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What Car Should I Buy? MotorTrend Editors Pick 2019-06-14 09:30:36In today’s SUV-saturated market, cars—that is, sedans, hatchbacks, and coupes—are increasingly rare. Even so, that doesn’t sto

Hot Wheels ID Is the Classic Toy Reimagined 2019-06-14 09:00:26I can’t remember how I got it, but I can vividly recall my very first Hot Wheels. It was a red double-headed dragon on four chrome wheels. I rem

Here’s Every Tesla We’ve Tested So Far 2019-06-14 04:00:32We can largely thank Tesla for making electric vehicles exciting. From the original Roadster to the more practical and mass-market Model 3, Tesla hasn

2020 Mercedes GLB-Class: 5 Things You Should Know 2019-06-14 04:00:25At Mercedes-Benz’s press drive of its new 2020 GLS-Class (stay tuned for the review), the German brand used the opportunity to show U.S. journal

Tested: Is the Genesis G70 Still a Driver’s 2019-06-14 04:00:22Here’s a story you’ve heard before: “[Upstart manufacturer] creates sports sedan to take on the BMW 3 Series.” It’s a ta

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid: Why I’d Buy It 2019-06-14 04:00:09“What car should I buy?” It’s a question consumers ask themselves every day, but what would senior production editor Zach Gale drive

WATCH 24 Hours of Le Mans Flag-to-Flag Coverage 2019-06-13 17:28:53There’s nothing quite like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and now you can get live flag-to-flag coverage with MotorTrend! Starting at 8 a.m. ET / 5 a.

15 Awesome Turo Cars for New College Graduates 2019-06-13 15:00:37Congratulations, college graduates! Receiving your diploma represents the culmination of a lifetime of work. Soon, you’ll realize you have anoth

Classic Mustangs! See Vintage Pony Cars From the 2019-06-13 15:00:04All the 1965 to 1978 Mustangs at the 55 Years of Mustang, 2019 show The post Classic Mustangs! See Vintage Pony Cars From the 55 Years of Mustang Show

Mid-Engine Corvette: Patent Hints at Potential Active Aero 2019-06-13 14:55:39The countdown is underway–GM will debut the 2020 Corvette Corvette on July 18. Among the very few concrete details we have, it will bear a new l

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Review: Wild Thing 2019-06-12 09:00:40Sterrato. It’s one of those wonderful, not quite translatable Italian words. Similar to countach, a Piedmontese expression that’s a cross

Restored Land Rover Defender Looks Really Rad 2019-06-12 08:00:39How cool would it be if you could order a custom version of your dream classic car as if it were coming right off of the assembly line? Well, if you&r


Nuro’s Pizza Robot Will Bring You a Domino’s 2019-06-17 20:24:20It’s about half the size of a sedan, and for now it needs a chase car with a babysitter. For now.

Audi Recall, Shifting Alliances, and More Car News 2019-06-16 09:00:00Audi issued a voluntary recall of its E-Tron SUV; self-driving tech startup Aurora broke up with VW and joined up with Fiat Chrysler.

New York City Flexes Again, Extending Cap on 2019-06-15 07:00:00Officials want to extend the city's limit on the number of for-hire vehicles, and may consider a congestion charge.

Lamborghini Huracán EVO Sees the Future, Makes You 2019-06-15 07:00:00The super smart supercar predicts what you'll do next—and helps you make it happen.

The Strange Mating Rituals of Self-Driving Car Companies 2019-06-12 19:34:27Aurora hooked up with Chrysler on Monday, ditched VW on Tuesday, and doubled down with Hyundai on Wednesday.

Your Cadillac Can Now Drive Itself More Places 2019-06-11 09:00:00Cadillac's Super Cruise will shut itself off when the car reaches a tricky spot where a driver needs to pay attention.

Aurora's Latest Deal Will Be a Heavy-Duty Test 2019-06-10 18:20:53Startup Aurora is putting its self-driving technology into commercial vehicles from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, expanding its long list of partnerships

Audi Recalls Some E-Tron SUVs Over a Battery 2019-06-10 17:32:41The E-Tron competes against Tesla's Model X, as well as Jaguar's I-Pace and the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz EQC.

Porsche's 911 Goes Hybrid With Vonnen's Shadow Drive 2019-06-10 07:00:00The aftermarket system adds an electric motor—and a whole lot of power—to the venerable sports car.

Electric Buses, Quiet Tires, and More Car News 2019-06-09 09:00:00Why haven't electric buses caught on? And how does Mattel shrink car designs to make Hot Wheels?

Lyft's Lawsuit Against San Francisco Is Bigger Than 2019-06-07 18:28:35Lyft's bike-share company, Motivate, had an exclusive contract with the city for its docked bike program. But if San Francisco allows a dockless bike

Why Electric Buses Haven't Taken Over the World—Yet 2019-06-07 09:48:28Here’s what stands between you and a cleaner commute.

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Damler Plant 56 at Sindelfingen goes 5G 2019-06-17 12:00:00Telefonica Deutschland and network supplier Ericsson is putting in what is claimed to be the world's first 5G mobile network for automobile productio

Renault again gives Zoe longer legs 2019-06-17 08:48:00Renault has given its little Zoe EV a third update with 52 kWh battery and an additional 100kW R135 electric motor option and boosted range to 24

VW plans 10% partial IPO for Traton unit 2019-06-17 08:31:00Volkswagen Group is planning a 10% stake listing for its Traton commercial vehicle unit. The IPO could raise up to EUR1.9bn for VW. Traton is VW's co

Continental Romania spends EUR27m expanding Iasi office building 2019-06-17 08:28:00Continental Romania said it was spending EUR27m to expand its office building in Iasi.

Bridgestone introduces lightweight tyre technology 2019-06-17 08:16:00Bridgestone has announced the launch of Enliten, a new light weight tyre technology claimed to reduce material use and rolling resistance, contribute

Unions agree to revised Renault-Samsung pay deal 2019-06-17 07:39:00Renault Samsung Motors agreed a wage deal with its labour union last week, bringing to an end months of industrial action which has resulted in produc

SAIC China sales slump 2019-06-17 07:11:00Chinese carmaker SAIC Motor reported a sharp sales decline in the first five months of 2019, of close to 17% to 2.47 million units, according to a com

Kyocera and BYD Japan to collaborate on EV 2019-06-17 07:09:00Kyocera and BYD Japan have announced a joint project to develop an integrated renewable supply-demand energy system for EVs.

JAC acquires Kazakhstan's Allur Group 2019-06-17 06:57:00JAC has successfully participated in the acquisition of the shares of Kazakhstan's Allur Group, marking the entry of the JAC Kazakhstan project into

Veoneer acquires Nissin Kogyo's interests in US VNBS 2019-06-17 06:36:00ADAS specialist Veoneer says it has signed a binding agreement with Nissin Kogyo, its joint venture partner in Veoneer Nissin Brake Systems (VNBS), pr

Nissan reports strong sales of e-LCV in UK 2019-06-17 06:25:00Nissan in the UK reports sales of its Nissan e-NV200 fully electric light van up by 200% in 2019 as more firms switch their light commercial vehicle (

Geely's LEVC spins van off range extender London 2019-06-17 05:54:00Geely-owned London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) - the latest name for Britain's main 'London Taxi' maker - has spun off a PHEV light van ba

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Next-gen Toyota Land Cruiser might ditch V-8 for 2019-06-17 13:00:00Although Toyota said it's fully committed to a new Land Cruiser for the U.S., the next-generation SUV may show up without its V-8. CarAdvice reported

GM might revive Hummer as electric SUV division 2019-06-17 11:45:00Like an automotive zombie, the Hummer brand may return from the dead. Ongoing discussions within GM are centered on reviving the SUV division as an al

BMW X3 M and X4 M, Toyota hypercar, 2019-06-17 11:00:00We've finally driven the 2020 BMW X3 M and X4 M. The hot-rod crossover SUVs arrive with up to 503 horsepower and a top speed of 177 mph, and that's

VW guarantees EV battery capacity for 8 years/100,000 2019-06-17 10:00:00Due to the proliferation of mobile devices, most people are now familiar with the concept of battery degradation, where the actual capacity of a devic

Akio Toyoda tests Toyota's race car designed for 2019-06-17 08:45:00Fresh from its win in the past weekend's 24 Hours of Le Mans, Toyota has released a video teasing a tester for the race car being developed for the n

BMW M mulls standalone cars 2019-06-17 07:30:00It was only a few years ago we heard that BMW M was too busy to launch a standalone model to compete with rival offerings like the Audi R8 and Mercede

Updated Dendrobium D-1 electric hypercar debuts at Le 2019-06-17 06:00:00British startup Dendrobium used the past weekend's 24 Hours of Le Mans to show off the updated version of the D-1 electric hypercar. The D-1 was orig

Toyota secures one-two finish at 2019 24 Hours 2019-06-17 02:00:00Toyota secured a one-two finish on Sunday at the 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans following a dramatic final hour in the season-ending race of the 2018-2019 W

First drive review: 2020 BMW X3 M Competition 2019-06-16 18:01:00The precise distinction between cars and crossover SUVs (or Sport Activity Vehicles, as BMW prefers to call its crossovers) is a topic of spirited deb

You can now order wild liveries direct from 2019-06-16 08:00:00Porsche customers won't need to be held back by factory colors with the launch of Second Skin. The new service, which the brand revealed on Wednesday

Not one, but two iconic BMW race cars 2019-06-16 02:00:00BMW hasn't competed in Formula One, or the lower-rung Formula Two, since 2009 but here's the chance to own two pieces of history from both echelons

Here's how Rimac designs its supercars 2019-06-15 08:00:00We've arrived at episode three of four for Rimac's in-depth facility tour, and this one focuses on how the firm designs its supercars. To date, the

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Porsche Is Selling Vinyl Car Wraps, Bro! 2019-06-14 15:43:44Like the sketchy garage near your old apartment, Porsche is now selling vinyl car wraps. Considering full-body aftermarket wraps have become incr

Lemon Juice and Paper Cuts: The 2020 Alpine 2019-06-14 14:54:25Every automotive journalist has a mental list of new models they’d like to see migrate to their home country. For many residing in North America

Fiat Chrysler Gains Partners to Help Ease Europeans 2019-06-14 14:11:53Fiat Chrysler is no stranger to paying the piper when it comes to its less-than-stellar fleetwide emissions, with steep fines and pricey regularly cre

Waiting On World Domination: Vietnam’s VinFast Launches First 2019-06-14 13:15:30Real-estate conglomerate Vingroup JSC’s auto unit, VinFast, rolled out its first model today, which also means Vietnam officially has a automake

Rental Review: 2019 Hyundai Kona SE 2019-06-14 12:04:26Allow me to take you on a trip in the Wayback Machine for a moment. The year was 2001, and a 23-year-old Bark (that’s me) had just gotten a job

Can’t Get No Tariff Relief: Tesla, GM, Nissan, 2019-06-14 11:37:22Large U.S. companies hoping to side-step the 25 percent tariff on Chinese goods by appealing to the government aren’t having much luck. Since Ju

Ex-Lincoln Design Boss Shows up at Nissan 2019-06-14 10:16:33That didn’t take long. After six years spent crafting the design language of Lincoln’s growing stable of vehicles, design director David W

Additional Safety Features Coming to Toyota Vehicles for 2019-06-14 09:13:43Fans of excessive idling will want to consider a 2019 Toyota model rather than a 2020. The automaker has announced two new safety features destined fo

Piston Slap: Droppin’ Knowledge on Headlight Wiring Voltage 2019-06-14 08:03:52Randy writes: A few weeks ago I installed a pair of 9003 Philips Vision Plus 30 bulbs in an attempt to improve my wife’s Tucson headlight output

Florida Governor Signs Bill Allowing AVs Without Human 2019-06-13 16:58:28Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed CS/HB 311: Autonomous Vehicles into law on Thursday, claiming the state has effectively removed “

The Death Wobble: FCA Sued Over Alleged Jeep 2019-06-13 16:19:24A Jeep Wrangler owner has accused Fiat Chrysler Automobiles of ignoring an alleged safety issue with the vehicle’s steering system; one that lea

Old Truck, Hot Package 2019-06-13 15:21:57You’ve probably just read about the Performance Appearance Package foisted on the doomed Chrysler 300. Now that your heart rate has returned to

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Israel becomes latest hotbed for auto tech 2019-06-17 00:00:01Since General Motors opened an Israeli r&d center in 2008, dozens of automakers and Tier 1 suppliers have followed to tap into the country's high

How long can Bigland work at FCA amid 2019-06-17 00:00:01For now, the embattled sales chief, who has filed a whistleblower lawsuit, is focused on ensuring FCA and its dealers keep hitting their numbers each

Inventory levels dip to lowest since Jan. 2019-06-17 00:00:01U.S. inventory levels inched down in May to their lowest point since the start of the year with the help of strong sales over Memorial Day weekend.

Aurora prizes independence in AV world 2019-06-17 00:00:01After its breakup with VW, Aurora began a fresh pairing with FCA, and VW apparently moved closer to a new tie-up with Ford that could reshape the auto

A new era brings new challenges to automaker-supplier 2019-06-17 00:00:01As vehicle technology grows more complex, the electrical and electronics purchasing area is becoming a new sore spot in supplier and automaker relatio

FTC data breach deal sets precedent 2019-06-17 00:00:01Social Security, driver's license and credit card numbers were siphoned out of a DMS provider's directories associated with five dealership clients

GM urges patience as Silverado falls to No. 2019-06-17 00:00:01Executives insist the shake-up in a closely watched battle with major image and profit implications isn't a sign of trouble and say the pickups' lau

Ford suits show ‘fine line' in patent cases 2019-06-17 00:00:01Ford, which teaches engineers to "copy with pride" when they see someone else has a better solution, faces several allegations of intellectual-prope

FCA-Renault deal revival hinges on Nissan backing, French 2019-06-16 07:04:41Fiat Chrysler CEO Mike Manley may have met with Renault executives in Paris to begin new talks over a merger between the two automakers, an Italian ne

HONDA'S HENIO ARCANGELI: Cars matter 2019-06-16 00:00:01The new U.S. chief is focused on rebuilding the Acura brand and restoring a car culture in America.

Land Rover to expand global markets of new 2019-06-14 16:22:05Land Rover will sell the new Defender in China, expanding the global markets for the new generation of its iconic off-roader.

Mich., partners offer grants to Israeli mobility companies 2019-06-14 14:16:02Grant recipients will be able to test products in extreme weather conditions and will have access to Michigan's tech hubs and industry leaders.

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General Motors Considering To Bring Back the Hummer 2019-06-17 12:50:15The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle entered service in 1983, and AM General developed a civilian version of the Hummer in the early 1990s.

LEVC Van Unveiled as London Black Cabs Offspring 2019-06-17 11:39:22The familiar look of London’s black cabs will no longer be limited to this type of vehicles. Starting the end of next year, the light commercial

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Outsold By Ram 1500, But 2019-06-17 11:10:51Sitting at number two for a long, long time, the Chevrolet Silverado has been dethroned by the Ram 1500. Since the all-new Silverado light-duty pickup

Byton Shows More of the Crazy Big Screen 2019-06-17 10:51:01When it comes to screens, regardless of their use, size does matter. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the screens that go into our cars grow

Jay Kay's Ferrari GTC4Lusso is Purple With Gold 2019-06-17 10:16:06Kanye West once said 'I get it custom, you a customer,' but it's not just rappers that live by the mantra. UK musician Jay Kay is one of the bigges

Jet Pack Racing Over the Thames Is Not 2019-06-17 09:53:57Ever since they created machines that are faster than themselves, humans have been racing each other on land, sea and in the air with various degrees

Opel Recalling Adam, Corsa Over Excessive Emissions 2019-06-17 09:42:44Approximately 210,000 vehicles are under recall, gasoline-fueled Adam and Corsa models. Bild am Sonntag reports that 54,000 of them are in Germany, an

2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake Starts at €32,200, 2019-06-17 08:56:13Three months after spilling the beans on the Shooting Brake variant of the new CLA, German carmaker Mercedes-Benz finally opened the order books for t

BMW M Stand-Alone Models Under Consideration 2019-06-17 08:45:07As you’re well aware, BMW pulled out of the World Endurance Championship after one season with the M8 GTE. The Bavarians finished fifth –

Volkswagen ID.3 Batteries to Be 70 Percent Usable 2019-06-17 07:54:07Not long has passed since Volkswagen unveiled the first production electric car in its new ID family, and the order books have quickly reached over 20

2020 Renault Zoe Debuts With 390-Kilometer Range, Better 2019-06-17 07:52:46The Opel Corsa-e and Peugeot e-208 are asking for a slice of the European electric hatchback mar...

2021 Hyundai i20 Spied With Angry Face, Is 2019-06-17 07:48:09One by one subcompact cars are being killed off in North America. But although profit margins aren't huge, they are still among the most popular in E

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