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Astrophysicists May Have Found Universe’s ‘Missing Mass’ 2019-02-18 10:45:05About a third of the normal matter — meaning hydrogen, helium and other elements — created shortly after the Big Bang is not seen in the p

New Species of Aloe Discovered in Somaliland 2019-02-18 09:01:00A species of aloe believed to be new to science has been found in Somaliland, a self-declared state, internationally considered to be an autonomous re

ALMA Detects Salts around Young Star 2019-02-18 06:24:07Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have detected the chemical fingerprints of sodium chloride (NaCl), potassium

Study: Sleep Improves Ability of Human Immune Cells 2019-02-18 03:25:53A new study published online in the Journal of Experimental Medicine describes how sleep can fight off an infection, whereas other conditions, such as

Astronomers Discover Large Stream of Stars in Solar 2019-02-15 14:01:31Astronomers using ESA’s Gaia satellite have discovered a large stellar stream that is currently traversing the immediate solar neighborhood at a

Nature Favors Production of Asymmetrical Pollen Grains 2019-02-15 11:15:51According to a new study published in the journal Cell, plants favor the production of uneven, asymmetrical patterns on the surface of pollen grains o

New Titanosaurian Dinosaur Unearthed in Tanzania 2019-02-15 08:23:39Paleontologists in Tanzania have found fossil fragments from a new species of giant dinosaur that walked the Earth approximately 100 million years ago

Researchers Identify Gene as Target for Alcoholism Prevention 2019-02-15 07:18:46A team of scientists from the Oregon National Primate Research Center at Oregon Health and Sciences University has found that a gene called the G-prot

Ultima Thule’s ‘Lobes’ Are Not Spherical, New Horizons 2019-02-14 13:45:26A series of images from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft contains important scientific information about the true shape of the Kuiper Belt object

Researchers Discover New Species of Softshell Turtle 2019-02-14 12:18:27A team of scientists from Hungary, Germany and Vietnam has discovered a new, critically endangered species of softshell turtle in north-central Vietna

Chimpanzees’ Gestural Communication Follows Same Laws as Human 2019-02-14 10:43:28According to a new study, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, gestures of chimpanzees follow the same mathematical patterns — k

Underground Volcanism on Mars May Have Been Active 2019-02-14 06:52:56Recent radar observations from ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft were interpreted as evidence for melting beneath the south polar ice cap of Mars. N

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Ancient Sri Lankans Figured Out How to Sustainably 2019-02-19 17:27:38Some 45,000 years ago, the tropical rainforests of Sri Lanka teemed with dangerous plants and lacked big game, yet people made a life there. Our

The Case for Protecting the Apollo Landing Areas 2019-02-19 17:15:31Why did the hominin cross the plain? We may never know. But anthropologists are pretty sure that a smattering of bare footprints preserved in volcanic

Astronomers Spot a Supermassive Black Hole Bouncing Jets 2019-02-19 17:00:34Supermassive black holes lurk in the hearts of every large galaxy. Some blast out jets that can spill into its host galaxy or even beyond. The energy

Snapshot: Close-up With a Human Teardrop 2019-02-19 16:30:35Tears often leave our faces feeling (and tasting) salty, but a closer look reveals the intricate patterns they can leave behind. Norm Barker, directo

Glued to Their Phones? Study Says Children Still 2019-02-19 15:17:11As technology advances, so do our fears about it. Socrates himself didn’t care for the new advancement of writing. And my parents were alwa

The Fight to Return An Iconic Skull to 2019-02-19 13:24:44The town of Kabwe sits about 70 miles north of Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, as the crow flies. Just over 200,000 people live in this major transpor

Physicists Finally Discover Why Grapes Ignite in the 2019-02-18 18:14:51Consider the humble grape. Small, spheroid, with pleasantly taut skin, leaving a burst of sweetness on the tongue. Hardly a fruit you'd need to

First Evidence of a Giant Exoplanet Collision 2019-02-18 16:45:09For the first time ever, astronomers think they've discovered an exoplanet that survived a catastrophic collision with another planet. And according

Why Do We Forget Things? It May Make 2019-02-18 15:15:14In the quest to fend off forgetfulness, some people build a palace of memory. It’s a method for memorizing invented in ancient times by (legend

Think You Love Your Partner? It's Complicated 2019-02-18 14:54:33Valentine cards are filled with expressions of unequivocal adoration and appreciation. That’s fitting for the holiday set aside to express love

Japan's Hayabusa 2 Mission Will Mine an Asteroid 2019-02-18 14:45:21The Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa 2 is ready to touch down on asteroid Ryugu and should do so later this week. On Monday morning, Japanese officials&nb

Researchers Trace the Origins of Thousands of Ancient 2019-02-18 14:23:39(Inside Science) – New research suggests that megaliths -- monuments such as Stonehenge created from large rocks during the Stone and Copper Age

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Trump Says Space Force Creation a ‘National Security 2019-02-19 17:35:15President Trump signed an order to begin the process for establishing a new branch of the military that would be dedicated to handling threats in spac

Q&A: A Tree Grows in — Well, You 2019-02-19 17:30:43Fruit on trees grown near outhouses and latrines usually is safe. That’s not true of produce found on the ground in the same areas.

ScienceTake: Inside the Spittlebug’s Bubble Home 2019-02-19 15:00:48Those foamy eruptions on garden plants protect a slow and steady sap drinker that is growing into a froghopper. But it has to stick its hind end out t

Out There: In Science, as in Sports, the 2019-02-19 10:16:00Tomorrow’s Nobel prizes are won today off-season and in the back office.

How the Spittlebug Builds Its Bubbly Fortress 2019-02-19 02:30:04Spittlebugs feed on plant sap and then excrete bubbly foam to create a protective fortress around themselves. Later, they emerge as adult froghoppers.

Becoming Greta: ‘Invisible Girl’ to Global Climate Activist, 2019-02-18 13:39:18A Swedish girl’s solitary act of civil disobedience has turned her into a symbol for climate action. But her path hasn’t been easy.

Bonaire: Where Coral and Cactus Thrive, and the 2019-02-18 13:33:46In a dying reef world, the writer explores the underwater bliss of a little Caribbean island that is showing the world just how to save coral.

For a Black Mathematician, What It’s Like to 2019-02-18 12:52:04Fewer than 1 percent of doctorates in math are awarded to African-Americans. Edray Goins, who earned one of them, found the upper reaches of the math

Saving the Bats, One Cave at a Time 2019-02-18 11:34:21Biologists are searching caves and abandoned mines in the West, hoping to spare many species of the winged creatures from the devastating fungus, whit

Embryo ‘Adoption’ Is Growing, but It’s Getting Tangled 2019-02-17 20:54:34Many agencies that offer donated embryos, including most of those supported by federal grants, are affiliated with Christian or anti-abortion rights o

A Mother Learns the Identity of Her Child’s 2019-02-16 05:00:11The results of a consumer genetic test identified the mother of the man whose donated sperm was used to conceive Danielle Teuscher’s daughter. L

The New Old Age: Dialysis Is a Way 2019-02-15 15:33:15So-called conservative management can ease symptoms without dialysis in some people with kidney disease. But many of them are never given the option.

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Mars’ lake may need an underground volcano to 2019-02-19 13:04:31If a lake under Martian ice is real, there must be a subsurface magma pool to keep conditions warm enough for water to remain liquid, scientists say.

The quest for quasicrystals is a physics adventure 2019-02-19 08:00:06In ‘The Second Kind of Impossible,’ physicist Paul Steinhardt recounts his journey to find quasicrystals in nature.

Tidal floods driven by climate change may hurt 2019-02-19 06:00:05Parking data from Annapolis, Md.’s historic downtown shows how tidal flooding, driven by sea rise, can hurt local business.

Brain cells combine place and taste to make 2019-02-18 13:00:05A select group of brain cells responds to both flavor and location, a specialty that may help an animal find the next good meal.

Tooth plaque shows drinking milk goes back 3,000 2019-02-17 07:00:05The hardened plaque on teeth is helping scientists trace the history of dairying in Mongolia.

Why some Georgia O’Keeffe paintings have ‘art acne’ 2019-02-16 09:00:05Tiny protrusions are from chemical reactions in the paint, say scientists who developed an imaging method that could help curators track the knobs.

LIGO will be getting a quantum upgrade 2019-02-15 14:54:29Quantum squeezing of light will help scientists make better gravitational wave detectors.

STEM professors’ beliefs on intelligence may widen the 2019-02-15 14:00:05Seeing intelligence as fixed can result in lower grades, especially for certain minorities

Muons reveal the whopping voltages inside a thunderstorm 2019-02-15 07:00:05Particle physics sheds new light on the electric potential of thunderstorms.

A new insulation material is practically weightless yet 2019-02-14 14:00:05Extreme heat and temperature swings are no match for this lightweight insulator.

Climate change could increase foodborne illness by energizing 2019-02-14 09:00:04Warmer, more lively house flies could spread more Campylobacter bacteria by landing on more food.

50 years ago, DDT pushed peregrine falcons to 2019-02-14 07:00:05In 1969, peregrine falcons were at risk of extinction. But a ban on the pesticide DDT and new captive breeding programs allowed the raptors to recover

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How to block new antibiotic resistance gene 2019-02-19 17:01:18A new antimicrobial-resistance gene, VCC-1, a beta-lactamase gene, has been discovered in benign close relatives of virulent Vibrio cholerae, which ca

Fluorescing urine signals organ transplant rejection, could replace 2019-02-19 17:01:13Glowing urine may replace the biopsy needle: In detecting organ transplant rejection, a new nanoparticle has proven much faster and more thorough in t

Keep calm and don't carry on when parenting 2019-02-19 17:01:10In a new study, psychologists find that mothers and fathers who are less capable of dampening down their anger are more likely to resort to harsh disc

Antibiotic resistances spread faster than thought, aquaculture study 2019-02-19 17:01:08By studying fish raised in aquaculture, researchers have shed new light on the mechanisms by which antibiotic resistance genes are transferred between

American women have better control of high blood 2019-02-19 17:01:05A study of more than 30,000 Americans since 2001 has revealed significant differences in management of heart disease risk between women and men.

T-cell receptor diversity may be key to treatment 2019-02-19 17:01:03Healthy T-cells play a crucial role in how the body fights follicular lymphoma, according to a new study. T-cells are a key part of the immune system

Cervical microbiome may promote high-grade precancerous lesions 2019-02-19 17:01:01Infections with a Human Papillomavirus (HPV) cause 99 percent of cervical cancer cases, and the disease's first sign is often the appearance of preca

Solar tadpole-like jets seen with NASA'S IRIS add 2019-02-19 15:52:04Scientists have discovered tadpole-shaped jets coming out of the Sun that may help explain why the corona (the wispy upper atmosphere of our star) is

Carbon taxes could create new winners and losers 2019-02-19 15:52:01A global carbon tax would create new sets of economic winners and losers, with some countries holding a distinct competitive advantage over others, ac

Prenatal forest fire exposure stunts children's growth 2019-02-19 15:51:56Forest fires are more harmful than previously imagined, causing stunted growth in children who were exposed to smoke while in the womb, according to n

Engineers can detect ultra rare proteins in blood 2019-02-19 14:35:34Commercial approaches to ultrasensitive protein detection are starting to become available, but they are based on expensive optics and fluid handlers,

In the blink of an eye: Team uses 2019-02-19 14:35:20Imagine being stuck inside a maze and wanting to find your way out. How would you proceed? The answer is trial and error. This is how traditional comp

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A fond farewell to ‘the little rover that 2019-02-19 18:05:53NASA's Opportunity rover has provided scientists with 15 years worth of data. But more than that, “Oppy became a beloved and uniting symbo

Animal behavior: A purr-fect fit 2019-02-19 18:05:53As pet lovers know well, cats love nestling into boxes. No one know for sure why, but scientists think it has something to do with the way it feels.

Confronting ‘intergroup anxiety’: Can you try too hard 2019-02-19 18:05:53Sometimes efforts to avoid bias can backfire in ways that actually deepen social divides. But that can be overcome, experts say, by focusing on t

Have you heard the buzz? Honeybees can count. 2019-02-19 18:05:53New research suggests that honeybees are capable of performing simple addition and subtraction on the fly. But is that really math?

Cuddly foxes show the ‘softer side’ of evolution 2019-02-19 18:05:53This year marks the 60th anniversary of an experiment at Russia’s Institute of Cytology and Genetics that is shedding light not just on the orig

Russia’s GMO debate looks a lot like America’s 2019-02-19 18:05:53Russians tend to be just as concerned as their Western peers about how genetic modification might affect food products. But Russia's bans on GMOs hav

To the moon and beyond: Why China is 2019-02-19 18:05:53For Beijing, Thursday's historic lunar landing is as much about cementing global-power status on Earth as it is a foray into the cosmos.

A cosmic shift in our perspective 2019-02-19 18:05:53This year marked two big anniversaries for American space exploration and changed how we see ourselves.

Forget New Year’s resolutions. This art prompts thinking 2019-02-19 18:05:53Between daily meetings and weekly appointments, long-term thinking often falls by the wayside. These artists aim to foster appreciation for the &lsquo

Chasing darkness: One reporter's journey into the night 2019-02-19 18:05:53Illumination has come to signify societal progress. But some communities are starting to find new value in darkness. On this darkest night of the

How early people conquered the ‘Roof of the 2019-02-19 18:05:53What does it mean to be human? Our species has set itself apart by colonizing the farthest reaches of the globe. A discovery of 30,000-year-old stone

China orders medical team to stop gene-editing project 2019-02-19 18:05:53Researcher He Jiankui claims to have altered the DNA of twin girls born earlier this month, a move that many scientists condemned as premature. O

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FEMA's Panel of Flood Experts Unable to Meet 2019-02-19 12:30:00A key report on needed improvements to flood maps has been stalled since September -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Electronic Contracts and the Illusion of Consent 2019-02-19 12:00:00The ubiquitous "click-to-agree" mechanism presses people to act like machines -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Neutron Stars and Other "Outrageous" Objects and Adventures 2019-02-19 09:00:00 -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Light Skin Variant Arose in Asia Independent of 2019-02-19 08:00:00A new genetic study of Latin Americans provides evidence that gene variants for lighter skin color came about in Asia as well as in Europe. Christophe

Should Mental Disorders Have Names? 2019-02-19 07:00:00After nearly a century of effort, psychiatry's best diagnoses leave much to be desired -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Out of the Way, Human! Delivery Robots Want 2019-02-19 06:45:00As automated delivery ramps up, cities must decide how to make the best use of public spaces -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Teach Science Process over Findings 2019-02-18 19:03:00Seismologist and policy advisor Lucy Jones says science education needs to teach how science works more than just what it finds out. -- Read more o

Liberals and Conservatives Are Both Susceptible to Fake 2019-02-18 12:00:00New research suggests both liberals and conservatives are motivated to believe fake news, and dismiss real news that contradicts their ideologies -- R

Where Climate Change Fits into Venezuela's Ongoing Crisis 2019-02-18 09:00:00A severe and persistent drought has led to rationing of water and electricity from hydropower -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Antarctica's Ice Shelves Get a Bounce from Ephemeral 2019-02-18 08:00:00GPS measurements reveal the flexing movement of one of the ice shelves that act as key backstops to sea level rise -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.

Breeding the "Snot Otter" 2019-02-18 07:00:00The gigantic Ozark hellbender salamander is in trouble in the wild, but one zoo—and a hard-working team—is helping to boost its population

Do Dams Increase Water Use? 2019-02-18 06:45:00Reservoirs may promote waste by creating a false sense of water security -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

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Want to get a politician to listen to 2019-02-17 11:04:00Experts provide tips for getting evidence-based research into Congress

How secret, late-night experiments transformed two scientists into 2019-02-17 01:13:00Matteo Farinella and Jason McDermott explain how other scientists can unleash their inner artists

New app reveals the hidden landscapes within Georgia 2019-02-16 02:08:00The technique can help analyze—and maybe save—artwork in distress

The winner of this year’s ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ 2019-02-15 12:00:00Dance shows “unsociable” particles becoming “joyful” pairs

Reality check: Can cat poop cause mental illness? 2019-02-15 08:00:00Science breaks down the evidence on the link between Toxoplasma gondii and mental illness

Germany’s wolves are on the rise thanks to 2019-02-15 05:55:00Training reserves provide key early habitat for returning predators

Major medical journals don’t follow their own rules 2019-02-15 04:45:00Systemic look across papers finds that letters pointing out problems are often rejected

Top stories: The origins of Stonehenge, a #MeTooSTEM 2019-02-15 04:10:00This week’s top Science news

Update: U.S. science agencies see gains in final 2019-02-15 02:45:00Congress rejects deep cuts proposed by White House

Researchers hung men on a cross and added 2019-02-15 02:04:00Latest attempt to authenticate cloth—which dating tests have confirmed is a medieval fake—to be presented at forensic meeting

How far out can we forecast the weather? 2019-02-14 09:30:00Modern models reveal an upper limit of 2 weeks

You know kilo, mega, and giga. Is the 2019-02-14 09:00:00These are some of the proposed prefixes for incredibly big and small numbers

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How NASA's Opportunity Rover Made Mars Part of 2019-02-13 14:06:06After more than 15 years exploring the surface of Mars, the Opportunity rover has finally roved its last leg

How 18th-Century Writers Created the Genre of Popular 2019-02-13 09:00:00French writers such as Voltaire and Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle helped shape the Enlightenment with stories of science

How a Love of Flowers Helped Charles Darwin 2019-02-12 10:22:47Though his voyage to the Galapagos and his work with finches dominate the narrative of the famed naturalist, he was, at heart, a botanist

Checking in on the Health and Vigor of 2019-02-12 06:00:00As clean-up milestones are registered by a recent assessment of the nation’s largest estuary, a Smithsonian geographer drops in on the region

Europe’s Megalithic Monuments Originated in France and Spread 2019-02-11 15:20:56The ancient burial structures, strikingly similar all across Europe and the mediterranean, have puzzled scientists and historians for centuries

The Reason These Poisonous Butterflies Don't Mate Is 2019-02-08 13:00:58Wing color and mate preference seem to be genetically bound, leading these tropical butterflies to only choose mates that look like them

Artificial Intelligence Study of Human Genome Finds Unknown 2019-02-08 08:30:00The genetic footprint of a "ghost population" may match that of a Neanderthal and Denisovan hybrid fossil found in Siberia

National Air and Space Museum Says Pardon Our 2019-02-07 11:30:53In need of a new facade, the museum undergoes top-to-bottom change, bringing state-of-the-art technology and 21st century stories into its exhibitions

Prehistoric Crocodile Cousin Crushed the Bones of Its 2019-02-06 12:02:20Fossilized feces filled with bone reveal the feeding habits of an ancient predator

Scientists Find a Possible Link Between Gut Bacteria 2019-02-05 08:00:00A new study identifies bacteria in the microbiome that could produce neurotransmitters and potentially influence activity in the brain

Astrophysicist Mercedes Lopez-Morales Is Grooming the Next Generation 2019-02-01 13:52:48"The Daily Show" correspondent Roy Wood, Jr. talks with the astrophysicist about adrenaline, fear, curiosity and attracting younger generations to s

Should the Himalayan Wolf Be Classified as a 2019-02-01 12:20:16Years of expeditions in the world's tallest mountain range reveal that Himalayan wolves have developed genetic adaptations to living at high altitude

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Customs Letter About a Long-Lost Suitcase Leads to 2019-02-19 09:52:00The ancient desert village of Shivta in southern Israel made headlines when archaeologists discovered a wall painting there that is thought to show th

Here's Why Great White Sharks Are Natural-Born Superheroes 2019-02-19 09:30:00What's the secret to being a badass great white shark? Millions of years of highly specialized genetic evolution.

'River of Stars' Streaming Through the Milky Way 2019-02-19 08:26:00This cluster of stars has been visible for a long time, but scientists only just now realized they're part of the same cosmic river.

The 'Supermoon' Syndrome Rises with February's Full Moon 2019-02-19 06:41:00Why did "supermoon" become such a thing?

Stonehenge May Have First Stood in Wales, According 2019-02-19 01:27:00The iconic megaliths that make up Stonehenge may have once stood in a temporary monument, not too far from where they were quarried in Wales.

A Single Earthquake Can Move Millions of Tons 2019-02-18 09:44:00Earthquakes may be dumping millions of tons of carbon into the Earth's deepest cracks. And scientists aren't sure what that means.

Marvel at This Glittering 'Galaxy' Inside a Fly's 2019-02-18 09:10:00The "stars" in this photo aren't what you think.

Why an Outlaw Was Stabbed to Death and 2019-02-18 09:09:00The killing was "effective and rapid" by someone who knows human anatomy "very well."

Astrophysicists Find New Clue in Search for Universe's 2019-02-17 08:14:00Astronomers think they've found a new clue in their continuing quest to solve one of the most substantial mysteries of the cosmos: where about a thir

What the Heck Happened to This Yo-Yo Champ's 2019-02-17 08:09:00A yo-yo champion experienced dramatic ups and downs for the circulation in his index finger.

Mendeleev's Periodic Table Draft Is Virtually Unrecognizable — 2019-02-17 08:01:00Back in 1869, the periodic table of elements had just 63 elements and was scribbled in ink.

Rarely Glimpsed Scaly Pangolins Caught Hugging Trees in 2019-02-16 07:53:00New videos show a rare glimpse of strange, scaly mammals.

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Stonehenge's bluestones traced to 5,000-year-old Welsh quarries 2019-02-19 12:43:34 Scientists have traced the origin of Stonehenge's bluestones to a pair of 5,000-year-old quarries in Wales.

Stress explains the unique shape of Rosetta's Comet 2019-02-19 11:45:05 Scientists have successfully measured the stress forces that have shaped Comet 67P over millions of years.

Great white sharks are capable of high speeds 2019-02-19 08:38:11 New research showed great white sharks choose to swim at a more leisurely pace despite an ability to hit impressive speeds.

Watch February's super snow moon, year's brightest 2019-02-18 21:32:39 February's full moon peaks Tuesday morning as Earth's satellite is making its closest approach, making the full moon a supermoon.

Machine learning-based discoveries still need to be checked 2019-02-18 15:49:40 Researchers at Rice University want scientists to continue double-checking discoveries made using machine learning.

Astronauts' images help scientists track light pollution 2019-02-18 14:08:30 Scientists have developed a new technique for studying light pollution using the photographs snapped by astronauts aboard the International Space Sta

Indigenous hunters improve health of food webs in 2019-02-18 10:43:24 In Australia's desert, the return of indigenous hunters has helped restore ecological balance and slow the loss of mammals.

Satellite images reveal magma chambers beneath Bali's Agung 2019-02-18 07:55:10 Scientists have developed a new technique for mapping the magmatic plumbing systems beneath volcanoes using only satellite imagery.

Geologists use tide gauge measurements to track tremors 2019-02-15 18:14:06 Geologists have developed a method to track tremors using water level measurements recorded by tide gauges.

Acacia ants' vibrational sensors can differentiate between nibbles 2019-02-15 16:53:58 Ants living in Africa's acacia trees can tell the difference between the vibrational patterns made by wind and those made by a munching herbivore.

Researchers find the source of black carbon in 2019-02-15 12:29:14 Scientists have an accurate picture of where most of the Arctic's black carbon comes from.

Dense river of stars found 1,000 light-years from 2019-02-15 11:03:11 Astronomers have discovered a river of stars flowing 1,000 light-years from Earth. The river boasts some 4,000 stars and has been flowing for a billi

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New Study Pushes Back Milky Way’s Dust-up with 2019-02-12 16:15:36By tracing stars in other galaxies, the Gaia satellite has helped astronomers understand the relative motions of the Milky Way's galactic siblings. T

New Astro Camera Spots Thousands of Celestial Flashes 2019-02-08 20:26:57 A vision from 70 years ago, the Zwicky Transient Facility has produced a wave of discoveries — but it’s only a hint of what’s to co

Hubble Sets Its Sights on the Ice Giants 2019-02-07 21:34:13New Hubble Space Telescope images reveal an expanded polar cap on Uranus and another mysterious dark vortex on Neptune. The post Hubble Sets Its Sight

Comet Iwamoto Ascends and Brightens 2019-02-06 13:27:02Comet Iwamoto is visible as a binocular target from a dark sky. Follow it this week as it passes from Virgo into Leo. The post Comet Iwamoto Ascends a

The Milky Way Is Warped in More Ways 2019-02-05 13:51:34Astronomers mapping out luminous stars across our galaxy's disk found that the Milky Way is warped — and multiple factors are twisting its shap

Taking Note of Molecules in Space 2019-02-04 08:35:37What do methylidyne, cyanamide, vinyl alcohol, and rugbyballene all have in common? They’re all molecules that have been detected in space &mdas

Curiosity Rover Exposes Mountain’s Origin 2019-02-01 10:17:39Scientists have used an innovative measure of Mars's gravity to reveal the origin of the mountain the rover is exploring. The post Curiosity Rover Ex

February Sky Tour: Dawn & Dusk Planets 2019-02-01 06:24:15February's Sky Tour podcast urges you to get outside early to gaze on three bright planets — then return in the evening to spot two more. The p

Did a Mars-size Body Bring Life-essential Elements to 2019-01-31 10:36:33Collision with a Mars-size body — the same body thought to have formed the Moon — might also have brought life-supporting volatile element

Amateur Scopes Help Find Planet Formation’s Missing Link 2019-01-30 17:16:54A surprisingly inexpensive setup of amateur equipment is helping astronomers on their quest to find Kuiper Belt objects of every size to better unders

What Quasar Cosmology Can Teach Us About Dark 2019-01-28 11:00:34Astronomers have found a way to turn quasars into standard candles, with potentially far-reaching implications for the nature of mysterious dark energ

60-second Astro News: Latest from Ultima Thule & 2019-01-25 13:25:31This week in astronomy news, see two stunning images — one from the edge of the solar system, the newest image of Ultima Thule, and the other fr


The View from Space Could Change the World, 2019-02-11 12:45:00Virgin Galactic wants to make the world a better place by giving a lot more people some much-needed perspective.

On This Day in Space! Feb. 11, 2010: 2019-02-11 12:31:00On Feb. 11, 2010, NASA launched a spacecraft to study the inner workings of the sun: the Solar Dynamics Observatory. See how it happened here in our O

NASA Center Director Nominated to Lead National Reconnaissance 2019-02-11 12:25:00The White House has nominated a longtime NASA center director and former acting administrator to be the next director of the National Reconnaissance O

SpaceX Dragon Crew Demo-1 Flight to Space Station: 2019-02-11 12:22:00Here's what you need to know about SpaceX's Crew Dragon astronaut taxi, its upcoming shakeout flight to the space station and the short-term future

Ultima Thule Beyond Pluto Is Flat Like a 2019-02-11 12:21:00The final photos that NASA's New Horizons spacecraft snapped of Ultima Thule during the probe's epic Jan. 1 flyby reveal the distant object to be mu

Some Assembly Required: Giant Next-Generation Space Telescopes Could 2019-02-11 12:21:00When it comes to telescopes, size matters.

After a Slow Start, Milky Way's Neighbors Have 2019-02-11 12:10:00As they prepare for their first lap around the Milky Way, our galaxy's nearest neighbors have shown a dramatic increase in star formation.

Geologists Figured Out Where the Most Remote Part 2019-02-11 05:29:00The Australian-Antarctic Ridge was expected to have emerged with the Pacific to its East. The real story was a surprise to geologists.

European Space Agency Celebrates Women in Science with 2019-02-11 04:31:00Coding will become even more important in space exploration as humans explore faraway places, says a Canadian astronaut candidate in a new video.

Campaign Launched to 'Revive the Saturn V' Vertical 2019-02-11 04:22:00The U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Alabama has launched an effort to return its one-of-a-kind standing replica of the Saturn V moon rocket to its l

A Comet, Meteor, Nebula and the Pleiades Combine 2019-02-11 04:06:00A deep-space panorama shows Comet 46P/Wirtanen, the Pleiades star cluster and a meteor crossing in front of the California Nebula.

SpaceX's Raptor Engine Hits Power Level for Starship 2019-02-11 04:03:00A test fire of SpaceX's newest engine reached the power level necessary for the company's next round of rocket designs, CEO Elon Musk said on Twitte


WHO Says UN Should Reclassify Marijuana as Less 2019-02-19 16:57:28 New Class Marijuana could soon be reclassified on an international scale. In 1948, the United Nations (UN) established the World Health Organization

Trump Signs Directive: Space Force Will Be Run 2019-02-19 16:22:39 Space Force 2.0 U.S. President Donald Trump signed a directive today that organizes all military space functions under a new Space For

Users of Crypto Site Where Dead CEO Lost 2019-02-19 15:10:42 Making Moves Remember that cryptocurrency exchange that said it lost $196 million of its customers’ money when CEO Gerald Cotten died 

Lab-Grown Meat Could Be Worse for the Environment 2019-02-19 15:08:33 Growing Change Meat farming is a major contributor of the greenhouse gases driving climate change. To ensure we never have to choose betwee

Bosses Are Spying on Employees With Work-Provided Fitness 2019-02-19 14:54:54 Panopticon If your workplace gives you a fitness tracker, there’s a chance your boss can personally sift through the data it provides. That mea

Judges Are Struggling to Interpret Emoji in Court 2019-02-19 13:33:05 New Language Emoji and emoticons are cropping up at a rapidly increasing rate in court cases, and while they’ve yet to be a deciding factor in

A Japanese Spacecraft Is About to Shoot an 2019-02-19 12:41:37 Space Guns The team behind Japanese space agency JAXA’s Hayabusa2 asteroid sample return mission are hard at work preparing for a groundbreakin

The FDA Warns: Transfusions of Young Blood Are 2019-02-19 12:30:09 Young Blood According to the hype, injecting an old person with the blood of healthy young whippersnappers could alleviate health problems resto

Scientists Just Discovered 300,000 New Galaxies 2019-02-19 11:39:42 On the Map The Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) telescope is quickly making good on its promise. The Netherlands-based array picks up low radio frequ

This Site Uses Deep Learning to Generate Fake 2019-02-19 11:06:46 Fake Beds There’s a four-bedroom Edinburgh unit with “original wood floors,” listed by Christine. And there’s a two-bathroom

Amazon Launches Initiative to Make All Deliveries Carbon 2019-02-19 10:49:22 Reduce Reuse Recycle Amazon announced plans this week to rely entirely on renewable energy and eradicate its massive carbon footprint. On Monday

The British Military Is Working on Anti-Aircraft Drone 2019-02-19 10:37:26 Drone Swarms A swarm of 150 drones buzzed over Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine’s head during this year’s Super Bowl half time show,

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