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16th of October 2018


Bitcoin – Many Ways to Buy Your Favorite Product

Bitcoin – Many Ways to Buy Your Favorite Product

Bitcoin today is considered to be one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies among the other entire variant. This is because it’s capability of high trading values and its multiple uses. Today it stands as one of the major tools of doing business all around the globe with its multi-dimensional trading capabilities. Thus hereby we are going to look at one of the typical aspects of Bitcoin which can be used for purchasing your favorite things online from different portals with just a few finger strokes. Now before we start, let look at the process in short.

Process involved

With the rise in online shopping throughout the world, the stores have considered using Bitcoin as a mode of payment along with the different other known modes of payment such as cash, credit or debit card and etc. Now the process of purchasing from online stores through your Bitcoin is pretty simple and easy.

First thing first, before you proceed, always check that the online portal from which you are purchasing does provide you with the options of accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment. Once this has been confirmed half the work is done.

Now go to the portal, choose the product you want to buy. Once you have selected your product and ready to purchase then take up your smartphone. You can use both android and i-phone of yours for this purpose. There are certain sites from where you can buy gift cards and store them on your phone.  Then check the list of retailers and select your required one.  Once you are done, they will show you options for your purchase.

You need to select the option of Bitcoin and continue with the buying option. When you are done with that, they will ask you for the current price that you have to send to gift. Now copy the address that you have to send your Bitcoin to and once you send them the required amount they will transfer that amount of Bitcoin into cash and pay the online portal with the cash amount. You need to provide all your personal details along with the shipping address in order to finally get your hands on the product you choose.

Sites accepting Bitcoins

There are different online portal around the globe from where you can purchase your required products by the use of Bitcoin.  Here I provide a list of a few of them:

Around the globe

Microsoft-Microsoft does accept Bitcoin via the application store which helps you to download movie, games and other application-based services. Basically, it works as an alternative to cash.Reeds Jewelers Inc.-The jewelers from America who are well-known for their various types of jewelry products do accept Bitcoin as a means of payment method for the convenience of its customers.CheapAir-This airway helps you to book their flights using your Bitcoin as a means of payment. They have been accepting Bitcoin from the year 2013.Gyft-Here you can buy gift cards by using your BitcoinKFC Canada-If you are looking to have some KFC stuff then you can obviously use your Bitcoin for payment purpose.Subway-Subway– A well-known place to dine with your family and here also you can go cashless and use your Bitcoin for payment.Pembury Tavern-If you are living in London then this place is very familiar to you. This pub accepts payment via is an online portal where you can order your favorite variant of coffee buy using your Bitcoin.Jeffersons Store-If you are looking for some streetwear clothing store in Bergenfield then this is the best place to get in. This shop does allow you to make payments in can get your subscription to this well-known online newspaper by using your Bitcoin to pay.PizzaForCoins-This is another place where you can use your earned Bitcoin to buy the delicious foodstuff simply by ordering your requirement. They will verify and will send your– You can buy at&t gift card using Bitcoin.The Indian sites that accept payment in you are a fan of Amazon then you can certainly use your Bitcoin instead of cash to purchase products from them.Sapna Online-If you are interested in reading online, then Sapna Online is the best place to be in. This site does accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.Unocoin and Zebpay-They offer mobile recharge for prepaid numbers via Bitcoin.

The pros and cons involved

Here are few of the pros and cons that are associated with payment via Bitcoin.

The pros

Fewer chances of getting fraud

By purchasing products online via Bitcoin there are fewer chances that one will get cheated as the payment is directly transacted from your wallet to the merchandise’s account without any issues or concerns.  Thus no chances of any fraudulent activities involved.

The transaction fee

Payment via Bitcoin does provide a low transaction fee which is quite encouraging for those who are looking to buy products online. This would immensely boost up their energy and encourage them to do more and more transactions via Bitcoin.

Easy to use

The process is a bit easy one and does take only a few simple steps to complete.  Thus this can be one of the easiest means of payment.

The cons


Due to the volatile nature of the Bitcoin, it is quite difficult to purchase anything (any product) via Bitcoin.


Today different countries around the globe have taken cryptocurrency trading very seriously and Bitcoin being one of the major variants of crypto that is usually trade in a high number worldwide, it is quite evident that it has become a new trend for customers to purchase a product against it. If you are searching in Google how to buy bitcoin in US, UK or any other country, you will find a number of crypto exchanges online.

Now if you want to buy any product online then the best means of payment is certainly going to be Bitcoin which is widely accepted by the online merchandising portals worldwide.

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