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16th of October 2018


How to Reduce Google Chrome Memory Usage and Free up RAM

How to Reduce Google Chrome Memory Usage and Free up RAM

Google Chrome is the most trending web browser at this time. Most of the users want to use Chrome but the main drawback of using the Chrome web browser is its more usage of memory. Due to this, Chrome has not a good reputation in the market. When Google noticed this drawback in the web browser then they also shared some tips through which you can reduce the memory usage.

You need to just follow some simple steps and there is a lot of things which is helpful to reduce the memory. As we all know that, there are many laptops available in the market with different RAM size. Some come in the high RAM and some are low. Google Chrome eats all the RAM which is allocated and you cannot able to do any actions on your computer.

When you open new tabs in the Chrome then it will consume more amount of memory. We have done a test with Mozilla Firefox and we found that there is a difference of 35 to 40 % while using 15 tabs in the Chrome or in Firefox. When the latest version of the Firefox web browser came then we found that there is a very vast positive change between the older and newer version.

Due to this, Firefox appears to be more lightweight than Google Chrome. But if you do not want to switch your work from Google Chrome then no problem. Google gave you some extensions through which you can decrease the memory usage. But it is my recommendation to download only one extension out of many because if you download many extensions then it will consume more amount of RAM. We discussed later the extensions available in the Chrome web browser but before that, we first know that how much amount of RAM does Chrome uses.

How much is RAM Chrome using?

If you want to find out the exact figure of how much amount of RAM does Chrome using then you have two options. Either you can open Windows task manager or open Chrome’s own Task Manager. Both have different functions. If you want to know the overall use of the Chrome RAM memory then you have the option of Windows Task Manager but if you want to find the extension, size and plugin usage then you can open Chrome’s Own Task Manager. By using some extensions, you can find that Chrome uses less memory without open any of the Task Manager.

1. Suspend Tabs Selectively

If you want to close the selected tabs then you can use the extension named as TooMany Tabs. With the help of this extension, you can easily select the tabs which you want to close temporarily. Just enable the extension and you are all set to close or reopen the tabs at the exact place where you closed the tabs. So that you can get all the data.

This extension is not only for reduces the memory usage but it is useful for focusing some tabs. Because when you open too many tabs in the same window of Chrome then it is difficult to find the exact tab on which you want to work. This will consume more time.

You need to hit on the extension button after installing the TooMany Tabs so that your list of open tabs will easily pull up. If you want to suspend a tab then hit on the small yellow color arrow which is present next to the tab. For restoring the suspended tabs, click on the list of suspended tabs and reopened the tabs.

2. Strip Websites

There are many websites which run in the market and slow down your computer. Except the thing is that some sites prove best itself for your browser and computer. Due to this, you can strip out many RAM through which you may face the problem of slow down your computer.

3. Close Tabs Temporarily

Enable Chrome’s native tab discarding and it will automatically close your unwanted tabs which use extra memory or you can depend on the various extensions to close the tabs. I think this is the best way to start the procedure of reducing memory.

4. Great Suspender: Suspend all Tabs

When you enable The Great Suspender extension then you can suspend all the tabs except one on which you are working. To suspend all the tabs, firstly you need to go to that tab on which you are working. Then hit The Great Suspender button and choose the option of Suspend other Tabs.

When you do this, you will find that you have only one tab left on which you are working and all the remaining tabs will be close. But sometimes, this button creates the problem. When you face the problem of not working then you just need to click the button twice or thrice until you will found the result.

With the help of this extension, you have the control over how the tabs get suspended. You have the option of selecting a particular website which you never want to be suspended. Suppose if you want to use the Gmail inbox then this extension is best for you. Just click anywhere on the window to reload the page.

This is all done for the Great Suspender extension. To suspend the single tab, a OneTab option is also present through which you can remove the tab without any exceptions. This works in such a way that all the tab will move into a single list. To restore the tabs, you just need to click restore selective tabs and close all the tabs permanently.

5. Read Mode

It works similar to the Text Mode but functionality is different. Read Mode extension stops all the ads and extra things on the website but images will appear. So, if you want to see the images on the website then it will work for you. To enable this extension, just click on the browser after open the web page.

6. Text Mode

As the name suggests, Text Mode extension in loading all the web pages in text mode. If any of the video, flash and image elements comes in the way then it gets discarded. Means you will only able to see the content and advertisement on the web page. If you want to see the web page in text mode then you need to just click the button on the browser and activate your extension.

In place of an image on the website, you will notice that the image will convert into a gray color box. When you open other websites in the same tab on which the text mode extension is activated then it will also work for other websites also except YouTube. The extension does not work for YouTube. You will see all the embeds on YouTube.

7. For Customizing Settings

To customize your Chrome browser setting, reach on the three dots button present on the top right corner in the Chrome web browser and click on it. You will see many options in which setting is the one option. Click on the Setting button and reach the last point where you will find the Advance Setting option. Click on that option and then follow three simple steps.

PrivacyContent SettingsUnSandbox Plugin Settings

After doing this, check whether the option of Ask when a site wants to use a plugin to access your computer is checked or not. If not then select the option. It is automatically checked for the default settings.

Now, chrome://plugins/ paste on the browser’s address bar for pulling up the extra settings of plugins. Untick the Always allowed to run option.

If you want to access more features then paste chrome://flags/ in the address bar which helps you to increase the speed of Chrome browser. But you need to remember one thing. This is risky for you and enables the feature with a warning message that if anything will happen wrong then you are the only person who is responsible for this. Without restarting your computer, you will never see the changing effects on your browser.

8. Optimizing Chrome

While you add all these extensions to your Chrome web browser then you must change your habits. You just need to clear the cache memory on a regular basis and make sure your chrome is always updated. If all these tips which we mentioned above are not working then remember one thing, you have many other alternative browsing options like Mozilla Firefox, Opera browser, etc.

Wrapping Up

All these extensions are really helpful to improve the speed of your computer and to reduce the memory usage but you have to update your chrome browser on a regular basis. Apart from all these extensions, there are many more extensions available in the chrome. If you know anyone of the extension then comment below so that our viewers can find some easy ways to reduce the memory usage.

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