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22nd of February 2018


How to Get More out of Your Workouts -

Ah, February. You spent all of January on your New Year’s resolutions, working out and eating better. Ok, sure there were a few cheat days, but that’s normal. You’re one month in, somehow you’re not ripped, and that six pack is nowhere to be seen. What gives?

If you’re feeling like the time you put in at the gym isn’t having the desired effects, it’s important to know working out is just as much a lifestyle decision as it is a daily activity. There are many things you can do — both in the gym and in daily life — that will maximize your results.

Take a look at some of these quick tips. You don’t have to do them all at once, but every little bit helps. Getting fit can be a game of inches.

Be Consistent

We’re not suggesting you should over-train or do the same routine all the time. But if you’re trying to get fit, consistency is key. Begin by committing to working out three or four days a week. When you exercise, go through your entire routine for that day, and don’t sell yourself short. As your body gets accustomed to working out, you’ll have more energy and motivation, and you’ll be ready to exercise more frequently.

Up the Intensity

Pushing yourself is the only way to achieve results you can be proud of — whether you’re working toward being comfortable with a new routine or trying to break a plateau. Instead of spending more time working out, think about training at or near your max for short stints. Studies have shown this approach can be far more effective than repeating the same moderate-intensity routine day after day.

Use Muscle Confusion

When we train the same way all the time, our muscles naturally strengthen in a way that is conducive to that exercise. Change it up frequently by doing new types of workouts that will challenge different muscle groups and force you to move in different ways.

One excellent example of this is working out in the water. The change in resistance opens up a whole new world of possible workouts you can do using equipment as simple as wrist and ankle weights.

Make a Playlist

Worried about being that obnoxious person head-banging in the gym? Why? Everyone else is there to get pumped up, too. When your favorite song comes on in the last 10 minutes of your workout and you go for broke, you’ll appreciate how much better your workout was because you planned a way to make it fun and encouraging with music. Just don’t sing along too loudly.

Join the Fitness Community

Self-motivating can be difficult for many people. Imagine having someone else who could be that bug in your ear when you don’t want to hit the gym. The good news is, exercise is a fantastic way to make new friends. Find someone who is knowledgeable and can push you to attain your goals, or take on a protégé who will encourage you to remain at your peak.

Many popular new apps help you connect with active people like you who are looking for a workout partner. Even better, you can compare results with others who use the app.

Keep Your Head in the Game

Unless you’re using it for music or accessing your training app, put your phone away when it’s time to work out. Switching between exercise and socializing will keep you in the gym longer and increase the time between sets, which can negatively affect results.

These are just a few of the many ways you can take your workout to the next level. Don’t forget the things you can do away from the gym, too, such as getting enough rest and eating right. Follow these tips, don’t get discouraged and you will be amazed what you can accomplish.

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