This startup’s New! 2019-04-24 12:47:50Last year the Gosu.ai startup, which has developed an AI assistant to help gamers play smarter and improve their skills, raised $1.9M. Using machine l

The Brave browser launches ads that reward users New! 2019-04-24 12:29:54With the latest desktop version of the Brave browser, users can now opt-in to the Brave Ads program. Brave is an ad-blocking web browser startup led b

Huawei’s P30 Pro excels on the camera front New! 2019-04-24 12:24:20It’s been a month since Huawei unveiled its latest flagship device — the Huawei P30 Pro. I’ve played with the P30 and P30 Pro f

Indian court lifts ban on TikTok in India New! 2019-04-24 12:15:44An Indian state court has reversed its ban on TikTok, allowing the short video app to return to both Apple and Google’s app stores, according to

Samsung Galaxy Fold teardown reveals ‘alarmingly fragile’ display New! 2019-04-24 11:53:44While Samsung performs its own internal investigations, the folks at iFixit had plenty to say about the Galaxy Fold in their own teardown. The writeup

MongoDB to acquire open-source mobile database Realm for New! 2019-04-24 11:49:20MongoDB announced today that it is acquiring Realm, an open-source database geared for mobile applications, for $39 million. The startup had raised ju

Mint founder Aaron Patzer launches Vital, an ER New! 2019-04-24 11:45:29Aaron Patzer launched Mint to help consumers organize their finances. Now he’s raised $5.2 million from investors to launch Vital to bring that

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Trump holds meeting with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey 2019-04-23 17:41:35President Donald Trump met with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey at the White House Tuesday to discuss the social media giant, which he has often accused of po

China using US-built satellites to increase police, military 2019-04-23 16:14:15A fleet of American-built satellites is serving the Chinese government in ways that challenge the U.S.

Tim Cook slams gov't over San Bernardino case, 2019-04-23 14:12:09In a wide ranging interview that touched on topics such as politics, climate change and discussions he's had with President Trump, Apple CEO Tim Cook

Fears of Terminator robot uprising sparked after scientists 2019-04-23 11:46:35They're not quite the humanoid killers seen in the Terminator films, but these unsettling machines have got the internet up in arms.

#GoogleWalkout organizers say tech giant retaliated against them 2019-04-23 11:31:55Two Google employees who organized the massive global protest that brought 20,000 workers out of their offices in November have alleged that Goog

'Cheeky' gorillas pose for stunning selfie with rangers 2019-04-23 10:05:42Two ‘cheeky’ orphaned gorillas have posed for an incredible selfie with rangers at a national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Employees call on Microsoft to protect GitHub from 2019-04-23 08:27:00Microsoft's GitHub platform isn't exactly known for activism.

Teen’s $1B suit claims Apple’s facial recognition software 2019-04-23 08:16:55A New York man filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Apple, claiming the tech giant’s facial-recognition software wrongly blamed him for stealing f

How AI changes B-2 and F-35 attack strategies 2019-04-23 07:54:51Attack missions, targeting and combat data-sharing in an F-35 or B-2 are all transforming quickly due to the rapid integration of emerging AI systems,

What Chinese spies want from Americans 2019-04-22 16:47:12What do Chinese spies ultimately want from ordinary and not-so-ordinary Americans?

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold rollout amid malfunctions 2019-04-22 13:33:00Samsung is delaying the launch of $1,980 Galaxy Fold device until at least next month, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Instagram change could seriously upset influencers 2019-04-22 12:01:10It’s a sad state of affairs that so many social media users tend to base self-worth on how many “likes” their post garners, but Inst


Few Galaxy Fold devices are already broken; Samsung 2019-04-18 02:44:48You must be aware that the foldable smartphones were announced at the MWC 2019. These foldable smartphone were from the likes of Samsung and Huawei. A

5 Features Your Wireframe Tool Needs To Have 2019-04-17 12:02:50When it comes to wireframing tools, not all are equal. Some tools have the bare minimum of features, which if you’re paying to use the tool, can

Some features of iOS 13 have been revealed 2019-04-17 09:47:09We know that Apple and Google announce their latest versions of iOS and Android every year. For Google, the announcement will be at Google I/O later n

OnePlus 7 Pro to feature a Quad HD+ 2019-04-17 09:03:46It is known that OnePlus will release their next flagship smartphone later this year. Also, the launch is most likely going to take place next month,

You might soon be not allowed to take 2019-04-17 03:51:11WhatsApp has been here for more than a decade in the social messaging sector. And it is obvious that the application is extremely popular among people

TikTok blocked by Google on Indian Play Store 2019-04-17 03:05:37TikTok, formally known as Musically, has been a sensation from last few years worldwide. Although the app started from China, it has caught up in popu

Microsoft will release Surface Buds to challenge Apple 2019-04-16 10:01:22Most of us have realized the fact that the beloved 3.5-mm headphone jack is gone. And we have to accept that wireless is the future. All the major tec

Google might launch the Pixel 3a series at 2019-04-16 09:28:56We have been hearing about Google’s plans of launching an upper mid-range Pixel smartphone. However, those are just the reports and we have neve

FastestVPN Review 2019-04-16 07:44:07Contrary to their popularity, free VPNs do not work. When we say that we mean that they don’t provide the essential benefits of using a VPN in t

List of Google Chrome Commands to Access Features 2019-04-16 02:56:15Google Chrome is everyone’s favorite browser. Chrome is very easy to install, supports multiple platforms, cross-platform sync feature, bookmark

Microsoft says it found that some Outlook accounts 2019-04-15 08:47:50Microsoft is majorly known for its popular OS, Windows, worldwide. However, the company also has various other popular products such as Xbox, Outlook

OnePlus 7 series will launch on May 14, 2019-04-15 08:34:32We have been seeing the OnePlus 7 being leaked day in and day out. This is also expected as OnePlus 7 is the highly anticipated smartphone right now.


Pokemon GO Fest email 2019: When, and how New! 2019-04-24 13:37:19In Pokemon GO, it’s time to take stock of what we’ve gotten during the Easter event, shiny and egg-hatched, and to look forward to the ema

BioWare delays Anthem features as it works on New! 2019-04-24 12:58:03BioWare’s Anthem has been something of a controversial title ever since it released a little more than two months ago. Players have lodged a lot

NVIDIA SHIELD mobile console Mystique: How real today? New! 2019-04-24 12:41:45There’s a new NVIDIA gaming device in development, and it might be pretty awesome. Code found in official NVIDIA SHIELD Experience software show

The new WHO screen time for kids limits New! 2019-04-24 12:36:26Children under one year of age shouldn’t have any screen time, the World Health Organization has decided, part of a wide-ranging set of guidelin

The Windows 10 May 2019 Update has a New! 2019-04-24 11:57:17Microsoft has an unexpected warning to those looking to upgrade Windows 10 to the latest version: no removable devices or storage allowed. The softwar

Cheaper Nintendo Switch may be only months away New! 2019-04-24 11:43:09For some time now, we’ve been hearing rumors and reports that claim Nintendo will launch a less expensive Switch and offer it alongside the curr

OnePlus 7 Pro price spilled, high end might New! 2019-04-24 11:30:56How much will the OnePlus 7 cost? I think the question you’re better off asking is: How much will I be dishing out for the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G? Or

Google Fit health and activity app launches on New! 2019-04-24 11:00:10Google has announced the launch of its fitness and health app Google Fit on iOS. Starting today, iPhone owners can download Google Fit and use it to t

Two new AirPods tipped for 2019 and the New! 2019-04-24 10:58:06Two new AirPods versions could launch as soon as this year, it’s been predicted, introducing an all-new design and new features. Apple’s b

Ford leapfrogs GM to ink Rivian deal: All-new New! 2019-04-24 10:24:57Ford has inked a deal with electric vehicle startup Rivian, investing $500m into the new automaker, and revealing plans to build an all-new vehicle us

Samsung Galaxy Fold iFixit teardown exposes fragile phone’s New! 2019-04-24 10:18:13Many of you have probably figured this out by now, but the Galaxy Fold is a delicate device. After a number of reviewers reported problems with malfun

OPPO Reno first impressions: 10x zoom to challenge New! 2019-04-24 10:00:18Huawei has just stolen the smartphone crown yet again thanks to its smartphone cameras and its newest 5x zoom is set to cement its position. But too g


Lucid CEO retires; CTO Peter Rawlinson, former Tesla 2019-04-23 14:31:50 Lucid Motors has appointed its CTO Peter Rawlinson to CEO. Rawlinson, who was Chief Engineer of the Model S while at Tesla, will also retain his posi

NVIDIA disputes some of Tesla’s FSD computer claims, 2019-04-23 13:41:42 NVIDIA, formerly a supplier of Tesla Autopilot hardware, is giving the nod to Tesla for ‘raising the bar’ when it comes to self-driving w

Anker’s ROAV HydroClean Electric Pressure Washer is $120, 2019-04-23 13:20:14 AnkerDirect via Amazon offers its ROAV HydroClean Electric Pressure Washer for $119.99 shipped when promo code ROAVWP22 is applied dur

Colorado getting 24 new electric buses through Volkswagen 2019-04-23 12:41:51 Colorado is using some of its allocated money from Volkswagen’s Dieselgate emissions settlement to remove 28 diesel-powered buses from state ro

New Yamaha electric motorcycle patents show electric R1 2019-04-23 12:01:53 Japanese motorcycle manufacturers have spent years lagging behind their American counterparts when it comes to electric motorcycles. But that seems t

Tesla gives first look at new Roadster back 2019-04-23 10:43:48 Tesla brought the Roadster prototype to its Autonomy day and it even allowed attendees to get inside the vehicle, which is extremely rare. It gave us

Xiaomi follows up $375 e-bike with $450 electric 2019-04-23 10:37:03 Xiaomi is probably best known for its range of cell phones and other handheld electronics. But the company has made significant progress in the elect

Nevada and Washington pass 100% clean electricity bills 2019-04-23 10:18:52 Nevada and Washington have both passed legislation aiming for 100% carbon-free electricity in the future, becoming the fourth and fifth states to pas

Google Maps now shows real-time availability of nearby 2019-04-23 08:59:26 Google Maps is now able to show you the real-time availability of nearby EV charging stations when you use the map search feature. more… Subsc

EGEB: World’s largest floating solar archipelago, coal takes 2019-04-23 08:45:35 In today’s EGEB: The largest sun-tracking solar archipelago is coming to the Netherlands. China can pursue new coal plants, but there’s l

Tesla unveils car design without a steering wheel, 2019-04-23 06:19:45 Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the automaker will deliver a car without a steering wheel within 2 years – an important change in Tesla’s s

Tesla releases new self-driving demo with new Autopilot 2019-04-22 21:53:07 Tesla has released new self-driving demo video based on its latest software working on its new Full Self-Driving (FSD) computer. more… Subscri

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Review: Avengers Endgame is three of Marvel’s best 2019-04-23 19:12:08Our spoiler-free review should make you feel good about your opening-weekend ticket.

Swirling patterns in Starry Night match those in 2019-04-23 18:41:39Several of Vincent van Gogh's paintings show evidence of turbulent scaling.

Crap artists rejoice! MS Paint is getting a 2019-04-23 18:26:50Microsoft abandons plan to take Paint out of Windows and put it in the Store.

Millimeter-wave 5G isn’t for widespread coverage, Verizon admits 2019-04-23 18:12:12Verizon and T-Mobile confirm 5G's highest speeds will only be for select areas.

Twitter shuts down 5,000 pro-Trump bots retweeting anti-Mueller 2019-04-23 17:10:07Bots were tied to account formerly used for pro-Saudi messaging.

Intel puts 8 cores, 16 threads, and a 2019-04-23 16:30:24Intel announces new 45W mobile parts and a full range of desktop chips.

Listen up: We’ve detected our first marsquake 2019-04-23 16:06:34"This first event officially kicks off a new field: Martian seismology."

The OnePlus 7 (and 7 Pro) are launching 2019-04-23 14:24:09The OnePlus 7 gets a launch date, display details, and more.

Check out Batman’s and Marty McFly’s rides at 2019-04-23 13:55:19The museum shared some studio shots ahead of the exhibit opening on May 5.

Dealmaster: Save on a bunch of PC accessories 2019-04-23 13:23:46Plus deals on the latest Dell XPS 13, USB-C to Lightning cables, and more.

Nintendo issues DMCA takedown for Super Mario Bros. 2019-04-23 12:09:10Impressive retro ROM was result of seven-year effort by a single coder.

AT&T’s fake 5G icons aren’t going away despite 2019-04-23 11:33:38AT&T won't have to drop misleading 5G E claims after settling with Sprint.

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Controlling instabilities gives closer look at chemistry from 2019-04-23 16:20:24While studying the chemical reactions that occur in the flow of gases around a vehicle moving at hypersonic speeds, researchers use a less-is-more met

Water walking: The new mode of rock skipping 2019-04-23 16:20:19Researchers not only reveal the physics of how elastic spheres interact with water, but they also lay the foundation for the future design of water-wa

New sensor detects rare metals used in smartphones 2019-04-23 14:55:14A more efficient and cost-effective way to detect lanthanides, the rare earth metals used in smartphones and other technologies, could be possible wit

New way to 'see' objects accelerates the future 2019-04-23 14:55:08Researchers have discovered a simple, cost-effective, and accurate new method for equipping self-driving cars with the tools needed to perceive 3D obj

Proofreading the book of life: Gene editing made 2019-04-23 13:37:21Scientists describe a method of rendering the gene editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 'immunosilent,' potentially allowing the editing and repair of genes to

Largest collection of coral reef maps ever made 2019-04-23 13:37:05Scientists offer a new way to accurately map coral reefs using a combination of Earth-orbiting satellites and field observations. This first-ever glob

Atomic beams shoot straighter via cascading silicon peashooters 2019-04-23 13:36:55Atomic beams conjure fantasies of gigantic Space Force canons. But there are real tiny atomic beams that shoot out of newly engineered collimators, a

Quantum gas turns supersolid 2019-04-23 13:36:42Researchers report on the observation of supersolid behavior in dipolar quantum gases of erbium and dysprosium. In the dysprosium gas these properties

Auroral 'speed bumps' are more complicated, scientists find 2019-04-23 11:40:31Researchers find that 'speed bumps' in space, which can slow down satellites orbiting closer to Earth, are more complex than originally thought.

Nanocomponent is a quantum leap 2019-04-23 11:40:24Researchers have developed a nanocomponent that emits light particles carrying quantum information. Less than one-tenth the width of a human hair, the

Playing video games generally not harmful to boys' 2019-04-23 11:39:56A new longitudinal study conducted in Norway looked at how playing video games affects the social skills of 6- to 12-year-olds. It found that playing

How slippery surfaces allow sticky pastes and gels 2019-04-22 17:05:33A research team that has already conquered the problem of getting ketchup out of its bottle has now tackled a new category of consumer and manufacturi

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