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16th of October 2018


Hostinger VPS: Affordability Meets Premium Quality & Resources

Hostinger VPS- Affordability Meets Premium Quality & Resources

VPS hosting is considered one of the best hosting solutions that exist because of the versatility it offers. It is ideally suited for small to medium-sized businesses, offering the perfect combination of resources, stability, and affordability. And when you add the Cloud advantage to it, the benefits are simply out of this world. That is where Hostinger VPS solutions shine among all the hosting service providers out there.

So what does this web host offer in its VPS hosting plans that makes them so special?

VPS Packages

Hostinger offers 6 VPS packages to address the specific needs of different types and sizes of businesses. The plans start from just $4.99/mo, which is something unique for the industry. This allows you to get access to VPS hosting even if you are a small business. And as your business grows, you can upgrade to the next plan without any downtime.

The key features of its different plans are as follows, providing just the perfect hosting solution for everyone:

$4.99/mo: This plan offers 20GB storage space, 2GB Burst RAM and 1GB RAM, and 1000GB Bandwidth with a processing power of 2.4GHz.$14.34/mo: This VPS hosting plan is your next step and offers double the resources of the most affordable one.$24.56/mo: It is the next step in progression and offers three times the resources as the first one. There is 60GB of storage space and a staggering 7.2GHz of CPU power, allowing you to run sophisticated applications without a concern.$32.76/mo: This plan offers you four times the resources and makes an excellent option for medium sizes businesses. 4GB RAM (plus 8GB burst RAM) and 9.6GHz processing power and 80GB of storage provide all the resources your websites and applications are going to need.$49.16/mo: If you have a ton of traffic and need lots of space for your sites and/or applications, this can be just the perfect option. It provides you 120GB of space, 5000GB of bandwidth, 12GHz of CPU clock-speed, and 6GB (plus 12GB) of RAM.$65.56/mo: With 6000GB of bandwidth, 14.4GHz of processing power, and 160GB of space, this VPS plan offers great value for money.

Hostinger Cloud VPS Plans

Hostinger Cloud VPS PlansLeverage the Power of Cloud VPS offers Cloud VPS solutions that ensure higher performance, stability, and reliability compared to other service providers in the market. In fact, its Cloud VPS plans are up to 30 times faster than the most powerful shared hosting plans available in the market. Its cloud-based technology ensures zero-downtime environment so that your websites, applications, and business never suffers.

Reliable Cloud-Based Backups

Hostinger provides an easy-to-use control panel that allows easy and instant Cloud-based backup of your virtual private server. This means that you will never find yourself in a difficult situation. All your website/applications data stays safe on the Cloud at all times (powered by Hostinger’s double RAID and Cloud systems).

Create backups of files, folders, and databases in just a few clicks. You don’t need to have advanced knowledge and experience to be able to create backups or restore your VPS. The platform allows you to restore all your data in a few seconds.

The Power & Simplicity of Linux

Hostinger’s VPS hosting services are Linux based. When you choose the plans, you will come across a variety of Operating System templates. Install the template of your choice with just a few clicks without going into complicated processes.

The different options include:

CentOSUbuntuOpen SuseFedoraDebian

Hostinger VPS Speed

Hostinger VPS Speed

CentOS is a highly reliable Enterprise-level OS with a very small footprint. It is all about high performance and security while offering stability. It I the preferred web server OS everywhere offering the flexibility and power of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Full Control over Software Installation

Hostinger has really made it easier to install software. Create your own environment on your VPS by installing operating systems, software, and scripts of your choice. The auto-installer feature allows you to install any Linux-based OS and add-ons with a few clicks. Whether you an experienced developer or not, anyone with simple skills can install applications in a breeze.

The web host provides you with root access to your VPS, which means total control. Install OS and software applications of your choice or handle complex and resource-intensive projects without worrying about stability.

Dedicated IP Address

As already mentioned, Hostinger’s VPS plans offer unmatched value for money. You are able to get access to a premium list of features and resources at highly affordable prices. Even the smallest VPS plan starting from $4.99/mo offers dedicated IP address (dedicated IPv4 and IPv6). You will no longer have to worry about your scripts and extensions or initiate IPv4 mapping features for specific port connections.

24/7 Customer Support

Hostinger calls its support team as “Customer Success Team.” The team is dedicated to helping you achieve success with your endeavors. You can reach it anytime through live chat without having to wait. The professional support team is available 24/7 and all days of the year.

Even if you choose an unmanaged VPS hosting account, you can expect a level of dedication that is not found elsewhere. The web host claims its team to be an award-winning one with in-depth knowledge of its cloud-based technologies.

The Hostinger Advantage

VPS hosting is well known to provide a higher level of access to resources along with the benefit of stability. Hostinger takes things even further. You will be getting access to dedicated resources. The resources allocated will always be at your behest.

The web host carefully manages, monitors, and allocates resources to ensure that higher usage never impacts server stability. It, in fact, guarantees the stability offered by its VPS plans. Overall, Hostinger offers a premium VPS hosting service at a highly competitive pricing. It is also difficult to find so many VPS packages under the same roof, offering versatility. Its VPS plans start from prices almost close to what other shared hosting providers charge, while offering resources and services that can beat most of the VPS hosting providers.

Thus, there are many advantages and benefits of choosing this web host and its Cloud-based VPS hosting services.

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