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20th of March 2018


How to Use Your Mind More Efficiently in Five Steps -

Step One

The first step to using your mind is clear away any fears, anxieties, or past setbacks—and get completely committed to being in control of you. This may sound difficult, but once you realize that you’re in control of what has happened to you—and thus, what will happen to you, you begin to understand that you actually have power. The idea that we have power is commonly taken away from people when they are young.  So, step one––understand that you are in control of your mind.

Step Two

The second step to using your mind efficiently is to decide on the one thing that you want to do, accomplish, or conquer in your life. This can range from anything—from finishing a project, beginning a new business, traveling somewhere, to finding a soulmate. So, decide on this destination point in life—and make the commitment that you will do it— or tweak it—until you achieve it. The life journey can be seen similarly to following a map. You are HERE. You want to be THERE. So, you decide you will get THERE—and will not stop until you are. Pick where you want to be, and keep going until you’re there. Sometimes, there are roadblocks, detours, and we have to make U-Turns… but if you have a destination, just decide you want to be there and take the steps. Know that you have the point in mind and direct your mind to keep you going there.

Step Three

The third step to using your mind more efficiently is to wake up every morning and make sure to remove any attitudes from your mindset that consist of anything negative. Do not let anger, hatred, envy, jealousy, depression, worry, discouragement, fear bother you.

You have the power to concentrate on what’s working and what is in store for you. You have the power. You! Don’t let anyone step all over you. Don’t let anyone belittle you. Don’t give away your power.

Stay positive.

Mike Bloomberg has been quoted as saying, “I’m 73 years old, I don’t do doubt and I don’t do bad days.”

Decide not to have a bad day. Concentrate on your power, your focus, and remain positive. Breathe. If you decide to block out doubt—or use it as a compass point, you are going to move very far.

Step Four

The fourth step to working with your mind is to use visualization techniques. You can envision what you want by using constructive imagery. Be sure to imagine what is ideal for you. As you envision or visualize that which you want every day, your mind will continue to think about it, and as you may have heard before, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” So, be sure to keep your mind’s eye on what you want—and soon, you will see it in front of you. Make sure, though, that you take action on what you want. If you see an opportunity, take it. Don’t sit around waiting for something to show up. Visualize it, make a plan, believe it will happen, and do what it takes to get you to your point of attraction.

Step Five

Here we are at the last step. Start to look for the good in others. Look at people and notice what you like about them. So many of us unconsciously judge others—and it’s usually an auto-pilot effect. If you decide to click on the admiration switch in your mind, you will start to notice what you like about people, and thus, in turn, you will see the good in you too. When you start to notice what you respect in others, you will begin to develop it too.

Here’s a little quote from Christian D. Larson:

“The Path to Greater Things

Dream constantly of the ideal; work ceaselessly to perfect the real.

Believe in yourself; believe in everybody; believe in all that has existence.

Give the body added strength; give the mind added brilliancy; give the soul added inspiration.

Do your best under every circumstance, and believe that every circumstance will give its best to you.

Live for the realization of more life and for the more efficient use of everything that proceeds from life.

Desire eternally what you want; expect eternally what you desire, and act as if every expectation were coming true.”

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