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World War II's Indelible Influence on Technology 2020-07-31 07:00:00When WWII broke out on Sept. 1, 1939 with Germany's invasion of Poland, few could have expected the technological leaps that would occur over the nex

New Security Hole Puts Windows and Linux Users 2020-07-29 13:10:00If you are a Windows or Linux user, brace yourself for a long siege of vulnerability nightmares. The fix will be long and treacherous and could brick

Amazon Gives Alexa App a Makeover 2020-07-29 07:00:00Amazon's Alexa mobile app has a new look. The company on Monday introduced an updated version of the app that aims to give users a more personalized

Garmin Confirms Services Upended by Ransomware Attack 2020-07-28 07:00:00Garmin on Monday confirmed that many of its online services have been disrupted by a cyberattack on its systems that occurred on July 23, 2020. Servic

The Essential Need for 5G in the COVID 2020-07-27 07:00:00Our infrastructure wasn't set up to suddenly shift massive amounts of traffic from companies to homes. Exacerbating this are cable networks with shar

The Case Against Full-Disk Encryption 2020-07-27 07:00:00The information security industry, with all its raging debates, has rallied around a small corpus of best practices. One of the highest on this list i

Beware of Counterfeit Network Equipment 2020-07-24 07:00:00Counterfeit hardware, especially in corporate settings, is a recurring problem that often goes unnoticed. Having such gear online poses serious financ

US Cloud Gaming Subscriptions Target $3B 2020-07-22 07:00:00Consumer interest in cloud gaming could boost annual subscription revenues to nearly US$3 billion, according to Parks Associates. There is renewed int

Windows 10X to Eliminate Onboard 32-Bit Apps: Report 2020-07-21 12:11:03Windows 10X began as a streamlined operating system for the Surface Neo, a premium mobile device with two screens that opened like a book. Now Microso

The Past, Present and Future of Attribute-Based Encryption 2020-07-21 07:00:00Encryption is an obscure but critical part of everyday life. That padlock in the address bar of the website you're visiting represents the 's' afte

Why Microsoft Teams Will Be the De Facto 2020-07-20 07:00:00I've been covering video conferencing since before we called it video conferencing. It has been an exciting and somewhat painful technology to watch

AutoTux Is a Real Distro With a 'No 2020-07-17 07:00:00AutoTux is a fully automated Linux distribution that is literally a hands-off event from start to finish. It goes a long way to adopting Linux a no-br


Antlion ModMic Wireless review: One step closer to 2020-08-14 06:30:00Antlion’s ModMic line always appealed to me in theory. Forget buying a gaming headset of questionable repute. Acquire a high-end pair of headpho

Focal Stellia review: The most exquisite headphone we’ve 2020-08-14 06:00:00This magnificent headphone offers a heavenly sound with a devilish price tag.

Ecobee Total Home Comfort and Security Bundle review: 2020-08-14 06:00:00There are excellent components in this package, but they don’t add up to a great DIY home security system.

Intel 11th-gen Tiger Lake vs. AMD Ryzen 4000: 2020-08-14 06:00:00Now that Intel’s finally announced its new Tiger Lake CPU for laptops Thursday morning, we can finally start making the odds on which chip will

Razer launches left-handed Naga gaming mouse for Left-Handers 2020-08-13 16:15:00Although left-handers make up about ten percent of the population, left-handed gaming mice are rare. Razer, however, has committed to lefties, and int

Epic is giving away A Total War Saga: 2020-08-13 13:39:00It’s August 13, the day that Epic gives away a free copy of A Total War Saga: Troy. But you’ll need to act fast, because this free game is

Why the Microsoft Surface Duo already worries me 2020-08-13 12:39:00The Microsoft Surface Duo is a smartphone I haven’t tested yet—but based on what I do know, it already has me worried. It’

Intel promises 'dramatic' clock speed increases in Tiger 2020-08-13 11:52:00Intel has revealed more details of what’s under the hood of its upcoming Tiger Lake chip—including its new Willow Cove CPU architecture an

Intel's 'Client 2.0' computer of the future is 2020-08-13 09:00:00If Intel's view of the future is right, you may one day be shopping for a compute device that's custom-tailored for you, rather than a device that'

Intel plans Xe consumer graphics for laptops first, 2020-08-13 09:00:00Intel’s upcoming Xe HPG discrete graphics card will indeed have hardware ray tracing, the company confirmed on Wednesday. The catch? T

Intel's Alder Lake chip pushes performance, then battery 2020-08-13 09:00:00Intel’s Alder Lake chip will build upon its predecessor, the first hybrid core known as Lakefield, by prioritizing performance over battery life

The best gaming headsets: Reviews and buying advice 2020-08-12 19:21:00The next great peripherals war is being waged over your ears. After every company on the planet put out a gaming mouse and then a mechanical keyboard,


Facebook’s former PR chief explains why no one 2020-08-14 17:46:11At TechCrunch Early Stage, I spoke with Coatue Management GP Caryn Marooney about startup branding and how founders can get people to pay attention to

Sequoia Capital has internal crash courses for its 2020-08-14 17:44:43No matter what you think of Sequoia Capital, the firm doesn’t rest on its laurels. Though it’s now managing ungodly amounts of money and h

Thoughts on ‘self-driving money,’ day trading and product 2020-08-14 16:43:39Andy Rachleff founded Wealthfront a decade ago to give investors a better and smarter way to manage their wealth, building on core academic research s

Facebook pushes back against Apple’s App Store fees 2020-08-14 16:08:49Facebook joined the growing ranks of companies publicly complaining about the 30% fee that Apple collects on payments made through its App Store. Thos

Human Capital: A timeline of Uber and Lyft’s 2020-08-14 15:45:03Welcome back to Human Capital. This week, Uber and Lyft's legal battle against a California law pertaining to independent contractors continued, and

Facebook launches support for paid online events 2020-08-14 15:42:03Businesses will now be able to monetize online events on Facebook, thanks to a new feature that the social network is launching in the United States a

With a new general partner and without Alexis 2020-08-14 14:58:00Initialized Capital, the early-stage venture firm that got its start inside of Y Combinator almost a decade ago and spun out of the organization rough

NASA and SpaceX target October 23 for first 2020-08-14 14:55:49NASA and SpaceX have set a specific target date for Crew-1, the first operational crewed mission for SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft. Crew-1 wil

Travel startups cry foul over what Google’s doing 2020-08-14 13:33:38As the antitrust drumbeat continues to pound on tech giants, with Reuters reporting comments today from the U.S. Justice Department that it’s mo

Eliminate DevOps waste with Japanese management practices 2020-08-14 13:02:16Waste is the cardinal sin of lean methodology.

Warner Music acquires IMGN, a social media publishing 2020-08-14 12:13:12It’s a whole new playing field these days for music labels and publishers, and today one of the biggies made an acquisition to help it shar

Facebook tests TikTok-style video format on its main 2020-08-14 12:08:39Facebook is going all-in on short-form videos. After flirting with the idea in Lasso, a TikTok-clone it tested in select markets, and adding a similar

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Facebook dramatically increases hate speech crackdown, removing 22.5 2020-08-12 19:04:11Facebook has seen a dramatic increase in the number of posts it removed due to hate speech after implementing changes to its automation capabilities.

Ex-Pinterest COO sues company for gender discrimination, wrongful 2020-08-12 16:00:23She took a job as Pinterest’s Chief Operating Officer in March 2018 after serving in leadership roles with Charles Schwab, Google, and Square.

Pentagon develops new 'Kill Vehicle' Interceptor to destroy 2020-08-12 14:02:04Space-traveling missiles, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and hypersonic attacks are giving adversaries new potential ways to strike Ameri

Amazon Music podcasts may not 'disparage' Amazon, now-deleted 2020-08-12 13:43:03Amazon will soon let podcasters host their shows on Amazon Music and Audible, but the new opportunity initially came with a certain concession.

Online fraud is surging: Five facts you probably 2020-08-12 13:10:01Online fraud is surging as more people stay at home and online activity increases.

First B-21 test aircraft starting to 'look like 2020-08-11 12:40:03The first B-21 stealth bomber test aircraft is “starting to look like an airplane” as parts arrive, suppliers integrate technologies and p

Tech smarts: How to tell if someone blocked 2020-08-11 05:00:00In the time of quarantine and social distancing, our phones keep us connected to the people we care about.

Belarus experienced 'nation-scale' internet disruption during election, says 2020-08-10 08:05:40Belarus was hit with widespread disruption in internet connectivity during the country’s closely-watched election Sunday, according to web monit

One lie security experts use all the time 2020-08-09 04:00:31Our online identities are always under attack. If you think that sounds dramatic, consider this: Cybercrime makes about $1.5 trillion in profits a yea

God mode, remote help, and video streaming: Windows 2020-08-08 04:00:42Windows 10 turned five this past July. Over time, the operating system can start to take its toll on older computers. Tap or click here for proven way

Dystopian Deeds: How China's top-notch mass surveillance system 2020-08-07 15:17:28Every millimeter of Beijing is monitored by state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, according to the Beijing Public Safety Bureau.

Air Force and Navy air-launch ICBM 2020-08-06 14:34:49U.S. nuclear triad exist to ensure a decisive retaliatory strike.


All the Internet vs DuckDuckGo Search Engines Comparison 2020-08-09 01:19:23Many of us might have heard about DuckFuckGo, mainly due to its core feature that doesn’t track users and the way it indexes onion URLs (Deep or

TTH 1st Link Full 2020-08-07 14:05:16The post TTH 1st Link Full appeared first on Thetechhacker.

Use ‘Raise Hand’ Feature In Zoom On Desktop 2020-08-07 00:33:23We all have attended meetings and conferences, and even in lectures, it’s a common courtesy to raise your hand before speaking or asking a quest

Understanding BAS: How to Lodge Your Business Activity 2020-08-06 12:24:55Doing business in any country requires compliance with the regulations and laws of the land. In Australia, business owners need to submit a form calle

Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 20 series along 2020-08-06 03:34:17We already knew that Samsung had an event lined up for August 5 and it was expected that the company would release new smartphones in its lineup at th

Can’t Watch Your Favorite Sports? A DAZN VPN 2020-08-05 12:40:44Living in an area with not much sports coverage, or at least not the leagues you’re interested in? Or maybe your holiday abroad starts Friday, b

Google Play Music shutting down for all starting 2020-08-05 04:39:58It is known that Google is a company which likes to keep on experimenting with things and it is also one of those firms that like to shut down a lot o

There will be a ban on TikTok from 2020-08-04 04:14:01We know that the situation for TikTok and its parent company ByteDance is grim right now because the app has already been banned in one of its most po

Easy Way To Share Screen On Zoom (Desktop 2020-08-03 22:04:34Screen Sharing is a feature of Zoom that has made it the most powerful video conferencing app among others like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and simil

Look Better On Zoom With Touch Up Appearance. 2020-08-02 22:29:10Due to the COVID outbreak, everyone has resorted to online video-conferencing. Many of us rely on Zoom to attend meetings, host webinars, and even to

Twitter is working on these features for its 2020-08-01 03:32:16The talks about Twitter have been never-ending this month first because of the fact that a massive hack took place on the platform where users were sc

Apple confirms its iPhone 12 launch will take 2020-07-31 03:22:42While we don’t see a confirmation from Apple regarding their upcoming smartphones or something similar to that beforehand, we are all living in


New Pokemon TCG card set released with VMAX 2020-08-14 17:32:30Today we’re taking a peek at some of the most awesome cards from the newest Pokemon (TCG) card game set. This is Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield

Facebook joins Fortnite in blasting Apple “App Store 2020-08-14 16:55:00Facebook has joined Fortnite developer Epic Games in criticizing Apple over its App Store payments cut, calling out the iPhone-maker as it launches a

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 teardown reveals good news 2020-08-14 16:50:24The team at iFixit has published its teardown of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, the company’s latest smartwatch model. As with past teardowns, the

NASA details plan for first regular SpaceX Crew 2020-08-14 15:56:16NASA has shared details on the latest evolution in its Commercial Crew program, stating that it will work with SpaceX to conduct the first regular rot

EA Access and Origin Access are making a 2020-08-14 15:54:17For a few years now, Electronic Arts has offered a subscription service that serves up perks like early trials of upcoming games and access to a colle

COVID-19 symptoms timeline details the order to watch 2020-08-14 15:17:20New research pinning down the likely order in which COVID-19 symptoms appear could help identify potential new cases faster, scientists claim, particu

Microsoft Ultimate Game Sale discounts Xbox, PC games, 2020-08-14 14:15:36There’s never any lack of video game sales in the summertime, and today, it seems it’s Microsoft’s turn to host one. Microsoft has k

Motorola inflatable chair just jumped the shark 2020-08-14 14:06:36Motorola wanted to remind people that their original Motorola razr phone was released in the year 2004. To do this, Motorola teamed up with the compan

The huge rocket for the ULA Vulcan just 2020-08-14 14:00:31The new rocket motor for the huge ULA Vulcan is one step closer to launching into space, with Northrop Grumman successfully putting one of the beastly

2021 Polestar 2 First Drive – Electric Confidence 2020-08-14 13:25:19The Polestar 2 arrives to plenty of big expectations. Probably the most direct competition the Tesla Model 3 has faced so far, this handiwork of a Vol

Pokemon GO Genesect weakness, raid counters, best to 2020-08-14 13:14:26Today we’re taking a peek at The Paleozoic Pokemon, aka the Ancient Pokemon Genesect! This Pokemon was just released into Pokemon GO in raid bat

Horizon Zero Dawn first PC patch now live: 2020-08-14 12:14:21Former PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn came to PC last week, and it’s safe to say that the player reception has been more or less mixe


M2S All-Go Cargo: Dual battery cargo bike gets 2020-08-14 16:47:45 M2S, an internet order electric bike company, enters the cargo fray with the All-Go Cargo, a dual battery long-tail cargo bike. The popular long tail

Elon Musk: Tesla is working hard on increasing 2020-08-14 15:36:11 Elon Musk says that Tesla is “working hard on increasing Powerwall production”, as delivery delays are extending into 2021. more…

Podcast: Tesla battery breakthrough, TSLA stock split, Hyundai 2020-08-14 15:32:31 This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including a Tesla battery

Tesla files patent for smart summon co-authored by 2020-08-14 14:11:21 Tesla is patenting its smart summon feature built around Autopilot and the patent is co-authored by Elon Musk himself. more… The post Tesla f

Green Deals: GOTRAX G2 Electric Scooter is $178 2020-08-14 13:25:37 Walmart offers the GOTRAX G2 Electric Scooter for $178 shipped. Originally $299, we’ve typically seen it closer to $250 in recent months. Today

Tesla Model Y ‘surprises’ in highway speed test 2020-08-14 11:19:14 Tesla Model Y’s highway efficiency has been put to test against the rest of Tesla’s lineup, and it “surprises,” according to

Daredevils on electric Onewheels flying down a mountainside? 2020-08-14 09:23:43 They say the first-ever motorcycle race occurred after someone built the second ever motorcycle. I’m not sure if the same was true about the se

Tesla (TSLA) surges as investors get in before 2020-08-14 09:15:37 Tesla’s stock (TSLA) is surging 18% over the last few days as investors are getting in just before Battery Day and the important announcements

Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup working replica looks insanely 2020-08-14 05:00:46 A DIYer went above and beyond in making a Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup working replica that looks insanely good inside and out. more… The

Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle rider makes spontaneous 3,500 2020-08-14 03:36:46 Felix Stellmaszek is a spur-of-the-moment kind of guy; he says it’s just part of his personality. So when the Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric

Tesla hints at new car model made in 2020-08-13 17:04:34 Tesla is hinting at working on a new car model made in China with new job openings in the country. more… The post Tesla hints at new car mode

Quick Charge Podcast: August 13, 2020 2020-08-13 16:00:02 Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from Electrek. Quick Charge is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn a

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Simple mod makes quantum states last 10,000 times 2020-08-13 15:58:19A team of scientists has announced the discovery of a simple modification that allows quantum systems to stay operational -- or 'coherent' -- 10,000

Efficient low-cost system for producing power at night 2020-08-13 15:22:46Researchers have designed an off-grid, low-cost modular energy source that can efficiently produce power at night. The system uses commercially availa

New catalyst efficiently turns carbon dioxide into useful 2020-08-13 15:22:40By efficiently converting CO2 into complex hydrocarbon products, a new catalyst could potentially aid in large-scale efforts to recycle excess carbon

Pancake bonding as a new tool to construct 2020-08-13 14:49:16New research has led to the discovery of a novel magnetic compound in which two magnetic dysprosium metal ions are bridged by two aromatic organic rad

New tools catch and release molecules at the 2020-08-13 14:24:00A team has developed a class of light-switchable, highly adaptable molecular tools with new capabilities to control cellular activities. The antibody-

Hubble finds that Betelgeuse's mysterious dimming is due 2020-08-13 13:45:58Observations are showing that the unexpected dimming of the supergiant star Betelgeuse was most likely caused by an immense amount of hot material eje

Contaminants from Mount Polley tailings spill continue to 2020-08-13 13:45:55Natural mixing of lake waters may re-suspend contaminants deposited in a catastrophic mine spill six years ago, according to a new article.

Sustainable nylon production made possible by bacteria discovery 2020-08-13 13:12:59Scientists have developed a sustainable method of making one of the most valuable industrial chemicals in the world - known as adipic acid -- which is

Fundamentally new approach to ultrasound imaging 2020-08-13 13:12:57Researchers have demonstrated a new technique for creating ultrasound images. The new approach is substantially simpler than existing techniques and c

Artificial intelligence recognizes deteriorating photoreceptors 2020-08-13 12:35:52A software based on artificial intelligence (AI) enables the precise assessment of the progression of geographic atrophy (GA), a disease of the light

Warming Greenland ice sheet passes point of no 2020-08-13 12:35:50Nearly 40 years of satellite data from Greenland shows that glaciers on the island have shrunk so much that even if global warming were to stop today,

AI system for high precision recognition of hand 2020-08-13 10:31:14Scientists have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that recognises hand gestures by combining skin-like electronics with computer vision

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